Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 1, 2011

Larry Taylor Blog News Update

Well, having issues with Yahoo Group so please be patient. I was posting Arkansas Earthquakes Monday when the group activity stopped and I was blocked from my page. Issue hasn’t been resolved yet…??

However, this BLOG was created to allow Larry Taylor to UPDATE and POST warnings, urgent issues, and research data to those who wish such material. That is material from the natural to supernatural on Planet Earth…! Or maybe, another planet..!

The image on today’s Tuesday, March 2nd POST is drawing from Darnette Taylor of an experience in Hugo, Oklahoma few years ago with 2 UFO craft in sky at that location. This was an awesome experience and was investigated by MUFON investigators from the Oklahoma City region.

USGS Tuesday ~ 8:30am records notable earthquakes: 3.1 & 2.5 mag. Western Texas, 4.5 mag. Northern California, 3.3 mag. Guy, Arkansas {swarms} and 6.0 mag. Easter Island region.

Check main news data for Tuesday at the Stan & Holly Deyo website

Recorded with Stewart Best for Global Report or Borderlands which may be up today or by tomorrow on subscription and last free Web Update was I believe #158 on The Light Gate website:

I should guest tomorrow’s March 2, 2011 RANDY YARBROUGH RADIO SHOW 5pm central time, KHNC 1360AM Radio & Internet. You can listen on the internet at the website:

Thanks for listening,


EMAIL Larry Taylor:

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5 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 1, 2011

  1. vaughn west says:


  2. Richard Lockwood says:

    Thanks for your email Larry, sorry to hear of the posting problems, I pray you are getting sorted out, not easy moving, last time we moved it took months after.

    I’m looking at the Comet Elenin – is it a Comet? a Satellite of Planet X? or something created by fallen angels? Is it a false flag, for an event in 2-4 year time? Some things appear certain, one being that the ‘elite’ are in a panic. I’m certain that is all connected the the ‘great falling away’ of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 also verse 11 ‘And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie’: also part of verse 10 – ‘because they received not the love of the truth.’

    I was thinking earlier on the Christchurch earthquakes around 4000 now I believe since they first commenced about six months ago, plus the fact that the city is built on Sand, Gravel and Swamp (should never have been built there – the folly of man), then the state of much of the today’s church, and Matthew 7:24-26.

    Thanks again

  3. Larry and group, We too were absolutely nailed with chemtrails here by Lake Pueblo in Colorado today! What a mess!

  4. vaughn west says:

    larry , i am listening to your wife from the byteshow right now . good research and info.
    we are being chem-trailed hevey again the sun is very hot and bright today, march 2 2011, the more time i spend out side the more i hurt , something is going on out there.
    i am still in prayer for the time to move to oklahoma. i now the lord will give me supernaturial power to make this move , i will not be able with out his the lord power given amen . i am still have my heart open to the lord word amen. thank you larry for
    listening to me as a humble man of the lord amen. if i may share with other stay calm
    for the things to come will make you very troubled trust the lord amen . god bless

  5. Elaine says:

    Yea! A Larry Blog….just can’t ever get enough LT!

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