Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 9, 2011

Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 9, 2011 {Wednesday}

The last few days have been very difficult, with prayer intercession and a very deep grieving of the Spirit..! This has left me weak, tired and almost ill. I have been in very deep prayer and can see the DARK DAY approaching quickly now, descending upon this evil world and it’s system! Even as the rulers of this world set their plan and net, even they have no clue to the judgment approaching in this EVIL time…….

Michael Boldea, Jr. [grandson of Dumitru Duduman] in his most recent newsletter mentions that the ‘dark day is approaching’ quickly and how now the emails from many subscribers to his newsletter are asking,”Where to go?”….. Michael says the dominate theme of contact emails is where should they go..?

By the way, the photo image today, is our cat ‘cottonball’ on the deck where the Lord has so preciously giving me a place to pray and seek Him. Cottonball was there the other day and so I took this photo of her and thought to share with others, especially those animal lovers, like myself and wife, Darnette…

The Middle East seems still churning with ‘trouble’ with many analyists and media groups being very concerned with the upcoming demonstrations planned on March 11, 2011 or as Richard Coombes warns: occult day 03-11-11 and the situation with Libya growing larger and more troublesome daily – oil output chaos and higher prices, per Lindsey Williams reports…..! Check news: with Stan & Holly..

ROZZ [Kristen Spurgeon] recently recorded a new ministry interview, this time with our friend, Prof. Tom Mack, of Colorado. I was not able to call in due to immediate intercession call from the Lord, however; listened later and was very interesting interview with such an assortment of news ‘data’ which might just be ‘more than you want to know’….! Listen on this download link:

Tom Horn has posted a new song by Stephanie Quayle [Steve Quayle’s daughter] for our troops in combat. Tom Horn posted from Raiders News Updates and the link which I hope works: <> and is at itunes at this link: and Tom’s website is which recently was hacked & stolen about the time of Tom & Nita Horn’s mysterious home fire in Missouri…!

Stewart Best is re-working his website which is currently under construction and should be tomorrow’s [Thursday] guest on the Randy Yarbrough Show – heard on KHNC 1360AM Radio, Johnstown, Colorado or you can listen on the internet: The most recent Best-Taylor Web Audio Update is #159….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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15 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 9, 2011

  1. Darnette says:

    Very good I will have to listen to Stephanie Quayles song and Tom Mack as I have not had time. Dark Days is very true hearing of a lot of Illness

  2. Richard says:

    Good post! I have been wondering about you! I woke up Tuesday morning about 330am and began to think of people to pray for and I thought of you and your wife. I began to really pray in the Spirit for sometime in more of a battle mode!
    Thanks for all you share and do!

  3. Thanks, Larry! As always, you get to the heart of political and spiritual matters. May the Lord keep you and your precious family safe as He provides comfort and meets all your physical and spiritual needs!! You are a blessing to us all, dear friend!

  4. Elaine Sutherland says:

    Thank you as always for all you do dear watchman! I know how hard you pray and every day I pray for you and Darnette!….and love the kitty! I will send an extra $1 every time I donate for kitty food! We have to stock up for all our “loved ones”

  5. Margaret &Izadore says:

    oh how sweet,we have four little friends we take care of and mamma is close to give birth again soon.More mouths to feed,boy food is getting very costly.We really love our furry ones.God bless you and keep you safe and well !

    HUNDREDS of ” TANKS ” .. APC’s and Heavy Medical… being moved EAST through TEXAS.. March 7, 2011

    Having never served in the military, I cannot say. Are these tanks or are they transporters? If they are tanks, where are all of these tanks being transported to? And why? What is the purpose of moving them cross-country?

  6. Karla says:

    Always enjoy your reports and research. Thanks for all you do for so many.
    Karla in Idaho

  7. Dean Winchell says:

    Hey Larry,
    Glad to see that the Lord has provided you with a beautiful setting. Exciting, strange and turbulent times ahead. Keep going and be encouraged that some folks are actually watching and listening, when ‘Dancing with the Stars’ isn’t on, that is . Do I have to say jus’ kiddin’?
    A brother in the Lord,

  8. Rae Danby says:

    ‘Cottonball’ is beautiful! So glad you have a nice place for yourselves and your pets to roam.

    Rae…from Canada

  9. MYRNA BIONDI says:

    i am so glad to get your blog as i wasn’t able to connecty earlier. thak you so much for what you do. praying daily for you and darnette

  10. Jeannette Wehner says:

    Thanks for the update Larry. Love the pic of “Cottonball”… the kitties myself.
    Looks like the LORD has sent you to a secluded beautiful spot in OK. So happy for you.
    Thanks also for link to the song, cried all thru it.
    Continue to pray for you & Darnette, His protection & health! I pray YHWH’s perfect will & protection for all the true watchmen daily.
    Jeannette (Broomfield, Co)

  11. Dean Winchell says:

    Larry and All,
    Here is a very useful and free 3D Global Earthquake Tracker in real-time.

  12. Mary says:

    Hi Larry,

    Love the Blog! What a spectacular view! And of course a spectacular Kitty too! Honestly, I didn’t know that Oklahoma had such places… I’ve only “breezed thru” on the highways and flatlands. God is soooo good!

    Thank you so much for all you do Larry!

  13. vaughn west says:


  14. debra says:

    Dear Larry and Darnette. How precious is your cat cottonball. God brings animals or children near us when we are having difficult times . They are very forgiving. You are all in my prayers. In Jesus name, debra

  15. Art says:

    this is an e-mail from my friend in MN. p.s. i love the pic. of your new place, looks solitary and quiet!
    Yes it is already starting!!! Rice at Wal-Mart went up from $7.00 a bag to $14.00 a bag!!! In 1 week!!!!!!!! why? you ask? because Brazilian rice producers will not accept US dollars the money had to be converted to the euro first before they would accept payment!!! You think that is something get this!!!! I buy my cigarette tubes from the local tobacco shop and I stopped in today to see what a case of cigarette tubes would cost! I asked the owner can I get a deal if I buy a whole case of tubes and he laughed and said you got to be kidding! I ordered 150 cases of cigarette tubes last week and I got 2 shipped in and my supplier said the reason it is so hard to get them is because they are mostly all manufactured over seas and they said the manufacturer will not accept payment in US dollars!!! He said the manufacturers said it is easier for them to sell over there and get euro’s for them they don’t trust the US dollar! Do you see the trend!!!!!!! I asked him when he was getting more tubes in and he said I have been on the phone the last 2 days and can’t get any because they don’t want US dollars as payment!!! So I bought all the rest he had!!! I am telling you this you are going to see this starting to happen every where manufactures over seas will quit accepting US dollars for payment and prices will spike because US dollars will have to be converted to euro’s this is no joke!!!!!!!!

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