Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 13, 2011

Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 13, 2011 {Sunday}

I’m sure that almost all persons have heard the news of the catastrophic EARTHQUAKE that hit off Honshu, Japan and the incredible Tsunami that hit Japan, Hawaii, and the U.S. coast. There are now reports of this being a 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake off Japan.

And the Breaking News reports that a number of nuclear plants in Japan are declared as Emergency – Red Alerts, with report of an explosion at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant and the conflicting reports of radiation leaks or radiation releases…?

This Sunday morning I received an urgent report from Tom Horn and LINK for the map and data at his website ~ RADIATION TRACKING FROM JAPAN TO THE UNITED STATES, go to: Tom Horn…

For the most updated news regarding this Japan Emergency go to Stan & Holly Deyo’s website: and check back for UPDATES…!

The photo image at the top of today’s BLOG is 1930 Book Cover “Anton Johanson – The Christian Seer From The Norwegian Finnmark”, translated & compiled by Nathaniel Carlson; C. Osterhus. This book is very difficult to obtain and I found a copy on the site, at times there is one for sale there, a most incredible report!

Anton Johanson predicted/prophecy about the coming World War [World War 1] and he did not make a difference between WW1, WW2 or future wars, but indicated they in all reality were 1 Great-Long War within humanity. Johanson also clearly described two very great events: [1] supernatural hurricane/storm which hits many nations and disastrous volcanic eruption centered apparently around ICELAND….. Johnason also interestingly notes this end-time series of events begin by, I quote: “Disquietings in the Earth…!”

I have had a number in inquiries by email & blog comment about where to send help towards any needs of this writer and the most simple/secure way to reach me is at this address: Larry W. Taylor, P.O. Box 447, Mena,AR. 71953-0447, USA ~ and you have my sincere THANKS!

Please remember Derek & Sharon Gilbert in prayer as they make a physical move to another location and continue to post/record on PID RADIO. You can read more about their move and listen to mp3 programs, listen or download at the Gilbert website which is and check out the incredible books from both Derek & Sharon, Blogs, etc………!

Folks, we are in incredible times with events happening quickly! I am receiving reports from around the world of our ENEMY seemingly having greater latitude to attack the saints in this stressful time…..Reports of physical, mental, supernatural attacks daily on the saints, families, jobs, including almost daily earth-change events somewhere in the world or in the cosmos around us….! Everything is CHANGING, STATE OF CHANGE, all around us on a daily basis! Remember Psalm 91…

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


{Larry Taylor ‘standing’ Oklahoma Mountain Gateway}

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12 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 13, 2011

  1. darnette says:

    Outstanding report and is definatly a time of disheavel. Psalm 91 truly is where we all need to be ….Thank you for the work you do and for takeing care of everything at home…Love you….D

  2. tim says:

    Larry, love your work. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

  3. Elaine says:

    Just a thought, Chernobyl affected over 50,000 square miles but most of it was over land. The Japanese reactor will affect mostly ocean…..with all the die offs already, what does this say about creatures in the sea? And, isn’t this a warning as well as a danger to us? I checked a map of nuclear sites in the USA and there are 2 directly across Lake Michigan from me…..directly between that earth crack in Upper peninsula Michigan a few months back and New Madrid! Hmmm, just in case, I went to the health food store and got a huge bottle of kelp capsules (natural Iodine that may protect your thyroid from radiation) and there was only one bottle left. Making sure that everyone in my household is taking it as a precaution. Also read that a painted patch of regular iodine (which is poison to ingest)painted in a spot about the size of your palm somewhere on your torso will be absorbed safely for the same effect. Again, only one bottle at the drug store and I live in a small town! Look up, He is coming!

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks for all you do for us all Larry, it is well appreciated and you are in our thoughts and prayers. In this time and the times to come it is well for us all to give thanks because we have the peace which passes all understanding as we see God fulfill His words before our very eyes when He said He would shake all things. I am like David when he said – after looking at all creation and, no doubt the heavens out there in the fields, what is man that thou art mindful of him. When I look on the nasa site at all the amazing nebula and galaxies and I remember our God spoke them into existence and by His word they are held in place. By His word they are shaken and moved. I am in awe of an awesome Father who, knows even the very hairs on our head and watches over every single one of us.
    May He give you renewed strength and wisdom at this time and may His angels surround you and your family. Blessings
    Pam UK

  5. S. Lane says:

    Thanks for the update Larry, sent something your way to help out, glad the address is still good.
    Your cats name is sure on the money.
    And your right you can feel the heavyness of the hour.

    God Bless . . . . S. Lane

  6. Bettye and Bill says:

    YES…………..Thanks to you and your wife!…………
    PEACE and BLESSINGS from our ~Home~ to your ~Homes~
    Wm. and Bettye

  7. Rae Danby says:

    Hi Larry,

    A question…Those potassium iodide capsules…Do you also give them to your pets to protect them also? And how much? I don’t remember anyone mentioning giving them to their pets. Do you know if we should give them to cats & dogs? Just a thought…Rae

  8. Ginny says:

    Hi Larry,

    Something to ponder … seems I remember that after 3 Mile Island, Russia & the USA made an agreement “not to allow the amount of radiation leaks” in the future. Wonder if that is a “global rule” now ? Reason I bring it up is on Cnn news – no radiation leakage to reach the USA – Debka gives an entirely different statement. I’ll go with Debka – us folks with memories must be an annoyance to the powers that be !

    God Bless You & the Work You Do . . .


  9. roxy2012 says:

    From my understanding pets take the pills according to weight. I have the pills and there are instructions given with them. Hope that helps….. Roxy

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