Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 23, 2011

Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 23, 2011 {wednesday}

Well, there seems like an incredible amount of events happening all across Planet Earth, with most media focus on Japan Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Events [above photo image for today is Japanese News Photo of ‘Whirlpool’ in recent crisis event], New Middle East Fighting in Libya, and the incredible ‘Political Confusion’ in America……!

Japan was again hit by strong earthquakes off the east coast of Honshu, Japan Tuesday by four – 6+ earthquakes with many aftershocks, other activity was the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Region, Canary Islands, and numerous earthquake swarms in Arkansas USA. In a recent radio show, Stan Deyo pointed out data that connected the Japan earthquakes with Arkansas swarms, aka: Guy, Arkansas and also with Yellowstone….

Please remember to keep Derek & Sharon Gilbert in prayer as they continue the MOVE event to another location and try to record the weekly PID RADIO program while in the move mode…! Listen or Download their radio program at and read the details of their move at the website…….

Haven’t heard from Stewart or Cindy Best in a couple of weeks, but they are very busy with the CONSTRUCTION of the new website and a new printed publication coming out soon….! Possibly also, maybe a new DVD or two….? If you would wish to pre-order or order from their new material: 1-800-257-2672…

I have received reports from several people recently of MOVE directions coming to them from the Lord and their beginning to move status! It is very difficult to move now within the U.S. as new laws and checks have been designed to keep track of individuals, so I do really ‘feel’ for those doing this moving chore….HA! – Not to mention the physical labor that is involved on ‘some’, I repeat: SOME aging containers [bodies] HA!!

Just a note ~ I recently was reflecting on most recent observations that DARKNESS now appears to have ‘greater lattitude’ and ‘influence’ in people’s lives upon this planet…? And then I considered how that DARKNESS in not so much increasing, as LIGHT is removing ITSELF from the PRESENT space/time element in our midst [adamic race] and it now does so clearly bring to mind Russ Dizdar’s book WARNING: The Black Awakening…….!!

Remember to keep up with daily NEWS reports from around the world and earthquake updates etc……….Stan & Holly Deyo website: Holly does a great job with posting NEWS as it happens…….Thanks, Holly!

The last few days I’ve received some really incredible ‘positive’ emails from folks just saying THANKS for the work I do to keep persons appraised of incoming daily ‘DATA’ from around the world via: cyberspace dots…..HA! Thanks guys for your emails and the letters in the mail ~ you can send physical mail to: Larry W. Taylor, P.O. Box 447, Mena, AR. 71953-0447, USA or email me at new email: as that is still secure address for me…..

GeorgeAnn Hughes of THE BYTE SHOW has a number of recent audio file recordings by Augusto Perez, Darnette Taylor, Prof. Tom Mack & Others and a number of news items for reading at the website: Check it out..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor



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3 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ March 23, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:


    Thank you for the post and emails. It means a lot to be able to keep up with current events.blessings…..D.

  2. Linda L. Gray says:

    Thanks for the updates Larry. The new blog is great. I get to look at the posts between my mother’s appointments. Took this really “aging container” to another appointment today where I celebrated my birthday! Being in those waiting rooms frequently is not conducive to good mental health. Ha!

    What do you think is going on in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? About a week ago, I saw a huge flock of sea gulls flying east to west through our area (80 mi. east of Pittsburgh, PA). Very unusual as we don’t live near the east coast. They may have sensed something along the coast or were off direction because of the magnetic abnormalities. I watch the critters constantly for changes in their behavior.

  3. Bob Berry says:


    Thanks for all of the updates and all of your hard work! Things are really heating up and the next big event is right around the corner. There is power in the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN. I will continue to pray for you, all of the other watchmen and all of GODS people.

    God Bless
    Bob Berry
    Troy, NH 03465

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