Larry Taylor Blog News ~ April 3, 2011

 {photo image from SpaceWeather}

Larry Taylor Blog News ~ April 3, 2011 {sunday}

Last night, Saturday, April 2, 2011; Darnette and I watched the new DVD “The Klaus Dona Chronicles – Secret World 1” and the photos, data presented and described by Klaus Dona were incredible….! Images, artifacts, data of never seen before shelved items that will open your mind to the SECRET WORLD that was here before US…! And the questions that want answers quickly come to mind as these artifacts, created by WHOM? and showing in great detail WHAT? Before Us….!

I have known Klaus Dona for a number of years and to talk with him is a pleasure beyond understanding, as Klaus shares ‘hidden’ data for the inquiring mind to consider..? The Klaus Dona website is and just click onto language you know to read…New DVD out: “The Klaus Dona Chronicles – Secret World 1” can be purchased from Amazon: with artifacts that will shock as Klaus explains the many enigmas surrounding the artifacts, data, truth!

Received an encouraging note to the BLOG from Tomislav Spajic who reported he is listening to the many Byte Show interviews with GeorgeAnn Hughes that have been recorded in good & really tough times….! I need to record another one with GeorgeAnn and will try to get that set up! The Byte Show is at: and you can listen to may audio files there…

The photo image at the top of today’s Blog is a recent image taken of the Sun and posted on the Space Weather News website where you can keep up with the latest Sun activity & data, with the ever changing reports and the WAITING for an EVENT from same….!

Stan & Holly Deyo work many hours, producing UPDATED news from around the world on a daily basis. Holly must never sleep…? Their website is updated as quickly as news changes and I’ve never seen Stan so busy with radio shows…! Stan was recently on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, warning of connections he found in data between Japan’s quakes and Yellowstone. Also with recent reports from Guy, Arkansas region/New Madrid and West Coast trouble….!

Received some emails from ROXY about dark clouds, strange winds, sun on face feeling that I can relate with. As a matter of fact, the wind has blown here for the last 12 hours with unrelenting strength, like the atmosphere is in chaos….and Saturday could feel the very ‘bright’ sunlight on my skin ~ wow! Such a change in all we’ve known in our earthly environment, some must be blind, deaf & incredibly brain dead to not see the changes – DELUSION…………? {just a thought}

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor



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24 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ April 3, 2011

  1. Elaine says:

    YEA!!!!! Can hardly wait to here you talk with GeorgeAnn!

  2. VAUGHN WEST says:


    • Sandi says:

      I have also been having a lot of body pain and feel so drained…more than usual!! I was to move north from the city on May 1st and for some strange reason, i was stopped from doing so….life gets stranger and stranger!! I dont know what is next for me!

    • Michael Williams says:

      I know exactly what you are saying Vaughn. I have been feeling really run down for the last 6 weeks or so. The weeks are passing by very quickly and by body cannot play catch up. Anyone else feeling run down?

      Thanks a lot Larry. Your time is appreciated very much. Got a question for anyone on this blog. Does anyone else get the impression that the whole Libya thing and mid east overthrow with all the shoot to kill and bomb to kill orders for anyone who opposes wicked regimes is all just a data collection run for an exacerbated american crisis? I guess the americans need more conditioning besides all the special opps games and shoot-to-kill games on X-box? Get this, I just had a thought: ‘does the x-box have anything to with warning the people secretly about the destroyer (some call it the winged serpent) coming in? Look at what I found:

      check out xbox 360 logo:

      now check out an image of what some believe the destroyer may look like:

      pretty interesting huh?

      Hey that is what I got for the day. Maybe there is something to it maybe not. I believe the Lord has just led me to that. Take it for what it is.

      When we see all these things happen the Lord says to hold your head up cause your redemption draws nigh.

      Hey Hey Hey I gotta go.

      Michael Williams

      • Lisa says:

        WOW Michelle….that X box logo is shockingly the “destroyer” eh? A real eye opener thank you for posting it. Coincidence…I think not. ( God’s true saints are so kewl …never miss a thing! wtg)

  3. Pam says:

    Looking forward the your talk with George Ann Larry!
    Re the delusion..I think (here at least) many refuse to acknowledge through fear. Like an ostrich they bury their heads hoping it will all go away. Unfortunately, the rest of their backsides remain in full site so they will end up with a whuppin’, as you guys say over the pond. There was a 3.5 earthquake in Blackpool – a resort on the coast of Lancashire (west coast). Never known one there before? Still, that’s our mini Las Vegas these days. Maybe a warning? Who knows.
    Blessings from the watchers over here to you all…

  4. Rinaldo Bonovento says:

    Yes the winds of change are blowing Larry, picking up speed and blowing stronger. Here in Alliston, Ontario/CDA, what with the Japan ( manipulated or natural) catastrophe, we are just starting to reap the domino effect. Honda CDA is not receiving there auto parts from Japan. As of right now work has been reduced to 4 hour days for us at Simcoe Parts Services. We are a 400.000 sq. ft. 2/warehouse. All Honda vender’s ship there parts to us and we sequence them in lot ranges and then send them to Honda just in time. We are hearing that by April 15/16 we will run out of parts from Japan. Here we go, what will happen next, because Honda supports all this area, similar to GM and Detroit. I know the NWO bunch are not structured, they are flexible, so this could be 2 steps forward and 1 step back. All in all my faith is on Jesus Christ our solid Rock, all other ground is sinking sand, Amen. Come Lord Jesus come. I know there will be an economic collapse and then WW3. They will set up there NWO. But at the end Jesus will come back and destroy it by pouring down His wrath on them. Glory be to Jesus, for His bride is NOT appointed unto wrath.

  5. Tammy Arndt says:

    Hi Larry ~

    Thank you for your continued posts. I have been listening a lot lately to Steve Quayle’s shows that he did in March and WOW, if you haven’t had a chance to listen, I hope you will. I’m sure it’s a lot of things you already know. He’s been on Omegaman and Hagman & Hagman on blog talk radio. I love your & Stewarts updates, thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Lisa Krug says:

    Klaus Dona DVD sounds awesome! The Bible says the earth is “ancient” and Jeremiah saw “cities” upon this earth from a time before this time …kewl stuff, Larry. Reply to Vaughn’s comment….My husband and I have been totally drained for a few weeks now. All we want to do is sleep or lay around. Feel so fatigued at the slightest physical exertion. We keep wondering “What is this?” Sorry your feeling it too but good to know we are not alone in this. Very odd…I get sick with colds and asthma but HE is never ill or tired like this. They must have that HARRP machine on 24/7 now trying to capitalize on the Destroyer’s affects in progress. The Bible speaks of the “wearing down” efforts towards the saints….well we are getting a dose I think. Hey Larry…….THANKS 🙂

  7. Diane Z says:

    Outstanding DVD!!! Nothing is a surprise anymore…but it is amazing that we can still buy the truth such as described by Klaus.
    is an outstanding complimentary site to review after watching Klaus’ DVD.

  8. Darnette Taylor says:

    Larry, I enjoyed watching the klaus Dona. Movie with you. These are the things we all have thought about or dreamed of.
    Outstanding movie and I enjoyed our time together. Love you…..D.

  9. Sandi says:

    Can you believe it Larry? My move didnt pan out and i dont know what is in store for me now…i wait on the Lord! God bless you and Darnette!!

  10. Pam says:

    Re the comments on tiredness etc. I was told about Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) and wheatgrass. Since I have been taking this daily, I have found my health improving. I suffer with arthritis in my joints and spine and even the pain there has eased. These also remove metals from the body and, in light of what is happening today, we need that! Check this out folks. I prayed Father would show me, as He created our bodies and knows what we need for health and I was innundated with information. Read it all up folks!! You will not regret it!

  11. Colleen says:

    Can you stand one more complaint. I live in Kentucky, and I am literally exhausted. From what, I do not know. I am a stay at home retired registered nurse, and it is all I can do to make myself get out of bed. When I get out of bed, I go directly to my recliner. I am not depressed and I am not an old lady. My husband still works, and he sleeps in his chair like an 80-year-old man, even though he is in his fifties. We are both very active and exercise faithfully every day. The last several weeks have played a toll on both my husband and I. Our three grown children are also complaining of this strange lethargy that has bombarded us. We are not idle folks, and this is what makes it so unsettling. I have a constant roaring in my right ear, and I feel like I am walking on uneven ground. I have daily aches and pains that have also increased. I have noticed that even the children seem detached and faraway looking. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Something is blowing in the wind. We have strong gusts of wind happening right now as I type. My eyes are burning as well. Soon we will all be walking around like zombies. I already feel like I am a walking zombie, and my husband will concur that he feels the same way.

    Soon Jesus will come back to gather His Saints to Himself, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    • Sadie says:

      Colleen and others,
      Pam and I are friends and we have both been doing the DE (diatomaecous earth) and wheatgrass juice, and also veggie and fruit juices. Basically incorporating more raw
      foods into the diet and getting rid of white flour and sugar and a lot of red meat.
      I too live in KY and this unnatural tiredness has affected people around here also.
      Since we have been doing all this juicing and DE, Kenneth no longer takes any of his meds…none!!! He is on heart meds, BP, cholesterol, sugar pill, potassium and a water pill.
      He took one dose when he had to go to the doctor as he figured they would draw blood.
      When he came home he was so dizzy he could not walk across the floor, and he got in his recliner and could not hold his eyes open. I told him that was his proof, it was the medicine that made him old and infirm. He is 68 and has lots more energy since juicing. And his white hair is starting to turn black, he has not had black hair since he was 19. A little perk of wheatgrass juice. My nails are strong and shiny, my skin soft and supple like baby skin, my hair is softer and shinier. Within just a few minutes of taking wheatgrass juice you will feel the energy. Like Pam says…check into these things. You will not regret it!!!

      My juicing book had one thing to say…..there is only one disease, malnutrition. All other diseases are rooted in malnutrition. By juicing you can take in many nutrients very quickly. For instance a 4 oz glass of juice may consist of half pound of carrots, a large bowl of lettuce, several radishes, a couple stalks of celery, and an apple. There is much information on the web, just google…you will be amazed at what you find.

      Something else to consider is sprouts…little tiny sprouts…jam packed with concentrated nutrients. A little dab will do ya….lol.

      And will all the chemtrails and such in the air we breath, contaminants in our soil and water, the food is all dead or contaminated, we need a constant detox. Juicing and DE detoxes all this stuff out you. Father created an amazing body, it can repair itself, but only if we give it building blocks. My anology is this….I want you to build me a brick house, but all I give you is cardboard. I am not going to get a very good brick house, it will tumble down in the first wind. The same with us….how are we going to build this temple with cardboard (dead, genetically modified, processed foods)

      Another thing I noticed just lately. I found myself feeling very rageful, murderously so. Then other women around the neighborhood would come in and they would be full of rage, wanting to go off and hurt something. Yes we all had a few problems, but this crazy rage we were feeling was really wierd, as usually we balance one another out. If one is crazy, we talk each other down, so to speak, but when everyone is feeling that way, then it makes you wonder. So I wondered if maybe we were affected by EM waves coming from the sun or if they had ramped up some cell towers or something. Then we all got to talking and we came to the conclusion that it hit us all on a Friday afternoon and we were like that until Tues when we all noticed that it had just dissipated. What ever it was didn’t seem to affect the men, only us women. Hmmm…made me think of a movie I saw recently The Signal…it was about a signal, similar to the emergency broadcast thing they do on TV, well when the people saw this on TV it did something to them and they would walk off somewhere like a zombie and then start killing people. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I read somewhere that all this would drive some people mad as these solar flares increase and the electro magnetic field gets stronger as these planets align and the comet or planet x or whatever it is comes closer.

      Blessings and to your health

  12. Rae Danby says:

    Hi Larry and fellow ‘comment -ers’
    I’ve been speaking to a whole slew of people who for the past while have been doing nothing but sleeping. (including myself) Since I think we are all in North America, I am wondering if they have stepped up their ‘spraying’ program and have added an extra ingredient to either knock us all out or make us utterly useless???
    Thanks for all your hard work Larry with the alerts and this blog…much appreciated!
    Also, Pam…thanks for the ‘heads up’ on wheat grass! I heard it’s good for energy poor folks like us..LOL!

  13. Pam says:

    I live in the UK and it’s the same over here re trails and effects. My friend in Kentucky told me about DE and wheatgrass and other juicing recipes. It’s sure tasty. I’m still tired a lot, but at least I know why. I just have to keep going till it all kicks in. I noticed at the weekend there were thicker (thus more trails from each plane) lines in the sky. I’m wondering if anything had been added. I know phosgene is one of them. I warn folks here, particularly with breathing problems. But the testimonials of the juicing and DE are amazing – specially from my friend and her family and friends.
    This is why God has told us to stay close to Him these days and follow His leading. I think even in our food and water intake we should be careful. Nothing has been mentioned for a long time re the gulf, although that matter is still ongoing and folks are sick and dying down there. That poison is still floating around in the air and water and rain. Could be that as well ya think?

  14. Richard says:

    I too have noticed I am so much more tired than normal. I do not want to go anywhere extra except to work. I work in human resources for a company which has about 500 folks and there is more people on leave of absence than ever before at one time. I sure treasure my weekends when I do not have to go to work. I spent last weekend soaking on teachings from The Byte Show and drinking ice tea, very blessed time for me.

  15. Colleen says:

    Dear Sadie, and others commenting on this forum. Yesterday, April 4, 2011, my husband and I felt so drained that we thought we might have been drugged somehow. I know this sounds really creepy and paranoia on our part, but the drugged feeling lasted for hours and hours. My husband who is in his fifties, and fit, came on and slept until I made dinner. After dinner, he sat in his recliner and slept until it was time for bed. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open as well. The drowsiness became so intense, that I was thinking we might have to go to the emergency room. My husband is not a complainer, but he kept saying “I cannot keep my eyes open. What is wrong with me.” I shared his same sentiments. My eyes felt like they had a pound of sand in them and my eyes were watering. Every time I wiped my eyes they would start burning. All these symptoms went along with the extreme sleepiness. At one point, I thought maybe I might be escaping from reality. It was like I was spectator, watching my own life. It was the strangest sensation. My husband and I feel a little better today on April 5, 2011. It seemed with every step I took, I was wading through thick molasses. Strange indeed. When I went to sleep, I slept over 14 hours. My husband slept less because he had to go to work. Even as I got out of bed at 3:4o PM, I wanted to go back to bed and sleep, sleep, sleep. My husband and I have also been feeling very agitated. Something is not right.

    We will try the juicing. I love veges and fruit anyway you can prepare them.

    God help us all! Something weird is really happening.

  16. Colleen says:

    Please excuse my poor grammar and sentence structure. I am still a bit lethargic today.

  17. Colleen says:

    The other day, our skies were covered in chem trails. The sky looked so unnatural, that it was plain scary. Sometimes the chem trails are done in geometric shapes, and other times they are done cloud wisps. Any one with a half a brain could tell something was not right with the skies. My husband likes to ignore the fact that something is amiss with our skies. I have noticed that a lot of folks just shake their heads and go on.

  18. VAUGHN WEST says:




  19. dave c says:

    i really enjoy listening to you on the lightgate. can people still join your yahoo group? God bless dave c

  20. Dorien says:


    Who Does Jesus Christ Reckon As Part Of His Bride?

    Knowing the terrible “things” coming our way in the form of huge asteroids/ meteorites, and aliens posing as angels of light to deceive the fallen human race, the study below has been proved to be very important and useful for those with eyes to see and ears to hear:

    While reading the study titled “Dark Light” from Stewart Best It became increasingly clear to me WHO the Bride of Jesus Christ really is: those people who are bestowed with Agape Love, who have become in their inner core being, their inner heart, not their conscious outer heart, THE SAME AS Jesus Christ. Only people who ARE pure faithfulness will never betray Him (again), don’t they?

    I believe the 5 Wise Virgins were clothed with the Agape Love of Christ; they had become in their character pure undefiled faithfulness. Oil is actually a picture of Agape Love. The Holy Spirit “only” helps us to walk the narrow road of self-crucifixion, so Jesus Christ eventually is able to feel at home in our inner core being (the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle), and stays there to live with us like in marriage while we still live on earth/ during our earthly live. When this happens we are clothed with Him, like in marriage. I believe only those people are sealed with the Holy Spirit to receive their inheritance in Heaven.

    The error/false doctrine/false teaching/the leaven in the majority of Churches is that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the converted person is taught the be the end goal, but it isn’t.

    We are only saved by being clothed with Jesus Christ, literally Him living in our inner core being/spirit, also called the subconscious that is in reality the driving force of everything we do, think and say. We are not aware of this subconscious, or inner heart/ being. The Holy Spirit is “only” the Helper to lead us on the road to crucifixion of our evil fallen nature, pulverizing to dust our fallen nature, that resides in our inner core being. Only the few walk this road, because this difficult and painful road exposes us to the evil nature in our inner core being, the evil creatures we REALLY ARE, and that we are oblivious of with our conscious being/heart, so that the Holy Spirit can rebuke and chastise us for who we really are, and drive us to despair over who we are, so we start begging Jesus Christ to have it replaced with HIS nature. The “MANY”, who are rejected by Jesus Christ as mentioned in Matthew 24, are deceived via false doctrine into thinking they have already arrived at this destination of having their evil SELF replaced with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, when in REALITY they are only displaying gifts of the Spirit after their conversion, while their evil fallen nature is still IN TACT, alive and kicking. Conversion is “only” an intellectual agreement with what the Bible teaches about salvation, after which a person decides with his or her fallen will to follow Jesus Christ, thinking they know what this following of Jesus Christ really means, but they don’t, because of the false Gospel that is taught in most Churches.

    The REAL BIBLICAL GOSPEL IS: We are called, after conversion, to be led by the Holy Spirit on the road to our literal self-crucifixion, so our evil fallen nature can be increasingly replaced by the Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself, literally. Then and only then are we really changed into His image, displaying Agape Love in what we do and say. ONLY THEN can we say we TRULY have been reborn, that the REBIRTH has taken place. CONVERSION and REBIRTH are NOT THE SAME, as is taught in most Churches. Hence the Lord HATES our “solemn assemblies”/church services, etc., just like in Israel under the Old Testament.

    We are not saved through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit ALONE, but by REALLY being clothed with the character of Jesus Christ, Him having taken residence in our inner core being/heart.

    Only then ARE we in our core being essence Faithful, and we will never betray Jesus Christ and God the Father (again). Hence we are fit for Heaven.

    Earthly marriage is a picture of the marriage between Jesus Christ and His Bride. What does the Lord require of married couples? That they are absolutely faithful to each other. With/through our natural love this turns out to be very difficult, because our natural love is not absolute or PURE, but relative and conditional, which God calls EVIL. I believe many professing Christians are deliberately led into a difficult marriage, because that’s the narrow way for them to be “forced” to have their by nature unfaithful character replaced by the absolute faithful character/ essence of Jesus Christ. This narrow way simply exposes their unfaithful nature to them, so it can be dealt with, IF they cooperate with the Lord. That’s why I believe that the Lord even allows the spouse of professing Christians, who REALLY want to become like Christ, to be unfaithful to them, in whatever way, so the Lord can increasingly transform these Christians into walking in absolute faithfulness (Agape Love) to their spouse and therefore also to Jesus Christ Himself.

    If we are faithful in “small” matters, like our earthly marriage, we will also be faithful in “big”, and “huge” matters, like reigning with Jesus Christ for eternity.

    Should The Bride be taken away from this earth, I believe that most people on earth will not notice it, because it will probably be a (very) small number of people. I might not be among this group of fortunate people either.

    BUT……that does not necessarily mean that I and other Followers of Jesus Christ have to go through The Tribulation (with the “Visitors” presenting themselves as our creators and saviors on the earth). Because the Lord can take us Home before this happens, simply by postponing End Time events like Elenin and Nibiru influencing/hitting the earth, etc. He is Lord over these events. I believe in my heart that the Lord gives us more time so people who have come to knowledge of the truth about REAL SALVATION, but have not as of yet sufficiently being transformed into the likeness/ the essence/ core being of Jesus Christ, ABSOLUTE FAITHFULNESS, can be transformed: really born again.

    This brings me to the impression I had in 2005 that I had another 10 years to live, bringing the time that I would part from this earth (hopefully into the permanent presence of the Lord) to 2015. I can very well imagine that it takes another 3-4 years before I have been sufficiently transformed into the likeness of the Lord, into the essence of absolute faithfulness, to have been proved in REAL LIFE HERE ON EARTH my absolute, indestructible unwavering faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The color BLUE that the Holy Spirit seemed to have pointed me to through all kinds of situations and things, like clothing, music lyrics, etc. represents the LAW OF GOD. The law of God is fulfilled in AGAPE LOVE, the character of Christ formed IN our inner core being/ our TRUE, REAL character. Not as we perceive our self with our conscious heart/ being, or as we THINK we are.

    And it comes full circle……..

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for all these insights!

    I pray for the sufficient transformation (of everyone reading this message) into the likeness of Jesus Christ in the inner core being, should this not have happened as of yet.

    Your In Christ
    Dorien, Australia

    PS: I am reading the Wuest Translation of the New Testament, and this translation brings about/into the light/confirms the whole issue of the TOTAL absence of AGAPE LOVE in the fallen human being, and the way to be transformed into an AGAPE loving being (again).

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