Larry Taylor Blog News ~ April 26, 2011

Well, we are seeing most violent weather in the midwest/south USA that can be remembered by older folks…! Day after day, the pounding by ruthless death-dealing storms are hitting the same areas over & over again with the death count growing. I see that Holly Deyo reports all recent days have been NEWS overflow days. This is something that is almost impossible to handle is the over-flow of NEWS data, gone wild…

The recent storms have caused me much trouble in trying to post news and write a blog as the ‘lightning’ flashes outside. One night the lightning flashed red in color and the booms were just wicked…! Anyway, I’ve tried to post in between the storm cells, except they seem to be piggy-backed on top of each other. Watched the funnel clouds make their way past this location and on into Arkansas. One tornado recently hit the fairgrounds area at Mena, Arkansas and one hit buildings at Smithville, Oklahoma. Kinda close to home….!

I watched an old 50’s movie and read the book: WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE [see above] which had scenes from today, the storm disaster scenes, floods, etc. and look forward to the new movie coming in May, 2011 called: “Melancholia, 2011” which looks from the trailer, maybe a remake of When Worlds Collide, original…? You can view the movie trailer at with Keifer Sutherland & others…….

L.A. Marzulli has started a FREE FORUMS group which can be viewed at this LINK I think and also the Marzulli Daily Blog is located at which I check out every morning with a hot cup of coffee……….! GO MARZULLI !

Stewart Best has a new video trailer out re: the release & followup of his FutureScape series of books or you can view the trailer on Stewart’s website Call Stewart or Cindy Best [toll-free] at 1-800-257-2672 for details of released material or to pre-order the new items coming out soon!

Remember, Randy Yarbrough Radio Show ‘To Free America’ is on every Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 5:00pm central time [5-7pm] on KHNC 1360AM RADIO, Johnstown/Denver Colorado and also internet Randy has many interesting guests & lots of data!

Stan & Holly Deyo are busy with NEWS and sending books out quickly as possible, with new orders coming in daily…! Dare To Prepare is a HIT! Be sure to check the vast amount of daily news items on the DEYO website and see the list of books and DVDs they offer………………

ATLAS SHRUGGED, the MOVIE is out with incredible reviews, data, etc…..per FOX NEWS & DRUDGE REPORT: see the movie trailer from it’s LINK at this cyber address ………….

Barry Chamish has a very interesting Torah Code on Quadaffi & Obama, which can be viewed at Barry’s site which Barry themes “Will America Ever Wake Up?” !!! Barry’s website Barry runs some very interesting & controversial data…..? DISCERN….

Watching the Earthquake Swarms recently in Arkansas, Nevada, Puerto Rico, Baja California regions, along with the active Ring of Fire………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor



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6 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ April 26, 2011

  1. Mariel says:

    As usual, we have almost perfect weather here in Northern New Mexico.
    Yes, wind makes the trees dance, and finally a little rain to heal our
    drought, but no big storms as you are having, Larry, and many other
    parts of the USA. I talked to Cindy Best when ordering Stewart’s new
    material, and told her how unphased we are, and we are surely not
    exempt from sin hereabouts that we should have almost-Eden, and
    she remarked that Satan leaves alone those who….well, no need to go
    into detail. I wondered about that.

  2. Laura Krake says:

    Larry what a weekend! We were protected by our angels from a tornado on Sat.afternoon that was right over our house, a tornado landed down a half mile down from us and took down 22 electric poles and one hit 22 miles west of us in Jasper. We went to sabbath services on Sat. Branson MO and the storm there was bad. I truly believe that we were under Father ‘s protection thru it all. Ps. 93 . I hope many will see these judgements and get serious about there relationship with Christ! Thanks for all that you are doing to get everyone inform! Laura

  3. R.G. says:

    Yes, I agree with you Larry. I was raised in Oklahoma and I remember the “tornado season” when a storm would develop and passt hrough within a few minutes. I now live north of Dallas. For over an hour now I have been watching the local news forcasters showing one storm after another with NO breaks. I heard the meteorologist say a few minutes ago that they are currently monitoring 7 tornadoes E, SE, of Dallas. Looks like it’s going to be a long, stormy evening in Texas.

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