Larry Taylor Blog News ~ May 14, 2011

 [Falling Skies Coming June 2011]

The above photo image is from the new TNT Movie Series out this June, 2011 called an ‘Epic Television Event’ FALLING SKIES…..! You can see the trailers from several websites but the main site is or you can also use the website One of the remarks on a trailer was “They Came For The Children….” which really hit home with me because of the ARRIVAL dream/vision experience…?????

I have had so many emails, reports, etc. from folks with electrical anomalies, especially in their telephone, cell phone, internet, computer, and other electrical gadget equipment. There seems to be an ongoing ‘trouble’ activity in the field of communications. And just to use myself as an example. I was on the Randy Yarbrough Show Thursday with phone problems and 2 different systems, both malfunctioning, one after another….! It was rather aggravating and I’m glad KHNC 1360 Radio put up with this on-going 2 hour situation with me switching phones 4x… Randy’s show is on Wednesday & Thursday each week and you can listen on the internet KHNC 1360AM RADIO from Johnstown, Colorado…..THANKS GUYS!

However, my phone system is still troubled with static and shut-offs, and even my other phone using different system is giving me problems. I told Stewart Best that possibly I was out of the recording/radio business until this is somehow resolved. I’ll be contacting phone system techs Monday and can maybe resolve the issue. However, we have to understand that these anomalies will increase in time……???????????

Stewart Best is firing off those new blogs, one after the other, never running out of something to say, especially something that TEES people off….!! If you think I’m just kidding – check it out: or you can check Stewart’s website for updates, news, videos, etc. and the most recent Best-Taylor Web Audio Update is #170.

Tom Mack has recently completed some very good audio files with GeorgeAnn Hughes which can be downloaded from The Byte Show with the most recent one entitled: OSAMA CODE & MORE mp3. Tom also sent me the link to his Osama Codes research or you can see some of Tom’s work at his website Thanks, Tom……..

Couple of things you might find interesting, if still there and links work is #1 Destruction is coming to America {prophetic} and #2 UBM: Messing With The New Madrid OK, if working, take a look!

There is so much news lately that it is impossible to keep up, post, look again and it’s just changed or new data, time after time, taking hours to do 1 days posts & such…! It is just over-whelming the pace of news now….However, you can check on new BLOGs by me at or I think also at so keep up with me that way. Or sign up on WORD PRESS to receive the blog notices!

Not even going to mention all the storms, lightning, tornadoes lately across the midwest because Stan & Holly Deyo are busy posting all that data Check the DEYO site daily! Holly Deyo is webmaster on Steve Quayle Alerts website and keeps the news updated there too …………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor



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22 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ May 14, 2011

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks again and again, Larry! It really makes us think….all the electronic gizmo problems that we are all having should make us even more thankful for every communication we can have. I do dread the day we will have to give up these kinds of info and fellowship……prepare to hole up in my chambers with my Lord and his Word until the wrath has passed! But in the meantime, glad to see and hear your wise council!

  2. Larry,
    Great post. Enjoyed this one too. Lots of information. Keeps me up on the news….thank you ……………………..BLESSINGS………….Dt.

  3. Mariel Strauss says:

    I have basically agreed with Stewart over the years, but I have posted on his blog some statements which were not “teed off” but just I hope gentle reminders that there are some people out here listening and appreciating him. He is right to be angry that more people didn’t buy the DVD from Red Elk (when some folks give “tithes” to the unholy churches), but I just wanted him to know that some of us are supporters. Unfortunately we are not rich supporters. His (and your) remarks about the “rich men of the earth”
    have a corollary: there are few “rich men” in the ranks of our supporters.

    What will we do without news from Larry? Pray that it may continue until the Lord returns.


  4. Dee Rohe says:

    Glad we’re back online for now. Yes, I dread the day we will lose these kind of instant internet communications. We need to prepare, trust in the Lord. Grateful for all you do, Larry.

    Sending blessings,


  5. Rae Danby says:

    Wow Larry! Have you been watching Israel today?? Of course you have. Me thinks the ‘Middle East’ is about to erupt very soon. Watching the news–people seem a little crazed, like they are just out for blood.
    Here in southern Ontario (Canada) it has been pouring for days and days. It is totally foggy and we are getting floods all over. I don’t remember rain and fog like this. I always put my air conditioners in by May 1st because it is so warm and humid, but it is still cold here. Thanks for the constant updates, news & links. You are a gem!..
    I’m still waiting for stories and photos of peoples’ pets to post on my blog to honor pets.
    Anybody out there listening? My email is free to send me all your precious pet stories & pics..Thanks

  6. Dr. Richard says:

    I have noticed that both our Verizon land line and cell phone have substantial numbers of dropped calls and static. I suspect the issue is one of gutting their maintenance departments and milking their infrastructure instead of repairing, upgrading, and/or expaning it. Typical of so many U.S. businesses – loot the cashflows and let the infrastructure deteriorate.

  7. Chaplain David Fox says:

    I am new to this site, but listen on Lightgate…Larry, do you have a way to mp3 your shows on Thur. Blessings..ChapDave

    • larrywtaylor says:

      David: That was Randy Yarbrough Show on Thursday, I don’t have equipment to do shows or mp3 them…!
      Sorry, however; I’m on shows requested by others to be there. Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

  8. Dolores Ford says:

    Can’t wait to watch FALLING SKIES when it comes out in June. Thanks for letting us know about it.
    Here in the “gestapo State” (Maryland), rain, and cooler than usual weather, now seems to be the”norm”. It’s been a challenge to get our veggie garden planted. More rain is coming down as I write, with more on the way. People in these parts remain clueless as to the dire straits our food supply is in, in spite of hideous prices, and some shortages, at the grocery store. Seems to me that even “sheeple” should be smart enough to plant a garden this year. Sadly, this is not the case! They remain, as you and Stewart like to say: “dumb unto death”.
    Our phone, cable, and internet service has been on and off a lot lately. Highspeed internet has been painfully slow. I’m so grateful to have the chance to be online, as I know the day is coming when we will no longer have this luxury. Know that I love and appreciate your hard work in keeping us informed. You remain in my prayers, dear brother. Blessings, Dolores

    • Elaine Sutherland says:

      hey Dolores! You are so right about gardening….and I am also worrying about the radiation possible in rain water so I am keeping my garden shielded on rainy days (taking chances on sunny ones).
      But with the way things are going I just ordered more sprouting seeds. That way I can have fresh nutrition even if the stuff from the store is unsafe or unavailable or unaffordable!
      Just a thought…..every one can do a garden in a mason jar!

      • Dolores Ford says:

        Radiation is a concern for me too, especially on rainy days. Someone said “20 Mule Team Borax” will soak radiation off crops, animals, people, etc. Nathan Leal (Show is on “Survive 2 thrive” network every Tuesday) has an expert on this week who is looking into it. Sprouting seeds may end up being the only way to go. I also encapsulate herbs, which we take daily.

      • Elaine says:

        Yeah, I went to the health food store and got more kelp caps the day the Fukishima plant blew! I told the girl helping me that I was afraid the radiation would go around the world and there is a description in the Bible that sounds like radiation sickness in the end times…..the owner came out and said “Elaine! I can’t believe you are talking that way!” I told him I just believe and as a Christan he should be thinking and reading and watching the signs…..he just laughed…..ahh, alas. But I saw the girl put a jar behind the counter!
        I already had a big jar but decided to get more of it and give out a months worth to my kids and gentleman friend. I hope the kids are listening but the “man” gave them back and told me I am crazy to worry so much……ahh, alas!

  9. Dolores Ford says:

    For anyone who wants to join Elaine and I in taking iodine, if you can’t find kelp, there’s an herb called “bladderwrack” that can be purchased at the VitaminShoppe. We also need to detoxify. I make “four herb tea” also known as “essiac”. I use more than four herbs in mine. I include kelp, red clover, dandlion root, and blessed thistle in the recipe. A teaspoon or two a day does nicely…………………….It can be purchased as “Floressence”, but is much cheaper to make. My family and friends also look at me like I have two heads, so don’t fell alone Elaine. I’ve been adding several drops of organic iodine to my dogs waterbowl as well. The vet said it is okay to do so, though he said there in no problem, as the government would tell us if there was……………

    • Elaine says:

      Oh, and a swab of medicinal iodine on the skin will absorb and go to protect your thyroid as well! Bet that would be good for animals as well….no dosing quandary to worry about! I forgot about pets since my kitty died several years ago and the days when an old lady can afford to live alone with a cat are long gone! Vet bills and food & litter are just not in my budget! Have to make do with feeding birdies, squirrels and chipmunks in the yard now!

  10. Elaine says:

    One last note here….I had “zesty sprouts” for dinner last night (Just the sprouts….no store lettuce with radiation worries) and put Newman’s Light Lime dressing on it. As I finished, it was so yummy that I drank the dressing that had pooled at the bottom of the bowl. Shazaam! I recognized the taste from my young and foolish days. It tasted like doing a shot of kamikaze! Funny but no vodka!!!!!!!!!!! That got me thinking about how expensive bottled dressings are and that they need refrigeration. Golly, Rose’s lime juice is sweetened and with a bit of garlic and spices I think I can make a dressing with olive oil!
    The reason I am posting is not to confess that I used to party and do shots but to suggest that this could be a great addition to TEOTWAWKI supplies! Won’t need refrigeration! Rose’s tends to turn color as it ages but I don’t think it goes bad.

    • Dolores Ford says:

      Your dressing sounds yummie! For those who can’t find lime juice, I make homemade salad dressing using olive oil, Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. The family LOVES it. By making our own dressing we avoid all of the additives, dyes and such, in the expensive store bought dressing. Also, as you noted, these items store indefinetly.

      Here’s another tip passed on to me by a dear friend who survived the great depression. (She’s recently gone on to be with the Lord). She said during hard times her mom saved bacon grease and added a small amount of it to her biscuits to add flavor when no jelly was available. We all need to be thinking outside of the box from now on. I know many will take offense to using bacon grease, but if hungry enough, those biscuits would take mighty good…………

  11. Dean Winchell says:

    Hey Larry,
    Thanks so much for being constantly vigilant. It is so hard to share ANYTHING with others. There are those who have a spirit which can be awakened, but most can not. Be encouraged, ‘Tall trees catch a lot of wind’.
    Here’s a useful link for those interested in ‘Geo-Engineering’ in this case, the heating of the ionosphere with very low frequency, in grey which is below 10 hertz.

    God Keep Y’all!

  12. Norm says:

    I listened to you on the Byte show “Spiritual Grasp”. The last portion of the show was especially inspiring. I felt the spirit of God and urgency in your voice and it is so true. There is nothing good about us except the spirit of God that resides in us. We appreciate you as as God’s watchman. You may be old and maybe tired but keep up the good fight because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. God Bless you.

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