Larry Taylor Blog News ~ May 22, 2011

 [Professor Ernst Muldashev, Russia]

Woke up this Sunday morning, May 22, 2011 feeling ‘jolt’ then short ‘vibration’ of the bed and wife was also awakened by same about 5:00am central time. Darnette told me she had felt another shake earlier in the night but didn’t report it. Outside is heavy fog and high winds, heavy moisture, coming storms? My animals are all acting strange presently and seem very jumpy, easily startled by any noise….????

Earthquake news is that Iceland’s Grimsvotn Volcano has erupted with a plume to 18,000 feet and Iceland’s main airport has closed with other locations in Iceland to close today. I did post earthquakes in Iceland Saturday: 4.6, 4.1, 3.3 and read report that there were over 50 earthquakes there. Checked the Iceland Seismic map and was spottred with EQs! So, will be watching the activity of this Grimsvotn Volcano closely. There are other reports from Iceland that Katla may be rumbling too…..

Be sure to check Stan & Holly Deyo’s website Monday AM for any updates or data on new earthquakes, volcanoes, earth changes, etc….! Holly most times has the DEYO site and at times Quayle site updated by 10am central for the day, but adds ALERT posts, data on critical issues, at times, during the day…..

Today’s photo image [above] is of Russian Professor/Researcher, Ernst Muldashev, who has visited the underground caverns in Tibet and came close to ‘beings’ [nephilim?] that are reportedly in some strange type ‘suspended animation’ as Klaus Dona says, ” they are not alive, but not dead…?” This, as some say fiction report/data, has been documented by Muldashev in several books, mostly in Russian & German. I have copies and am able to easily understand the ‘pictograph/drawing’ type art & photos in the books. There will be more coming out soon, I believe, about this data…..! Klaus Dona reports that Muldashev told him of the Tibet monks reporting that when the catastrophic earth events begin to happen, then the giants will rise…??? As the days of Noah…………..STAY TUNED!

EQ ANOMALY ? ….8.4 mag. earthquake near coast of Libya? A number of reports did report an EMSC [European-Mediterranean Seismic Centre] post & link that indicated the event, however; it is denied by official sources and reported as a glitch…? Dutchsinse has an interesting youtube {video} report on this earthquake. If this link is still working look at it: ……..

Augusto Perez has a new Byte Show interview audio file with GeorgeAnn Hughes entitled: “The End Of Time” [part 22] for listen or download. There is some vital data included by Augusto in the interview: and the link for Augusto Perez website is .

Larry Taylor & Klaus Dona were guests on ROZZ RADIO few days ago, talking about some very ‘out-of-place’ artifacts, data………….you can listen to the show if the link is still working at and by the way, Klaus Dona, has a website located in cyber-space at this location: or for the DVD of Klaus Dona ~ Klaus Dona Chronicles ‘secret world 1’……….

OK, guys, watching the earthquakes & storm systems that are all over the board this Sunday………………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor




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12 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ May 22, 2011

  1. Bettye and Bill says:

    thanks for keeping us posted from ya WatchMen’s wall……..Larry and Darnette

  2. larrywtaylor says:

    Bettye & Bill:
    Thanks, ironically, this watchman’s wall is shaking ‘slightly’ this Sunday AM….
    Larry Taylor

  3. Pam UK says:

    Thanks for the news Larry, it is much appreciated. Only way we can keep up with things. Interesting links too. I heard the one with muldashev wow! It’s all getting stranger than sci fi!! You can’t write this stuff!
    Enjoyed your update with Stewart as always. I look forward to those. Not heard anything so far over here about airports shutting down again – yet anyway. Seems Japan news has gone awfully quiet, just like the gulf oil spill did too! One would think there would be updates on those?
    Blessings and ‘The angel of the Lord surrounds those who fear Him.’ May His hand be continually on you all over there and watch over you and keep you.

    • Dolores says:

      Don’t you know that “all is well” concerning the Japanese nightmare, and the Gulf oil spill? This is what the “sheeple” believe, anyway. After all, the media wouldn’t lie, now would they? HA!!
      I recently spoke to a former mayor of our little town. He just returned from a five day trip to Biloxi, Mississippi (on the Gulf of Mexico shore). He said the problem with the oil spill is over, the beaches are pristine, and the seafood he ate was delicious. To which I replyed: “Strange, a good friend of mine is from Biloxi, and currently living there. She told me recently about all the strange illnesses (she is also sick, and moving a hundred miles inland as we speak). She said, just serveral weeks ago, five baby dolphins washed ashore. The local news there was going to do lab tests on them, but immediately reported the deaths were not due to the oil spill. (How do they know before tests are done?) The former mayor replied that there has always been a little oil there because of the drilling off shore. I just walked away at that point. I hope he doesn’t get sick from the “delicious seafood”, but if he does – he’ll never know what hit him, as he would need to connect some dots to figure it out. As Larry and Stewart say “dumb unto death”……………..

      Will keep praying for you and Darnete, Larry. I hope the recent shaking you have felt isn’t “magma rising”. Looking forward to your next update….Blessings, Dolores

      • Pam UK says:

        Thanks Dolores. Yeah ‘All is well’ – not. It just sickens me how the lies are being told so much. Now we find the tyrant is paying us a visit..yeah right! Glad I’m no where near that airport! I’m just listening to sunday’s programme of vftb (Derek Gilbert) ( and he’s talking to a guy about japan, who is trying to help those folks and fellow brethren out there. I keep looking on youtube to see if anymore news is up there too. I also check out the live Tokyo webcam and the yellowstone one (which is down – the one at the Old Faithful Geyser view). I keep an eye on the gulf stream winds and watch Dutchsinse too. I’m always grateful for links to other places to check out.
        By the way, the gulf stream winds are passing right over Japan, eastwards over the US and on up over the UK and now, we have a system that is blowing from northeast of Scotland anticlockwise over most of the Uk with very windy weather. Then the news has just said we may get some of the dustcloud from the Iceland eruption and airports on alert.
        News certainly gets interesting. There’s so much information it’s hard to keep up.
        But even if the tragedies like Chile, Japan, the gulf etc are no longer mainline news, there are folks who are still concerned and want to follow up on them. I include the horrific weather out in the midwest too. I have friends round that area and am relieved each time I get an email from them.
        Oh, I just bought Klaus’s book Larry, look forward to reading that. ‘Digging For Answers and Finding More Questions.’ (Amazon)

      • Pam UK says:

        I forgot yo add Dolores, we had news sperm whales (or something) had swum into loch Ness and one died, turns out it was a severe infection that killed it. We still hear of seals dying here and there on the coastline too.

  4. Mattit says:

    This isn’t the first time that EMSC has reported a large quake that was then reported as a false report. Last year there was a 9.x that I saw the reports for. Later, not only did the USGS state that it was false, but EMSC also reported that it was false.

  5. Dee Rohe says:

    Thanks for the reports, Larry!

    Woke up this morning with the vertigo again… wonder if it is sympathetic to all these quakes in some way? No ‘physical’ work today I guess, but I can stay very still doing blogging, and be o.k.

    Blessings to you and Darnette,


  6. Denise says:

    Larry- thanks for the blog. Very strong storms in my area this evening and have been keeping up with earthquakes and volcanoes around the world. Without the information from the watchmen I would have no idea what all these changes mean! God bless you, Darnette, Stewart, and others who are called by the Lord to warn us!


  7. Pam UK says:

    I have just listened – finally, to Augusto’s message on thebyteshow with George Ann and would highly recommend everyone to listen to it or download it and share with believers, friends, family who don’t have access. He has confirmed what I have been saying for a very long time now.
    Thanks for the notice Larry!

  8. Jeff V says:

    We are praying for your safety, I know the tornados are deadly and relentless. The blood of Jesus to cover you and your family.

  9. VAUGHN WEST says:


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