Larry Taylor Blog News ~ June 3, 2011

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“The Taker” ~ A Dream on June 3, 2011 early morning hours, given to Larry W. Taylor from the Lord, a WARNING………..It’s Coming!

On June 3, 2011 in the early morning hours I was given a WARNING Dream/Vision experience that was so ‘vivid’ I was shocked. This Dream/Vision was not only a viewing experience but I felt the experience….!

I found myself amongst refugees running/fleeing something that I could not see but knew was there and coming my way, upon all humanity. This fearful thing was coming and no human weapon would stop it. People were running/fleeing it’s presence, but it came on….!

Then suddenly I found myself lifted up and taken by the Lord to this entity/being that was coming upon humanity, Planet Earth, and could not be stopped….!

At first when I found myself facing this entity/being I could only see a bright light. It shone so bright….? Then my eyes seemed to adjust to the brightness and I saw what looked like a man shining brightly. I could not see his face but saw from shoulders down and the surrounding brightness/aura was sparkling. I just looked intently at this unknown figure?

Then the Lord spoke to me two words: FALSE LIGHT…! Suddenly, I could see a wider perspective/view and saw the entity/being in the bright/shining light, but could see the great darkness that surrounded the entity/being and it’s brightness…….

I was given this creatures NAME but I could not at all pronounce it or even in memory remember/understand that NAME…..? However, the Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation or meaning of it’s NAME and that was simply: “THE TAKER”……….

I saw closely the great darkness that is part of this entity/being and the darkness resembled a great dark fog like substance, but with shape & substantial substance. This darkness moved ahead of the entity/being that was cloaked by anti-light or counterfeit light ~ a cloak of deception….!

AND the terrible fact was that by the time one would see the ‘being of light’ then one was already within the great darkness and trapped within it’s grasp. And within this grasp was instant, complete death – no escape….!

Since I was inside the darkness and looking at the so called ‘light being’….? Well, I felt it’s grasp which I have to describe feels like being QUICK FROZEN or INSTANT FREEZE…!

I literally felt my own body go into something like QUICK FROZEN, instant, however; I was under DIVINE PROTECTION OF THE LORD and it had to remove it’s grasp back from me and I felt like I was thawing slowly as I became more aware from the deadly grasp of this monster….!

{I shared this & more with Augusto Perez and he is setting up a radio program about it}

This is a very serious time,


AND IT’S NOT JUST A DREAM, SOME MYTH, or LEGEND ~ It’s Real and It’s Coming….


Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor



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42 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ June 3, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Just read your dream. Reminded me of what we are coming up against.
    This is a false light to suck those in that are not hearing and some that are.
    Awesome post. Thank you for shareing……….Love you D.

  2. Don Woodruff says:

    I feel something is coming, I do not know what. It seems imminent.
    We will soon see.

  3. Kim says:

    Larry, we all need to keep our eye’s upon the Lord and stay in His word. I think He will protect us from what is coming if we keep out faith in Him. We all need to come together and pray for each other for strength.The Lord will protect His own. God bless you both for all you do for Him. Your reward will be great in Heaven on day. AMEN

  4. Kim says:

    Plus, reminds me of the movie, ” Something Wicked this Way Comes ” we all need to be ready, Put your trust in the Lord and He will lead us all. AMEN

  5. Debbie says:

    Wow, Larry that is an amazing dream. I so much appreciate your willingness to share your dream with us and your dedication to the Lord and to Israel. May God Bless you and your family.

  6. Linda L. Gray says:

    Could your dream be in reference to the appearing of the Mahdi which is supposed to be on June 5th? The video “Mahdi is Near” that Iran produced was released on or about March 29th.

    I had a dream on May 30th about the hunter(s) being released. This individual was dressed in black and people were running trying to escape. Our only protection from this evil is the Lord’s covering (Psalm 91). Do you suppose that the age of the gentiles is closing or is about to close?

  7. Diana says:

    Can we call this Dark Light? Where have I heard that?

  8. Hi Larry,
    I’m glad you talked to Augusto about this. It sure reminds me of his vision of the ubiquitous darkness coming upon the earth. I have been really noticing lately that when I am in the Word, God has been calling my attention to the sun, moon and stars not giving their light in the “day of the Lord”. I really didn’t realize until lately that this runs through most of the books of the prophets over and over again. I thought it was only in Revelations and I have read the Scriptures several times not noticing the repeating of this over and over in different books. I have been studying these particular passages about this darkness and I’m wondering if this could be when the other ones arrive if you know what I mean. For some reason this is heavy on my heart right now. It feels as if we are running out of time to work. I have been fasting and praying for the souls of my lost loved ones because it feels as if time is of the essence. Once “they arrive” I’m concerned there will be know protection for the lost people Just my thoughts. Anyway,thank you for all you are doing. You and your family are in my prayers.
    God Bless!
    aka Firenreign

  9. Laura Krake says:

    Larry, Do you suppose this could be satan himself who be in the human vessel of anti christ? I truly believe that we are at the beginning of the 3 AND half years which would be the great tribulation, and it could be Obama or the mahdi or the pope ? I keep hearing from Christ that our time here is short and we are to be preparing our hearts keeping our oil lamp filled and to pray always and to be watching! His timing is not our timing but one thing is for sure jugdement is not on the righteous but on the unrighteous! Greater is Christ that is in us with the Holy SPIRIT then he who will tempory rule this world he satan has only a short time to rule.

  10. Larry Eslick says:

    Remember that Lucifer is the “Light Bearer”, and by definition it will be a false light. We know that the “rich men” worship him, and would bring him and his/their dark order to the forefront as soon as their time is right. Absolutely, “Something wicked this way comes!” It is nearly upon us, but “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; [nor] for the arrow [that] flieth by day; [Nor] for the pestilence [that] walketh in darkness; [nor] for the destruction [that] wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; [but] it shall not come nigh thee. ”
    Ps 91:5-7

  11. Toni says:

    “Lucifer the light-bringer” came to my mind on reading your dream. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Garry G says:

    Dear Larry,
    I too have been experiencing a great weight upon my shoulders, as if we are in the calm before the storm. Lately the Lord has been taking me to scriptures which talk about the hidden evil and judgement. There are so many balls in the air right now like no time before and it will only be a matter of time before one falls and they all come tumbling down. I feel we are at the beginning of a very traumatic time for the people of the world. Thank you for all that you are doing.
    God Bless

  13. Pat Sanderholm says:

    Larry, thank your your tireless work on our behalf. I lost my husband almost 2 and a half years ago. I have had alot of time to reflect on what’s going on around us right now! Actually, I’ve studying prophecy on my own since 1980, the first ime the Lord spoke to me about where we are in time. It was 11:00 PM on the clock the Lord showed me then. Now it’s this much later the Lord has given many more warnings about the lukewarm church and alot of people that the Lord may say”I never knew you!” Oh, how I want to counted worthy to reign with Him, He is my all in all! I had a heart attack 5 days aftrer we buried my late husband, and I know that I know Jesus took me to see a glimpse of Heaven, so beautiful! I wanted to stay with Him, and He said Not Yet! Go back and testify to who I tell you to what happened and Iam coming soon. Be ready people! No time to waste! I start to fear what I know is coming since I live alone and the He touches me-I’m not alone, nor will he ever leave. I cling to Psalms 90-91 also. Be of good cheer we all soon will see Him face to face. Make sure you have epented of all your sins, set all your house in order. It won’t be long. We on right on the edge of the Ezekial 38-39 war. Pray for Israel and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

    • Dolores says:

      May Lord Jesus bless you, Pat.
      In 2009, I was sprayed by chemtrails with a virus which settled in my heart. I was told back then that I may need a heart transplant. (Years ago, I used to ask the Lord to “hold on to my heart” when trouble comes. At that time I had no idea those prayers were prophetic.) My neighbor, and a friend of his, had the same thing happen to them. Their hearts are still giving them trouble, in spite of medications. Lord Jesus has strengthened my heart ( thanks to so many awesome prayers on my behalf) and I am now able to do just about anything I want with no problem. I’m still on meds, which I would love to get off of. I know when the “stuff hits the fan” meds will not be available. I pray daily for my neighbors, and all who depend on meds to survive. I urge all prayer warriors to do the same thing, as many lives depend on it. Also, don’t take chemtrails as a joke, as so many do. They can be deadly. Maybe they are one reason we are told to “look up”?

  14. Elaine says:

    Thank you, Larry, I can tell that was a tough one to share. I do believe that we will be protected from this deceptive character as long as we stay obedient and repentant to Christ….but it is going to be heart wrenching to see loved ones who just won’t hear us when they are fooled by the false one! Just like in a certain election, I think we will all be screaming, “No! Don’t believe him!” and yet too many will swoon in the false one’s pep rally. God Bless you and know we treasure every post.
    It seems so near that I wake up every morning and say “Thank You for this day” and almost hold my breath as I turn on the computer and/or radio…..then a sigh and another thanks that we still can communicate!
    p.s. Are you still getting mail at the Mena post office box?

    • Dolores says:

      I also wake up each day wondering if things changed overnight. I have a VERY heavy feeling of impending trouble. Doing what I can to “fall back and regroup” after a house fire we had last August. I know time is on no one’s side from this point on……………..SOOOOOOOOOOO very thankful to know that Jesus IS Lord.

      Years ago I had an “earthquake dream”. The Lord told everyone to say “Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God, have mercy on us”. Everyone who said that was spared. One man refused and was killed by a falling tree…………….

  15. Art Skora says:

    right before I read this vision/dream I came in from outside watering the garden, I passes through the living room and the tv was on, there was a movie advertisement by Steven Spielberg called “Super 8” then I came to check out news on the computer and read your dream/vision. watch the movie trailer “Super 8” the words you used “The Taken” describes what was in that movie trailer advertisement on tv. this entity/being is taking.

  16. VJM says:


    Please read the comment that I jsut left you on your “Knowing” post below. I wonder then if perhaps these alien/angels of “light” are also like the “Taker” adn god didn;t indeed use this movie as another way to get the warning out to people. It is so deceptive. Maybe things in that movie are not as they seem. This comment will make more sense wonce you read my comment in your last post, as mentioned.

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t know what to think but am going to pray about it for certain.

  17. VJM says:

    This reminds me of an April 2011 prophecy i read recently on this Australian website (5th paragraph down) where it says,
    “The man of perdition is plotting his course. He waits for his time, it draws near. He will come as a light, but burn as a hot coal in your hand. He will light the path to himself, and then burn his victims. He will care not, for who falls at his feet. He is without any decency toward mankind. He is evil but he knows his destiny.”

  18. VJM says:

    Sorry, i forgot to give the direct link for the prophecy in above comment just left:

  19. Thanks for sharing this, Larry. I too feel that time is short. Have gotten several messages that the ‘coming days’ is now.. very close. We must stay close to the Lord, remember Psalm 91, and know that we are protected. Pray for each other..


  20. Matthew says:

    May the Good Lord be with you and your wife Larry. May the Good Lord be with us all. You are in our prayers. I want to thank you for all you have done and will do.

  21. Dolores says:

    Reminds me of a dream I had years ago concerning the coming of a false Christ that fooled everyone but remnant Christians. Those steeped in “churchianity” were deceived and persecuting any TRUE believers in Jesus who tried to warn them otherwise. I never felt so hopeless and helpless! I pled the Blood of Jesus to end the dream. I have never been so relieved to wake up and find it was a dream! It started with cherubs in the sky, holding wreaths. Perhaps this indicates the timing is a December?
    Larry, your dream also reminds me of the “false rapture” Jesus spoke of when he talked of “one TAKEN, one left”? It sure wasn’t heaven the “taken” went to, as if it was, Jesus sure missed the chance to say so when asked by Peter where were they taken? The reply was ” where the carcass is, the vultures gather”. Looks like the Lord has shown you what the TAKER looks like. May Jesus have mercy on us all as we try to warn those in the “church” who insist on being TAKEN out before trouble comes. Jesus certainly didn’t urge his followers to hope to be taken. We must pray to be among those who are left, putting on the whole armor of God, pleading the Blood of Jesus daily for ourselves, loved ones and all of the Lord’s people……………Am looking forward to Augusto’s program about it, as this message needs to get out NOW.

    As always, thanks so much for all you do. Praying for you and Darnette.

    Would also like to know where to reach you by “snail mail”?

  22. Elaine says:

    sorry, this is long but because of all the other mentions here of Psalm 91, I think I should share my testimony as I recently posted it on a Marzulli comment section, it was in response to a humorous suggestion that I offer my customers a discount for every minute I get to witness and warn them to turn to Christ:

    June 3, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Hopeful Watcher! Hysterical! I do that already but they don’t get any choice….LOL, I am a pretty upbeat person because even though we all have problems, we in Christ, have solutions….even when it just means waiting and being patient while He gets us set up in whatever the next phase of life He has planned….so I am always pretty happy.
    I am also kinda known for my “angel miracle” and for the most part this city roots for me. I am poor but honest and everyone knows that I give all glory for my gifts to God who just uses my hands for His work like I use a brush or hammer.
    I lost my job a few years ago and started my biz out of my house on the $1500 that I got from tax refund. Then set up a sales room at a downtown antiques mall. My first “store” was just 8 by 13 feet! I think my biz grew as much out of their amusement at my happy little goofy shop as my quality and price. I decided with a lot of prayer that most places were too greedy and it is totally ridiculous to mark up more that 300% even 500% for custom framing! I set my prices at the old fashioned “keystone” rate of double plus a bit for shipping on the materials then figure $10 for labor on most sizes under 24×36 inches. I know how long it takes me to do the work and it is fair.
    Then I had to pack up all the art into archival boxes and bags each day, load ‘em into my old beater van and drive the to my house where I had to convert my dining room and all but enough space for a couch, laptop on a TV tray and a bookshelf into workshop for framing and doing the rest of the biz…..LOL, I even had a 36″ roll of brown paper and some glass storage in my kitchen! Struggling but happy….then I broke my leg on a defective piece of sidewalk one day. No insurance but the city paid my medical bills (whew!) but I could not work for over 6 weeks and then it was tough. Okay, at about 2 weeks in, I tried to stand at the mat cutter with a walker and lasted for a full 8 minutes before giving up! Soooooo, sorry this is so long……One day as I was trying to get some work done at home, Joyce Meyer was on TV and she said something about psalm 91 and angels to catch me when I fall and just give your problems to God and He will send ‘em.
    Well, being a crazy old lady who lives alone, I looked up at my cracking ceiling and said out loud, “Oh, Lord, I know You always have a plan for me and I don’t care what I lose but pleeeeease don’t let me lose my house because my mortgage is in my son’s name and he has my grandbabies to care for, don’t let me ruin his credit with a foreclosure!”
    Then, I went to my “God box” where I save a tithe no matter how poor I am and then when it is full it goes to Salvation Army or Love I.N.C. (stands for In the Name of Christ) and some to my “watchmen” online…….and I made a list of only what I needed each month for the house, insurance and taxes….nothing else. Nothing for my other living expenses. Then placed the list in the God Box and said, “Okay Lord, send your angels!”
    forgot all about it and a week or so later I was back in my shop struggling to get it going again and a lady from a town over 100 miles away came in with a local friend needing some matting. She had no package, no tube and as she reached into her purse, I silently thought, “Oh, just a tiny $3 mat to put her grandkids picture. Thank You, Lord, every little but helps!”

    It was a brochure for an Irish artist who lives in France and does only art of angels! She ordered 5000 double mats and gave me a check for half and then $1000 a month for a year and a half! DID YA CATCH THE PART WHERE IT WAS ANGELS!
    So I got a full shop and had lots of chances to tell about my miracle and my business card also says in the bottom corner “Heb 13:2″ For some have entertained angels! and I love to explain why that is there! I have finished that contract at least for now but who knows! And though it did not make me rich… worked me up to just broke instead of in the hole! Glory to God!
    Finally, to answer your question….. I often mention my faith and what I see happening and get to witness. Never push but if they are receptive or witness to me as well, I almost always, give them free labor on their order…..and often hear that I shouldn’t do that because I will go out of business if I don’t charge enough…..I always laugh and say, “It looks like God wants me here so I am not worried…..when I do I will call ya and ask for that fee!” We laugh and once in a while they tip me the labor fee anyway! Last week after a long chat I had a customer leave a check for an extra $50! Exactly how much I was short for the electric bill! Of course that is not why I do it but it is a nice surprise!
    And just to be sure I knew it was Him answering my angel request…..I found out that during the year before while my new full size store was vacant, that a scene from a movie had been filmed in it….the movie is called “What If” with John Ratzenberger (yep, ol Cliff Clavin) in little Manistee Michigan playing a tow truck driving……..wait for it…….ANGEL!
    How great our Lord is!

    sorry, got on a roll

  23. Elaine says:

    oops, sorry again, I meant to add to that…..God has us each right where He wants us to be if we will just listen and we are to be doing His work no matter what kind of job it appears to be to the secular world!

    • John in Poquoson (VA) says:

      Elaine, you can get on a roll like that anytime you want, what a beautiful story. Literally brought tears to my eyes that God, the very Creator of everything, would even acknowledge us little sinners down here with His blessings. Indeed, what an awesome God we serve. I truly can’t wait to meet Him in person, I wish it would be today.

      Larry, thanks for the post, I and so many of us out here really do appreciate what you, Stewart and Darnette do for us by watching and staying vigilant. I saw the handwriting on the wall early this year and have been busy downsizing here at the house, selling whatever I can (mainly on eBay). I still have a long way to go but I also distribute tracts and Comfort Cards whenever I can, so I plan to keep doing all of this until He comes, and again, may it be very soon!

  24. larry,,i have not thanked you yet,,i am a member of your group many years now, and have listened to you and stewart,,as i am in greece,,two years now,,and you and some others, my only fellowship.
    blessings to you for being a watchman on the wall and keeping up to date on the real news there,,i enjoy you and stewart so much!!!
    i want to share my dream with you and others,,this was a warning dream,,two years ago last month,,
    i was walking barefoot through a beautiful lush forest, north to south,,the breeze perfect,, i was praising our Creator for the day,,the smells, the sounds,and His goodness,,when all the sudden i came to large dry round dirt mound,,about the size of a stadium football field,,with a two foot high mound of dirt around the paerimeter, It gave me an ominous feeling,,and i wanted to get through it as quickly as i could,,so I began to walk to get through it to the other side,when all the sudden from the west,,or right of me,,a huge old majestic black stallion appeared,i thought it was going to charge me,instead it came only feet from me,,rared up on his hind legs,,and with such urgency in his voice that sounded like many waters,,he said”move on” and again he rared up,,and spoke”MOVE ON!” the warning went straight to my spirit,,so i turned left to go out of the mound,,and now there was a huge ,at least 8 foot or more tall fence all around the mound,and i was trapped,i put my toes in the mesh ,trying to crawl out,,and my fingers, but the mesh was to small,i realized there was no way out, then to my right,,was bent low on one knee, it was Yahushua Jesus ,with His hands clasped together,,palms up, on the other knee,for me to put my foot in,,so He could hoist me up over the fence,
    then i woke up..

    I knew this was the round up for the night trains soon coming to america,,i prayed and asked the Father,,i want to obey you,,to be obediant to come out of the land of babylon according to revelation 17, 18, jeremiah 51 and 52 isaiah, to escape the land,,that He please make the arrangements,,
    i had been writing to some people to a ministry on youtube and told them the dream,, i thought they were in the states,, being americans,,they invited me to greece,,the next week I was on a plane,, i left everything,,and i will do whatever I am to do to follow the Lamb wherever He goes,I am waiting ,,for the land of Israel to recieve the daughters of Zion,and then to the rock,,selah,,
    i believe ine understanding of daniels timeline on youtube,that dave fynn was correct,,and the 70 shavouts began in 1947,,taking us to 2016,,at the wedding feast,, i will be there waiting to meet my Holy King,Father willing,, I am a code cracker,,(bible codes) and it is my code,,and i say Halleluiah!!
    blessings to you all..if you need an invite, I am inviting,,I live in a quaint quiet little village by the sea, in the most fertile land in all of greece,,by the sea,

  25. Dean Winchell says:

    Thanks Larry!
    Quite the vision, I think I would have been terrified.
    I’ve always prided myself on being able to follow through on projects. God would give me light to see a task and then I would undertake it. Now, I don’t seem to have much light and tasks that need doing just seem to be a struggle. The joy of work and accomplishment seems to swallowed up in some dark resistance. Jesus says in John 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”
    I guess it’s just me mainly, because for most people, the world seems just fine. Just as in the days of Noah.
    Keep going!
    Love in Christ to you all.

    • Elaine says:

      I don’t think you are alone Dean! I know that it seems my energy for anything except prayer and watching/learning to prepare for Christ’s coming and the trials we may face in the mean time are our “real” work and the worldly tasks that we call our jobs and chores are keeping us from getting the work done.
      Maybe that is how we should have been living all along? I am procrastinating as we speak about going to my shop to catch up on my orders this weekend. I don’t feel guilty today because I have changed my mind about what day is truly the sabbath. I keep my store closed but my number on the door and if I get a call I make sure I at least say, “God bless you” to the customer….maybe it is Jesus story about saving the sheep on the sabbath? I let the town for the most part think I am just lazy because those who don’t know me might think I have become a Jehovah’s Witness (LOL) But tomorrow I know that as much as I love what I do for a living… just doesn’t seem like it makes much sense to be doing it now. Like there are more important things but all we can do is pray and wait for that shoe to drop.

  26. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for posting your dream/vision for us Larry. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been on you to experience such a thing. It is beautiful to see someone like you who loves Jesus so much that he is willing to turn over his entire being to be used by Jesus Christ during these end times. You and Stewart ARE appreciated so much by the remnant. We don’t know what we would do without you. I thought of Lucifer, the light bringer as well when I read the vision. Time is SO short now. I also feel it deep down that something big and bad is coming upon this planet very soon. All we can do is stay close to our prescious Jesus, our Lord and Saviour and keep in His Word. I pray for you and your family and look very forward to hearing what Augusto has to say about this as well. God bless you my dear brother.

  27. Elaine says:–augusto-perez-1

    just found that….show will ne on tomorrow (Sun. June 5th!) On the Porch on blog talk radio….you can even have it send you a reminder!


    Please send me your posts on your blog. I listen to you and Stewart Best on your broadcasts. thank you so much

  29. Richard says:

    Thanks again so much Larry my dear friend…though I have never met you in the flesh it is though I have known you for a long time. One of the comments was about the movie “Super 8” and I went and watched the trailer and it was so much like your dream. I know we will all hate what is coming but at the same time I am ready for it to happen. Nothing worse than feeling all the dread and not experiencing the reality. So many folks are going to be blindside!

  30. Ray says:

    Wow… just wow Michelle Walton! I’ve been doing the very same thing! All references to dark sun.. darkened heavens.. blood moon.. no light… any and all references. Incredible! Like you, I had no idea that it was mingled all throughout the OT.

    Larry… I love you brother. You and Stewart are the best! I knew something was up since you both have been out of pocket lately. So wonderful to hear you both are on the mend.

    Grand dream of yours… made my mind go wild. Confirmation and then some!
    Mine as of last night… frantically trying to ‘can water’. Go figure.

    So good to see you both this day. Thank you!

  31. Lone says:

    ..thank our Lord for showing you this
    and you for translating what you saw and posting it

    .. i have been under ‘entities’ most of my life, different ranks,
    a few years ago, He said it was enough – and in time, took them out;
    i have never understood the Darkness, that started to come up, instead see – any ‘evil entity’ has a dark sphere, even personality – though deformed –
    but this Darkness, what was rolling in like ever increasing waves,
    than stopping, than coming into the air around with even higher weight,
    was…heartless… metallike… cold… un-wanting ..and nót outspoken Evil surrounds and chokes the soul…. shutting down Heaven… erasing any connection with Him… it is devastating
    – the past 15 months however, something élse appeared, now and than:
    a light, appearing in the Mind, bright as an atomic explosion,
    – yet NOT of our Lord

    ..this is the False Light, like you ve written down, what will appear in the spirit of mankind, the same moment that their eyes will see motherships
    – the beast out of the sea –
    ..because this False Light will tell their eyes, that its ‘true’ what they see

    our earth is imprisoned in an artificial Net, 94 % (or more, right now) closed already;
    search ‘crystal light grid’ ;
    but what ‘they’ call ‘light’, is imprisonment for us

    see you all soon
    just be prepared – it may get a wee while dark for us, still
    thank you for posting

  32. Elaine says:

    My buddy John just sent me this link to a very cool video but since it has to do with light and darkness used to create illusion, I can just imagine what deception is possible to project on those chemtrailed skies!

  33. Rae Danby says:

    Larry: Re: MY DOG SPANKY!!

    I would write to GeorgeAnne but she does not know me. What a terrible thing for a dog and dog owner (especially a pet lover) to go through!! I believe she is right. Those wounds are NOT caused by another animal except maybe a ‘human’ animal. They just look like a sharp blade gone wild. Can she possibly keep her pets indoors until the creep or creeps are caught? I feel so bad for Spanky. What kind of evil is crawling around out there anyway? The only thing I would like to see is that when somebody hurts an animal…they should have the same thing done to them! I know that’s not very Christian of me..but there is such a thing as righteous anger. Keep your head up Larry and please give my best to GeorgeAnne…

  34. Elaine says:

    okay kiddos….I have a theme for the day going here and with Larry’s dream, GeorgeAnn’s poor doggie and a dumb little dream of my own. Just a quick kind of flash dream of a cartoon with a chicken and a cat sitting on a fence and the text bubble over the chicken said, “But what about the great deception” Hmmmm, maybe it was “great falling away” doesn’t really matter. I often dream just a picture probably because I am an artist but it just happened this day so I’m linking to the rest of this stuff.

    Then I have been thinking about the nephilim and hybrid thing and was wondering if the ancient half human/ half animal (little g) gods had something to do with man being created in God’s image and the fallen ones had to mingle with animals first to aquire a kind of DNA that they could then use to mix with us?

    Finally, I just found this one Deyo’s site and it struck me that maybe the sign of the beast is an actual physiological mark like finger prints or vein structures and would like to know about the translation of “mark.” Maybe it wasn’t “take the number of the beast” but register the number of your animus in the NWO system in order to buy and sell??? You know they will somehow assign a numerical code to keep records with that system in the link…..Wow, something to think about! I wonder who would be 666. And another news item today was about a guy who has been “cured of HIV” and I noticed a sentence that said about 1% of people are naturally immune to HIV! Could that be God’s way of marking? It had to do with bone marrow stem cell transplants to cure the guy’s leukemia and it cured his HIV too. Blood is formed in the marrow and the Bible says the life is in the blood.

    any thoughts?

  35. Chaplain David Fox says:

    Within the last month I have had three dreams. Two involved a snow white snake with fire ruby eyes and large fangs…the first, the snake was biting at me, and I rebuked in the dream; the second, the snake was biting my right knee repeatedly, and I again yelled for the snake to quit biting me in the name of Jesus. It stopped and I woke up. My knee was hurting, as it does regularly as it is blown out in real life so to speak. I felt the Spirit reveal we will be hear for a while, going thru some, but the Lord will protect us. The third was this past Friday night. I was in a building in Atlanta, on the first floor, in an area where I used to work. The floor started spinning like a top. I was thrown from the building into a bronze field of grass. I looked and another man was thrown also. The multi floor building collapsed. I then suddenly transported to the line where news folk were interviewing 6 survivors of the collapse. They did not mention my name and I asked if they needed it. They said we already know your name as it is written in the Book. As I was walking down West Peachtree street from the collapse I was praising Jesus and people were looking at me as I was a fool and they had no idea what I was proclaiming. When I awoke I felt an overwhelming presence of the Lord and gave Him praise. I too believe as Ray Bradbury wrote, something wicked this way comes. Also, Someone to take care of that too. Blessings Larry and to all. Chaplain Dave

  36. Byron Miller says:

    Dear Mr. Taylor: Thank you for your Faithfulness. Thank you for your Truth and Thank you for being such an outstanding Watchmen for all of us. Thank you for being a Voice. Thank you for being an Advocate of CHRIST. I seriously go through withdrawal symptoms when you and Stewart do not [audio] post on his website. I literally cannot wait to hear you two engaging in discourse and letting us know out here in Internet Land what is truly going on. NEVER, EVER give up your mission which CHRIST has given you and Stewart. Do not despair over disparaging comments on your Blog. It matters not what the nay-sayers think. You stay steadfast and FAITHFUL in TRUTH. We love you both, all of us out here and I pray for you and Stewart. THANK GOD, he is feeling so much better now. It is Sunday, June 5, 2011 and I was laying out in the yard this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. and a Chem-trail plane/ufo/hologram went right over me. I prayed that the LORD would destroy it. After I was done getting my Vitamin D from the Sun, I took a long hot shower to wash any chemicals off of me. I truly can see now, that we have absolutely NOTHING in this world but CHRIST – – Nothing and I mean nothing is going to save us but HIM!!~ Again, Thank you for all you and Stewart do, it is so appreciated. BE STILL and KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!!!!~

    Yours in Christ,

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