Larry Taylor Blog News ~ June 24, 2011

[Space Weather Image]

Well, this has been an exhausting week, with so much hard and fast news that I’m almost completely worn out. Little sleep last night [Thursday] and with the late 7.2 mag. Quake in the Alaska region. And the reports from the Middle East about war, etc…….! Our own U.S. troubles in almost every state, but Congress continues it’s momentum of ‘dumb & dumber’ by the day ~ not to worry……………..

I’ve heard reports that others, watchers on the wall, also are indicating they are tired and sleep little lately. Heard that my friend, Dee Rohe [Global Rumblings Blog] tired and is just covered with news reports everywhere! I know Stan & Holly Deyo didn’t post today, Friday, June 24th but unsure why….? Might check their DEYO NEWS tomorrow for new data …………..

I took today away from ‘all of it’ for a time so as to rest a little, tired and needed some rest! But the news kept coming in & will post tomorrow, still a little dragging tonight. It was 100+ here today, dry, windy and 10+ UV – very high….! Sun was very bright and could feel the prickling on your skin in the sun. Stan Deyo says that’s not a good sign. Checked my plants and they looked ‘hurt’ too, in the sun all day!

The Space Weather photo image at the top of today’s Blog is of recent CME they warned was going to impact Earth, along with new solar wind stream, however; it was a ‘non-event’ as Stewart says…………and this makes people not listen to WARNINGS anymore. Too many WARNINGS lately that prove to be ‘no shows’, just a fact. But some time it’ll be like last night’s 7.2 Earthquake —-POW, right out of nowhere! It’ll be there!!! You can check cosmic data at Space Weather ……

Really do like L.A. Marzulli’s new so called VLOG {video blogs} he is doing now that are posted on his WordPress Blog site and is usually one of the sites I check daily. L.A.’s website is Plus his WATCHERS 2 DVD is really awesome………..!

I’m really behind on reading my emails, but soon will try to catch up by this weekend if possible and will try to post NEWS tomorrow on Yahoo Group…! Had a couple of emails of some interested in Apollo 18 movie TRAILER, which did not work in last Blog Post. So, the LINK is There’s a reason we never went back to the moon! Really..??? coming September 2, 2011..

Stewart Best has been extremely busy and haven’t heard from Augusto Perez in last week or so, maybe on a mission trip. Sorry for the delay in data, but had to PAUSE for a short! And THANKS for understanding…………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


LarrywTaylor Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ June 24, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Love the post its great as usual. A lot going on and I know you are working
    Hard. Thank you for the time you invest in the Kingdom. I love you
    And will see you soon…….D.

  2. Mariel Strauss says:

    Thanks, Larry, for your excellent work. Take a rest.
    It was hot and sun-scorched here today, too, in Northern
    New Mexico, plants looked “hurt,” as you put it. But the
    worst thing here is that the ongoing fire from Pacheco Canyon
    above Santa Fe has smoke coming our way again–I am
    coughing and have burning eyes in spite of excellent air
    filter. I never cough. This fire has been going on since
    last weekend, and is little reported in the news.

  3. VAUGHN WEST says:


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Larry for being so diligent!! I am listening to you and Stewart all the time and the other shows you are on when I can get them. I so understand the exhaustion, it’s all I can do to keep my head on without duct tape!
    You know how the Lord said that families would be pitted against each other……..?? That has happened to me and my grown kids just this year something terrible. They have turned on me when I lost all of my childhood family and parents in a matter of months. Like they have no natural love left in them. It grieves me so but I know it is part of the times we are in so I look to the Lord for strength and comfort. Not sure why I’m telling you this…maybe it’s for someone else that needs to hear it.
    God bless.

  5. Rae Danby says:

    Hi Larry & fellow blog mates!
    Everybody-busy, busy! So much is happening in the world. Has anybody been listening to this week? Not sure what day, but Rick had dire warnings about late summer. Stock up on supplies everyone! Anyway, go have a listen. Caught you on various shows. Hey I think I saw your photo somewhere Larry!! You better take it a bit easy. We don’t know what’s coming down the pike & have to keep our strength up. Greetings to Darnette & pets…Thanks again for all your hard work, alerts & news. Much appreciated…How’s that Teacup coming along now?..God bless…

  6. Bettye and Bill says:

    ………my friend Ross Board printed your news Larry for my Bill and i……….
    Ross loves keeping up with the news…..and has for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time like
    you Larry and Darnette.

    Bettye M. Horton

  7. Mark Ensign says:

    Larry, thank you and Darnette for your continuing efforts to watch and warn the Believers, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, while the rest of the world rushes towards judgment. Be not weary in well doing but let the power of the Holy Spirit enable you, setting your priorities and sifting the news to find the best for sharing with those who will receive your message. As a fellow watchmen in a smaller scale, I find it all too easy to be overwhelmed with all the news. We have to sort out the nuggets – like panning for gold – and discard the distractions. May you and our fellow watchmen be encouraged and strengthened for the work of the Lord each day.

  8. Gaby says:

    Glad you decided to get some rest. I have been awfully tired myself and often get to where I need to take a break from the news. It just gets to be too emotionally draining. Yesterday sure was a MAJOR earthquake day. Unbelievable number of quakes above 5 for one day. I wonder if perhaps the CME wasn’t as much of a non-event as people suppose, maybe that had something to do with all these quakes? World events are moving so fast, it makes your head spin. NY legalizing gay marriage – we’ll see if the LORD will COMMENT (i.e., some disaster in NY) on that.
    Thanks for all your hard work. May the LORD continue to bless and protect you and Darnette,

  9. Judy says:

    Larry, Your doing great!! We rely on you, but realize you need down time. Those of us that are
    watchmen feel somewhat the same. It appears as though the warnings are over and the reality
    now is a fact of life…..I’ve pulled back and I must admit its a tad easier. I haven’t given up on people, just now know who and when to give God’s message to. Many blessings for all you do. jr

  10. Karla says:

    Thanks for keeping us all updated – I am amazed at your energy and being able to just keep going. It sounds like it is time to take a day or two off and recover – your spirit will feel better too! We have a long haul here and have all got to learn to pace ourselves and not wear ourselves out at the beginning. (I say this with 10 fingers pointed at myself!!!) FYI — Interesting you are so hot – we are in Idaho and it is so cool that gardens are barely starting to come up. We need a little warmth to get our crops growing. North of here they grow seed potatoes and only half have been planted because of the cool weather…..Thanks again for all you do for so many! Karla

  11. Laura says:

    Larry, Thanks for the hard work you have been doing and you truly need some rest. I want to share a very interesting info, concerning a movie that was made in 1989 called TYCUS. It was about a astronomer named Dr. Peter Crawford,who discovered a comet on a collision with earth. He reports his findings to a council, but no one believes him. Ten years later the comet now called Tycus is rapidly closing on earth but tycus is not going to crash on earth but is going to make a impact on the moon. If it hits the moon, it will be shatterd and the fragments will be pulled on by earth gravity. Needless to say I was shocked to have come across this on the internet and I sense that this was a confirmation of what is coming possibly in JUly. I am looking for a third witness and I am praying that God will show this confirmation to me or some one else. If this is true we will have more witness to this. So much is happening now and I am now preparing my heart to be found worthy to escape these things and I am watching for the prophecy to be fulfiled . May our King of kings bless you and your wife and thanks for your hard work to help everyone informed. Laura

  12. Jolene says:

    Hi Larry and Darnette…
    I really don’t know how y’all do all that you do! I’m so glad to hear that you’re taking some time away just to rest. I’m finding more and more these days that I too am both physically and mentally exhausted. There’s just so much coming at us and from so many different angles that it’s hard not to get worn out from all of it. Thank you so much for everything that the two of y’all do – you are both in my prayers – .
    Shalom and Blessings…Jolene

  13. Gaile Willis says:

    You and Stewart have been such a blessing in recent months on KHNC, so much so that I now visit your blogs as well as the websites of Deyo, Marzulli, etc. God has provided so many gifted Watchmen to warn His people if we have ears to hear. I pray that we hear and respond.
    I, too, and overwhelmed. Having been prepping for over a year now and that has been stressful, too. But now sense the need to focus on God’s provision not my self-suffiency, i.e., prepare – yes, but fully depend on God to provide, protect and prevail!!!! Live on the edge of North Denver suburbs, no place to bug out to but bug out bags being prepared. If we need to go, God will have to give us His divine direction!
    Take care of yourself and your Darnette. We are blessed by your efforts but understand your need for balance and sanctuary!
    God bless you! Shalom!
    Gaile Willis

  14. Elaine says:

    Thanks as always, Larry! I am taking a break myself to just enjoy and give thanks for what we have…..but, went outside a while ago to pick some herbs and as I looked up at what at first seemed to be a clear blue sky…..I have what an assistant who worked for me as a theater scenic art department, long ago called total spectrum recall. (Cute little hippie chick. She was comparing my color sense to perfect pitch in music….LOL sure looks like a great line for a resume, huh?)
    anyway, I have really good color memory and the sky today at first looks blue and clear but really is “milky” and not the crisp blue it should be.
    Then I came in and put the TV on Dish Earth channel satellite feed and the whole planet is absolutely covered in haze and clouds. Even the gaps between heavy clouds are milky, not true blue anymore! I also did Google Earth and clicked the weather feature on but that is as much a joke as the obviously blocked out and modeled ocean areas. We are being soooooo lied to!

  15. Elaine says:

    Yikes! As I typed that entry the TV was still on dish earth and when I came out of my bloggy daze, I realized that the music on the station was singing “Goodbye, goodbye” Don’t know the song. And right now it has another one I’ve never heard with vocals, “Here there and everywhere, here there and nowhere” I am creeped out….going back out into the quasi sun and let some Fukishima fallout test my kelp and iodine swabbing. Quick, gotta get away from the TV!… is now playing “should I stay or should I go!”

  16. Elaine says:

    An hour or so later, morbid curiosity, now playing “you are all you need, every body down on your knees, …..can’t understand any more, This following “Here comes the mirror man”
    YIKES! Is anyone else here able to get on dish earth? ch 287

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