Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 5, 2011

 [NOAA Solar Image]

Space Weather reports an unexpected Earth geomagnetic storm struck in the early hours of July 5, with 24 hour KP=5 Storm RED happening, G-1, solar wind: 381.1 km/sec and a watch for the next 24 hours.  {NOAA image above} and there were reports of satellite outages during July 5……..

I am reporting some of July 5 data on this Blog, as I had troubles with Yahoo Group this Tuesday morning with posts and am not sure that has corrected itself. I had just tried to post a 5.3 Earthquake near Taupo Volcano in New Zealand, North Island when Yahoo stalled it’s posts on my site….!

Then DEYO’s reported a 6.5 Mag. Strong EARTHQUAKE,  30 km west of Taupo Volcano in New Zealand’s North Island, Tuesday evening. Quake was 150 km Deep and was not reported by USGS or EMSC. DEYO report  or go to New Zealand News .

Other Earthquake data for Tuesday, July 5, 2011 to take note of is as reported: 3.6 EQ ~ Nevada {swarms} 10 miles SW from Hawthorne, Nevada; 3.2 EQ ~ Utah {swarms} 0 mile NE from Rocky Ridge, Utah; 2.5 EQ ~ Northern California 1 mile N from The Geysers,CA.

InfoWars News reporting “Ground Invasion of Libya within 2 weeks” – Israeli Intel. outlet says NATO is planning final ‘coup-de-grace’ to remove or destroy Qaddafi by ground invasion if necessary and video reports from Libya from Webster Tarpley at ………DEVELOPING

DEYO Reports “Facts About Comet Elenin & His Arrival 2011” on DEYO site with link or …….

Quayle News Reports BREAKING ~ “Russian Official: Obama is a Communist KGB Agent” on the Quayle Alerts or at  with Holly Deyo, webmaster for Quayle Alerts………

Also on the DEYO website  is LINK for L.A. Marzulli – Prophecy & Birth Pains Part 1, Part2, Part3; Coast to Coast AM program with George Noory…

BNO Breaking News ~ Tuesday: Syrian tanks surround city of Hama, after protests in the city……….BNHQ [Al-Masry, Al-Youm-eng News]

and lastly today, THINGS ARE NOT RIGHT WITH AMERICA………………………………!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 5, 2011

  1. Marksman says:

    Thank you, Larry, for your commitment and diligence in keeping your readers up to date with important information. I really appreciate the blog postings – like this one – rather than the YG. I’d be very happy just to check your blog every day for these updates rather than using YG – which I suspect is being monitored by those who don’t have respect for the truth or those who want to read it. May God bless you as you keep on doing his will and serving his believers.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Marksman: You’re right on target ~ we’re in rough times and the internet
      TRUTH reporting is like “walking on water”….HA!
      Larry W. Taylor

  2. Elaine says:

    Many thanks, as always! I agree, it seems to be a yahoo specific problem. I have noticed that when I am listening to updates or other Christian pod casts (GeorgeAnn, Marzulli, Stokes, or Believer’s Underground, that I just cannot get easily into my personal yahoo mail! Keep getting “You have encountered a temporary problem”

  3. Darnette Taylor says:

    Larry Thanks for all the news and your Blog update.
    Yahoo is not all that dependable but until we have any thing better
    It will have to do. Enjoyed the blog and the comments. Just counting the days till I come home..
    I love you, waiting ………D.

  4. Richard says:

    Thanks Larry for your dilgence in posting. I am going back and listening to some of your earlier reports with GeorgeAnn it is truly amazing how things though they have changed considerably they were hot topics 5 years ago. I guess it has just gotten worse.
    Yesterday a co-worker looking at her I-phone reported on the Casey Anthony trial, when I stated it was not very important but the fact we are invading Libya or the nuclear reactor at Ft Calhoun was much more important, she looked at me like I was a idiot. Sometimes I think out here in Central Texas I am all alone in knowing what is really going on, again thanks Larry!

  5. mtn lady says:

    Everyone….we’re getting more and more closed in upon…..I’ve been “ousted” from a website because of my “God” views. The truth is not acceptable anymore…..when the Lord says we have to “search for the truth” He means it…literally. Amazing that for sure the bad is good and the good is bad! Wowzer’s!! There’s very few people we can listen to anymore because most are “corrupted”….Larry and Stewart and a few others are all we have to rely on so hold on to your socks…and cover us God….we’re goin in!! Many blessings to all you diligent believers…..jr

  6. VAUGHN WEST says:


  7. VAUGHN WEST says:


  8. Rae Danby says:

    Hi Larry,
    Just a quick ‘Thank you’ once again for all your hard work and posts. I watch for your posts, blog, and audios every day…Much appreciated! What a world we are living in! Talk later…Rae

  9. Barbara Asbill Grant says:

    Old friend and follower: So happy to be in touh again. The info we get from national media is so corrupted and I know you and others who give us truth are like voices crying in the wilderness, but the end is coming so soon but before it does I feel we have to get ready for persecution from all sides and those luke warm christians around us who aren’t ready to hear about the end. The true christians I know are going through so much in health problems, etc. we are crying out to God for our healing so that we feel strong enough to witness and be his voice once again to warn the church that time is past to be on fire and let the world know we’re not ashamed to be in the few who have the truth and want to share with them. I just had a heart cath yesterday but PTL no blockages like they though! Claiming my complete healing in Jesus name! Keep on keeping on Bro. Larry, Love you, Sis. Barbara Asbill Grant

    • Dolores says:

      Amen to what you said. I had a heart cath in 2009, so can relate. Also had a cardioversion in 2010, and am still on meds. No blockages found. Glory! Side efects of the darn drugs are horrible. Cardioligist sending me to a kidney specialist, even though tests show kidneys are fine. We all need to be healed and off the meds, as when the stuff hits there won’t be any way to get them. Plus, they are “sorcery”. Like you, I am weary………I pray Lord Jesus will come with healing in his wings for his people.

      Thanks soooooooooooo much dear brother Larry, for all you do. I know you are weary as well, and have a rich reward waiting for you in glory. Will be praying for you. Blessings and love, Dolores

  10. Shane says:

    Keep up Gods work Larry, your doing a great job.

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