Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 10, 2011

 [Iris Seismic Monitor]

Well, the earthquakes, volcanoes, earth changes, etc. movements are continuing regardless of the Main Stream Media’s failure to present ‘all’ related data to the public daily…! Even if it is the weekend, 7.0 Major Earthquake happened off the east coast of Honshu, Japan with many aftershocks continuing. Earthquake swarms happening this weekend in Puerto Rico region, off North Island of New Zealand, the Kermadec Islands region, Philippines region and Hawaii……..!

Today’s image [above] is of the Iris Seismic Monitor ~ worldwide, which can be viewed daily or linked at . There were U.S.A. earthquakes in the region of Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York and other areas. However; nothing described as big by this Sunday evening in conus………..

Very interesting noted news reports, only in selected releases [1 in UK, 1 in Israel] that recent Fox Show Host, Glenn Beck, will arrive within hours in Israel, July 11, Monday and will visit the Temple Mount and address the Knesset. 1 article I posted this week on the news was posted by Jim Goodrick on 5 Doves and official news release by the Arutz Sheva Israel News. Possibly something on Beck News ….?

Stan & Holly Deyo this week posted HEADLINE NEWS report: Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezbollah is Operating in Mexico {image included} so might check out the report. Didn’t see that one or image in MSMedia…………?

ROZZ Radio recently recorded an interesting interview with Darnette Taylor and discussed some ‘strange’ stuff, but you know ROZZ [Kristen Spurgeon] and when she and Darnette got together, well…..?  ~ Listen if link works OK…..

ROZZ also interviewed Greg Evensen on the ‘current crisis’ and Greg warned everyone in America that had an ear to hear …………………..!

I recorded a 2-hour interview with Stewart Best on Saturday, however; it is not up yet and not sure when it will be uploaded to the Light Gate website or possibly Global Report for the week….? We discussed warning information about EQ’s, etc. and within hours the 7.0+ earthquake happened off Japan. There is other data there you need to hear! I called Stewart after the 7.0 EQ and told him,” Well, that recording is already out-dated, just within hours of recording….!” Check the website and maybe it’ll be up soon….Stewart’s BLOG site: ………….

The latest recording actually uploaded and ready for listen is with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show entitled: “Spiritual Grasp” mp3 so you may wish to listen to that one…………..? Thanks, GeorgeAnn!

By the way, Barry Roffman, did complete the Torah Code Matrix [under construction] and it is ready and completed ~ “Obama uses Aldrin, Stonewalls on Mars Mission” matrix, listed on his website: “Mars Stonewall” or go to Barry’s website …………..

OK! Wanted to write a new blog for few days now, but this weekend was filled with NEWS and also a number of radio, recordings, last few days; keeping an eye on earthquake data too ~ However, FALLING SKIES is on in less than an hour, will be watching for a CLUE..? That’s on 9pm central time, tonight……………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


LarrywTaylor BLOG


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14 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 10, 2011

  1. Elaine says:

    That is just amusing! I thought I would check your blog real quick but set my mind not to get all distracted on the computer because…..FALLING SKIES is on in less than an hour, will be watching for a CLUE..?

  2. Darnette Taylor says:

    Just got your Blog hot off the internet. Ha! Love the picture
    Great info as usual. Thank you for the plug. I’m still working and
    Count down has begun till I get off and come home to the real world..
    This la la land is the pits, ¤see no evil, hear no evil and smell no evil. That
    Is the mindset of most of monkey population out hear..I’m like the
    Space shuttle ready to take flight and get out of this place of NO REALITY…..
    I love you counting the hours, Minutes, Seconds tilll I come home….

  3. Sally G Barlow says:

    Hi Larry, I’ve been trying for the longest time to know how to reach you just to say THANKS!
    As I was listening to your interview with GeorgeAnn, (That precious angel of GodI) I was glad you mentioned the site where you could be found. I just want you to know that I always very muchly appreciate your intervivews with GeorgeAnn, and also Stewart Best. You are among the few “watchmen” that appears to truly love the “little flock” and want us ALERTED to the signs of His coming! You may not think there are many that truly listen and appreciate you, but I’m here to tell you that we DO! I Thank my God, Jesus, that HE is your strength and song in these perilous times to withstand EVERY assault of the enemy! God Bless you……SG

  4. Michael Williams says:

    Thanks Larry for all the important interviews with great guests. A while back I mentioned that I found something interesting in the movie : Deep impact. Well, I have pieces but not a full puzzle. Here are some pieces maybe someone here can put some of them together.

    Piece #1. One of the comets founders is named Marcus Wolf (remember Marcus Wolf from the east German Stasi that Quayle always talks about?). I wonder why they chose that particular name. Could they be telling the people about the type of suppression and martial law events coming to america? I do not understand what that piece means.

    Piece #2. One the movie cover it says “hope survives”. We have a president that campaigned on the phrase: ‘hope and change’. could the ‘hope survives’ and permanent changes coming to the USA (mystery Babylon the great) and the rest of the world be their signal about ELEnin? I do not know. We are going to know in a couple of months what this object (s) really are.

    Piece #3. Black president in movie. Black president now in real life. there may be something to that too.

    Piece #4. In the movie the shuttle Atlantis took the team to their messiah (that big space craft they took to the comet) but Atlantis never descended back to earth it remain above the earth. Will something happen to Atlantis? I do not know. Could satan dupe these people into believing their new Atlantis (the new world order) will rise above the ashes once more and remain above the ashes forever? We know the fate of that kingdom, now don’t we?

    there are few pieces. the marcus wolf thing is the thing that is peculiar to me. everything else could be reading too far into things. that movie is very strange. strange how the series of events transpired etc.

    Everyone, I am growing very tired with ELEnin thing. Some say it is a comet. some say a second sun with planets (remember the movie trailer for “Another world”?), some say this and that. some have gone offline. some have went to the ozarks, some continue to do absolutely nothing cause either God is going to take care of it all and they have to do nothing or the pre-trib rapture is goiing to happen any day now. All i know is this, we will know in 1-3 months what this thing is now won’t we? I ask God through Christ for wisdom in these matters. Where ever he wants my family i will go pending my eyes and ears being open to Him. In essence, this whole ELEnin is so confusing. And no, we cannot trust NASA and JPL. They are trained to put out the information their funding sources desire. all the stories about the northern lights, little sunspots and late reports about objects that just made a near missed 3 days ago is just candy and denial lolly pops for the public. all other information is for eyes only. I have a feeling this whole thing to sneak up on the planet from a direction no one is expecting. they are still looking at this object from the south pole telescope to this very day. no pictures yet!!! sorry we peasants are not privileged to such information. keep your eyes on Lord and watch the skies if you want. Just do not be dismayed about the signs in the heavens (Jer. 10). The Lord had to call me out on that last week.

    I will try to keep in touch a lot more with the people on this blog. Most days I do not have much time to type.

    Keep up the good work Larry. Thanks for the updates on the earthquakes that seem to forming a straight line from pole to pole. could this have something to do with the poles opening up? Maybe Stan’s (and others) hollow earth theory might be proven? Or just maybe we are on the verge of one huge earthquake. I do not believe the Lord can spare the US anymore. But that is his deal. And when Larry and Stewart mention earth changes will be used by the Lord to fight his and our enemies it registered in the spirit with me as being true. maybe this why they will not repent of their murders, adulteries, soceries and other abominations mentioned in Revelations? These fools will blame in mother nature and survival of the fittest non-sense of the devilutionists.

  5. Dee Rohe says:

    Your blog just keeps getting better all the time!

    Thanks for putting it all together.


  6. Darnette Taylor says:

    Enjoying the news that is on your blog. This is great. Love the picture
    And thank you for the plug . I’m on a countdown to coming home
    Wanting some cool weather with rain…Ha! Ha! Love you…D.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Darnette: OK! if you want cooler weather, suggest you trip on down to Antarctica…!
      It’s real HOT here at Home Base! Received a call from Ina this Monday, AM -they
      felt an earthquake there in Leflore County,OK but it’s not posted…???
      Larry Taylor

  7. ROZZ says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you and Stewart do, Both of you men are appreciated very much , as well as Darnette and Cyndi , they are both wonderful gals!!

  8. JC2000 says:

    LARRY!!! Great session on the BYTE SHOW. Thank you so much. You and your family are in my prayers.


  9. Matthew says:

    Just sent you and your wife your invites. You might wanna think about sayin’ yes, my friend… Would hate to have to hunt you down and MAKE you come. LOL.

    God bless,

  10. Elaine says:

    Larry! Sure thinking of you tonight! I can’t afford anything but basic TV but they are having a special on Dish and I just watched the premier of “Torchwood” on Starz. The premise is that all of a sudden people cannot die no matter how horribly mangled or desperately ill. I don’t have a dvd recorder but it seems like someone could either record it for you or something! You and Stewart should want to discuss this one big time! If I find anyone who can help I will send it to ya…..or someone will? Hopefully you have the channel and can just watch it.

  11. Rozz says:

    Larry, have you watched Flash Forward??

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