Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 21, 2011

 [Seismic Monitor Image]

Well, I’ve been watching the earthquakes & volcanoes over the world this last week and it seems there’s a ramping up of activity.  Direct activity continuing in the region of Iceland, Alaska, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands, Western Turkey, Iran, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Antarctica, and in the U.S., even England & the English Channel….! Within the CONUS: Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington State, California, Baja, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc……….

The volcano activity around the planet is very active, with too many volcanoes to even make a list of….not to speak of the undersea volcanoes that are being located almost on a daily basis, with quite a find of volcanoes recently in the Antarctica region… AND you can find a fairly close post/analysis/report data on DEYO website …….

I will be the Radio Guest today, July 21, beginning 5:00pm central, 6:00pm eastern, on the Randy Yarbrough Show, KHNC 1360AM  THE LION  Johnstown/Denver, Colorado & you can listen on AM 1360 or on the Internet as Randy and I discuss some ‘strange’ stuff….!

 [DEBKAfile Stuxnet]

DEBKAfile {Israel} is reporting that STUXNET Malware has returned to bedevil Iran’s Nuclear Systems with Iran considering trashing all infected computers and obtaining new ones to purge the worm. Iran had previously reported that it had removed the stuxnet from their nuclear systems, however; it now does not appear so. DEBKA, July 20 report

DREAM: In a recent Dream/Vision, I found myself on the back deck of my house looking southward, and watching something coming thru the atmosphere with a boiling smoke trail. This experience had me watching this object coming from the south and going northward. Even though it seemed low in the atmosphere/sky and possibly about to hit somewhere around me, it kept traveling north, over my house, and on northward to where I saw a strike very far north of me. I saw a plume of dirt/dust/debris flung upward into the atmosphere at the strike point, far north of me. In the dream I seemed wearing light clothing and grass appeared like late summer or fall…????

THOUGHTS: In the above Dream/Vision, I watched the incoming object closely and even remember determining if not moving right or left, but standing like still, then it’s coming right at me; considering the same thinking with tornadoes….AND it seemed, just seemed like a knowledge of this being a piece of a comet, not a asteroid…? Felt like the object burning thru the atmosphere might have struck ground in far north Arkansas, Oklahoma border region, or possibly just inside Missouri…! JUST SOME THOUGHTS, THAT’S ALL!

1 MORE THOUGHT ~ I remember years ago, someone named Chuck Youngbrandt posted an experience he had, maybe 20+ years ago, about something he called “tiny star” that he said came in low over the Gulf of Mexico, over Texas and struck the U.S. in midwest area, but can’t remember the details of the event. Said came from the south, going north over Texas and hit north of there…!

 [Legion, the movie image]

I’ve noticed recently they seem to be playing a movie called “LEGION” , over and over, for the general public to see on television. As a matter of fact, they’ve played it so much that it’s become ‘odd’ that it’s on again, almost daily…? I’ve seen Legion and is a very bizarre movie, however; dealing with the ‘End of Mankind’ [End Times] and this time angels busy with the DELETE BUTTON, so to speak….???? I’ll look into the movie again for details, but not telling anyone to watch as is not an easy movie to SEE…

Stewart Best has posted the latest Best-Taylor Web Audio Update #180 on his website ~ The Light Gate  and has new images/data/video/warnings up on Elenin, Destroyer……….! Stewart’s BLOG can be found .

 [photo image by Larry Taylor]

Some time back I had spoken in an interview about a spiritual experience where I was shown some creature/being which was referred to as ANCIENT EVIL. I tried to describe the most beautiful color of this creature/being but was hard to describe color without some type of example. Anyway, recently I saw this plant at my home in Oklahoma and do not know what the plant is, except it is the exact color of ANCIENT EVIL that I saw. I do think the color is lavender, possibly a shade of violet..??? Took a photo of one of the plants in my yard [see photo above] if you’re interested that is the color I saw. The Lord was with me at this location and I was told Ancient Evil’s name. It was a long name and I don’t think I could pronounce it or remember it as was said to me. Beautiful creature/being though and did resemble what I might call an ENERGY BEING of some type….?

Sorry for the somewhat ‘weird’ & ‘strange’ stuff today, but felt to share the dream data and the other experience too. If I lost someone along the way, sorry………! The last time I had shared the data on Ancient Evil & The Taker experiences on L.A. Marzulli’s Acceleration Radio got some negative feedback. Important to NOTE: L.A. Marzulli understood and did explain spiritual experiences, including a couple of his own…..Thanks L.A. !!! Marzulli has a great Radio Program & Blog AND if you haven’t seen Watchers or Watchers 2 ~ you’re way behind. Check it out: ..

OK, have to get ready for Randy Yarbrough’s 2-Hour Radio Show in just a short time. You can listen on the internet  [5pm to 7pm central]…………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry W. Taylor BLOG


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30 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ July 21, 2011

  1. Elaine Sutherland says:

    Finally, (I hope) will get to hear you on Yarborough! Never home at the right time and he doesn’t have archives….so, kinda excited!
    Strange plant! But beautiful picture….being a Sutherland, I really like the thistle.
    Color of your odd one is what I would call eggplant purplwith a touch of burnt sienna mixed in. At least that is how I would aproach it as an artist. Thanks as always!

  2. Elaine Sutherland says:

    purple with….and approach…..should proof read before I click!

  3. VAUGHN WEST says:


  4. VAUGHN WEST says:

    try this LARRY AND FRINDS

    • Michael Williams says:

      Guys, you really got to what out and have discernment about this Donny Gillson guy (aka UrsuAdams on youtube). Dis-information and confusion is all over this man. His “message” as he calls it is from the pit of hell and is, in large part, included in the new age doctrine of worldly, Christ-less love that everyone is getting hold of. He tells people not to judge (i.e. discern) his information he is putting out. Multiple times he is telling people not to judge. So, this guy is above question? Really? I see him no different than a creflo dollor, benny hinn, joyce meyer,etc with the exception that he probably has no money and doesn’t seek it, to the best of my knowledge of the man. Anyone who tells you that you cannot judge what they say as being truth or lie should be listened to with extreme caution. Now he tells us he is 32 deg mason and knights templar. I do not think this is true. But maybe it is. Either way, I smells lies all over the place with this man. We need to use discernment with this man.

  5. Larry,
    Enjoyed your post great as usual….
    I like the Blog more every time I read it. Lots of imformation. Thank you for posting
    these blogs. It seems as though things are winding down. In the physical but getting
    exciting in the Spirit Realm…………great post. I love you…………………….D.

  6. Mariel Strauss says:

    You are not too far out for me, Larry. I am aware of evil forces.

    In case anyone is interested in some natural disasters under-reported,
    out NM fire is NOT out, and is in fact being fought this very day by 1200
    firefighters at the Cochiti Indian Reservation, which is about 10 miles
    SW of here. I talked to a woman who lives at Cochiti Lake, who gave me
    this info. She said the “news mavens” don’t think it’s worth covering. The
    Indians will not allow the orange zinc oxide to be dumped on them, so the
    helicopters tankers have to carry 2000 pounds of water from Cochiti Lake,
    which is dangerous because they are overloaded and flying right above
    the residence lines. The Indians have also not favored putting paved roads
    into the area, so the intrepid firefighters must walk in, she said, although one
    might think an all-terrain vehicle could get there.

    Not a word on TV about the 1200 firefighters still
    there, probably more than our 1000 which we had in Los Alamos.

  7. Pam UK says:

    Hi Larry, that plant looks like a spear thistle I’ll have to email the picture I have as it’s difficult to paste in here. It’s one of the emblems of Scotland too.

  8. VJM says:

    Larry, yes, that is the show i heard you on and so hope I will catch a bit of it in my car tonight. you are always my favourite guest tehy have on that show.

    BTw, yes, the colour you have there is violet but could it perhaps have been more like a FUSCIA if not quite violet?

  9. Sue says:

    Dear Larry,

    The photo you share is of THISTLE, used in paganism for warding off evil. Though mostly associated with Scotland (Roslin…Rose line….name of The Rose….), it is also used during ritual ceremonies in Nordic countries, particularly “Latitude 51 clusters,”and particularly Germany. These include:
    Chernobyl (note: M. Heiser on Mt. Hermon: “The noun cherem means “devoted to destruction” the imagery is of a holocaust offering”); Brussels; Stonehenge; ISIS Physics Lab, UK; Wewelsburg Castle, Germany [Himmler’s occultic basement, featured in one of the Indiana Jones movies]; and
    Externestine Sacred Site in Germany.

    “51” is the number of RITUAL FIRE SACRIFICE so that would all fit well. Antimony is an element that is used in the production of Red Mercury. Antimony has an atomic number of 51. Interesting that Azazel taught the use of antimony according to the Book of Enoch. [There were also traces of antimony found during the WTC cleanup: highly volatile: needs no nuclear material to ignite.]

    The northern associations with the thistle (Scotland, Nordic) seem to fit with Is. 14’s *congregation of the north* included in the 5 “I wills” of Lucifer.

    THISTLE is also associated with VRIL. Helena Blavatsky and Pythagoras and Apollyonis all had associations with thistle and the concept of Vril. In 1879, Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote, “VRIL, The Power of the Coming Race:”
    “At the heart of VRIL lies the “Enochian” knowledge of sonic equations with mirrored waveforms of light and electro-magnetism, capable of interacting with and affecting the human nervous system and consciousness (as well as ‘other life forms’), geophysical structures, planets and other stellar systems.”

    Other notes on “51:” growth angle of crystal; angle of the Great Pyramid, etc. It has been suggested that the FREQUENCIES OF *51* in the ‘language of light’ can be so precise that the CENTER ELEMENTS of the Great Pyramid at Giza are tuned to the FREQUENCIES OF A HUMAN HEARTBEAT.

    The color of thistle, certainly in the purple family is also association with mind-control; cross species breeding (red blood/blue blood = purple); transformation. If you begin to notice the number of national and global ‘luminaries,’ they seem to be having quite a time wearing purple…take a look at the 2011 State of the Union address and you’ll see purple, purple, purple.

    I don’t know how your wrap all of this up neatly, but if anything, it is curiously consistent.

    WARM blessings,

    • Pam UK says:

      That’s amazing info there Sue. I will have to study that myself! I’m one of the more ‘simpler’ believers, so I’m always amazed at detailed information! Thanks for sharing! Many ‘weeds’ are actually medicinal plants. I’m looking into that myself. Who knows when we may need them?
      Pam UK

    • onecansay says:

      Thank you Sue for bringing this with a very pleasant explanation. I have found that most “Christians” would NEVER entertain any of this let alone acknowledge Enoch, which by the way IS referenced even in the KJV of scripture.


    • Sue ,
      I loved your reply very interesting that information. This is really a connection to the
      Spirit Realm….thank you so much for that information…………….D.

  10. VAUGHN WEST says:


    • Pam UK says:

      Don’t fret yourself Vaughn. The Lord sometimes uses donkeys (asses) so He may even use that ‘ass’ too?

    • Michael Williams says:

      vaughn, you did not upset me and I know Larry did not post it. All am I saying is that we need to be high alert concerning the videos Donny Gillson (aka UrsuAdam) is putting out. Watch more of his videos to see what I am talking about. It is antichrist and new age to the core. I am saying this for your discernment so people do not get hooked on the mis-information and mis-understandings this man has. Please, do not get offended or think you offended me. You did not. It takes a lot these days to offend me.

  11. VAUGHN WEST says:


    • Michael Williams says:

      Vaughn, those chem-trails are so big. I wonder what there are up to now. A super storm that will come across the US and blame it on man-made global warming? I guess if we have heavy rain being dumped on drought stricken land then we may have some intense mud rivers from all the surface runoff thus putting more sediments into our fresh water streams and tributaries. I do not know but we will see. Nice video Vaughn. The liars are becoming more blatant as they seek to play God an terraform the planet.

  12. Elaine says:

    okay…..what is the plant you are talking about???? I thought you meant the odd dark thing by the thistle….or were you really talking about the reddish lavender thistle? It is so common here that I just assumed it was common all over the US…it is tenacious except for Pitcher’s thistle which is endangered here. (I confess… just seems pretty silly to have a weed endangered …..I have mowed them in my yard! Yikes, don’t tell or they will catch me….probably show up while I am making snow owl stew! LOL

  13. VJMichael says:


    I got snippets of the radio show tonight and even heard you, Pam, out there so that was great, but I never heard any actual phone number, just to call, so I could not call as I wanted to bring something to your attention and ask for your input:

    Charisma Magazine, a fairly well known almost mainstream christian magazine, has a branch called “Shekinah Today Ministries” in which they have promised for ages that they woudl put out a prophetic video series, released in parts about what God was saying to them about what He will do to America if we don’t turn back to him. The 2nd part is SO in line with what I am hearing all over. Please listen to it and I’d encourage your readers too:

    Essentially, they have had confirmed messages they sent out a few years ago via e-newsletters about coming calamities. What is funny is the lady who speaks, often says how if yu knew here, she is not at all a doom and gloom type believer but always focuses on God’s goodness, etc. So, she says here, yes, he is indeed all these things, he is loving but he is just and although not at all like her she has to give this message as she is convinced it is from God and the staff is all getting the same message which is in 3 parts that were written back in Dec. 5th 2007.

    2 of the 3 warnings have ALREADY begun. Anyway, they are this:

    1. God was going to take away America’s wealth and since that time it has indeed begun. (They also felt that the numbers are being manipulated to make us think we are far better off than we really are.)
    2. Natural disasters woudl be greatly multiplied and begin to hit more populated areas. (They said 2011 is already on record as being the most deadly in the century and even Joplin was a warning.) God is upset that Christians themselves continue to mock him and deny it all, that it is all just a cycle adn people have been saying this sort of thing forever even while the sings increase all around us. Famine too from crop failure, lack of water and so on will come if we don’t get right before God, beginning first with the church and in particular the pastors of whom many are in sin. Some however are hearing the messages to warn and prepare and pray but are too afraid to share it out of fear they will lose their ministries and livelihoods.
    Just as in the Bible God continually gives warning after warnings and then eventually he removes his hand.
    3. Teh final onslaught for America to be broken and for her to turn back towards God woudl be when there will be blood and war in the cities and streets as America’s enemies (all of them) actually WILL invade this country.

    In these promptings they felt that while this goes on there will also be a great visitation of the Holy Spirit and that many pastors and such will be dealt with bringing a fear of God on the people, etc, many turning back to him and IF we finally were broken and repented of our sin as a nation THEN he woudl restore those left and even allow America to disco ver a new energy source.

    Finally, in conclusion, all this to say, that God IS calling out to his church and those with a voice but very few are choosing to obey and be courageous and give the warnings. you, dear Larry, I woudl consider to be one such faithful servant.

    OK, this is the longest comment I ave ever left before anywhere. Whoa.

    • onecansay says:

      Oh yes, defend the Zionist state named “ISREAL”. Look to the east Great and Free America, for your freedom is being usurped right under your own feet within your own ‘house’. Yes ‘America’, look to the east. There you HAVE found YOUR demise!!!!!!

  14. Michael says:

    Larry, greetings! What I am about to say may sound weird but I know like me you are well acquainted with ‘weird’. But here goes — I feel that God is going to divide the U.S. physically and as a result of Obama pushing to divide Jerusalem. I think that the Great Lakes or at least Lake Michigan is going to head south and join with the Mississippi due to a large earthquake that is centered in or near Chicago. But I have wondered how this will be. I have wondered if there will not be some object like you just described in your dream that will strike in the area and cause the earthquakes and water movement. Now what I find freaky is that there is scuttlebutt going around that our military have been planning on something to hit around 60 miles NE of Effingham Illinois. This might create quite a divot and earthquakes and be the cause for the above. But something rang true about your dream and I feel it is connected so I thought I would say something. We’ll see! Thanks for your voice out there — I enjoy listening to you and the news you have! God bless!

    • Elaine Sutherland says:

      Michael!!!! Wow, I had a dream of a massive tidal wave off of Lake Michigan that was so real that I got searching tidal waves, the pole shifts, the got to many Christian (the REAL kind like this!) sites and it has been a wild but very informative ride for about 6 years now.
      The clues are certainly coming together! I am at work and don’t have google earth but as soon as I get home tonight I am gonna spin that little globe to Effingham, Illinois! just to see if perchance something like Larry’s dream hit there if it would splash all the water from the big lake over me on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan before it sloshed back to divide the land!
      Thanks, Larry….Great show, as always!

  15. Pam UK says:

    Well, if Jerusalem gets divided and it comes back on those involved, I hear tell we in the UK will end up sinking – or at least flooded. I live round about ‘Britannia’s waistline’ which is the thinnest bit so, I guess I will be finding out how long I can tread water or, scoot up to Bonnie Scotland and collect thistles. Hmm, best get my kilt and thermals washed out and go north! I sure ain’t going south to cuckoo land where the main nuts live! they have to be crazy to make those decisions!
    We live in crazy times you have to smile or you go crazy! Papa knows what He’s about even if it’s whacko to us. We only see the underneath or His tapestry! It all works together for good!
    Bless ya’ll.

  16. Lone says:

    i think indeed He showed you the flowers colour Larry
    – and Sue is right on
    It seems a bogus, but the longer i explore it, the more sense it makes;
    please find the crystal works of IBM scientist drVogel. He has made amazing discoveries about the capabilities and powers of crystal and the Mind. Crystal can be imprinted with holographic images, not only brains imprints but even DNA or music.

    Since the human body as well as the earth are crystalline, both *can* be upgraded, that is, to resonate into a higher frequency.
    – and ‘a higher frequency’ automaticly implies ‘a higher dimension’, one, in what demons/aliens/fallen ones operate and BECOME VISABLE.

    ..the atlantean world before adam used frequencies to heal with, for energy and other purposes, and developed the art of crystals for that. The later sites as stonehenge etc were poorer reflections of the use of the same principle.
    When atlantis went down – probably the Flood – and the Firmament collapsed, the beings who were atlantean now started their rule as egypt and sumerian ‘deities’. Yet they used the same principles of using cosmic energies ( ‘rays of seperate frequencies) , as is shown by the Ankh.
    Now, all our modern technics work with silicone/quartz; and that is no coincidence. More than 7000 sattelites are around earth, circeling in a Grid pattern, and a number of them containing crystals. The AMS was sent up, may, that is a gravity ‘hoover’, 20.000 stronger as earths field, catching “cosmic rays”, and distributing them like a web around earth. Seen those videos about ‘blue and red fireworks with this last sts mission? Crystals, when fed with cosmic rays, show luminescense.

    …the goal is, to ‘upgrade’, re-program earth and earths atmosphere. And foremost, earths water: see the japanese prof, who reprogrammed watercrystals with thought (=energy). Human body also is 70%water.
    But it goes even further – the human body has a bioplasmic bodydouble, and the goal is, to control thát: because than you control the soul. Since everything material = frozen energy, and physical life forms itself inside an energy-matrix, there are several ‘kinds of energy’ which are interconnected between Creation and mans being.
    By lack of better, we say ‘rays’ ; as in red-ray for emotional condition; blue ray for the Mind ( watch those sts videos again!) , pink ray for ‘love’, etc

    …theres nothing ‘occult’ in that – its kind of like the rainbow colours – but than in the invisable spectrum. Its a bit a pity that the eastern religions are more familiar with these, than we, but the fact that they MISuse them , doesnt make it any less part of Creation ?
    … point is – just like atlantean times, “as in the days of noah”, these cosmic energies are again catched, stored and directed. But this time to imprison humans soul: to make it pitchdark for who believes – yet change totally the perception ( the realityhologram) for those, who DONT believe.


  17. Rozz says:

    Larry I saw Deep Impact…I was writing stuff down from the moment it started , you can see how it plays out in today’s current events


  18. Lone says:

    if i may try an attempt to elaborate,
    ..maybe the whole ‘elenin’ is in fact ‘the ignition of the black sun’, that is, the black sun as in ‘inner earth’. Remember the germans coined that term; and they searched for the entrance to mystical innerearth shambhala. Later, adm Byrd met that same dimension.
    If, like the Bible says, the fallen ones are locked up in earth, to surface after 70 generations
    (= now), than it implies that their habitat, the black sun, is to be EXTENDED from inner earth unto the clouds around earth. (‘hell will enlarge’, Is.)
    Now the geomatria of the crystalline plasmacore inside earth ( = their dimension) needs to be extended across earth; hence the geometric similar Grid what has been created on and around earth, in order for that spiritual dimension to surface.
    Maybe indeed it needs some ‘trigger’ , some ignition, and maybe there will arrive a comet, and like ignite the current Grid on and around earth, and maybe the surge of plasma/uv energy will lit up the sky in blue – as in Blue Kachina. The ‘star falling from heaven’ is the moment, this ignition of the black sun will happen – and likely the Veil will open, and (unprotected) people will see evils around them, this what the recent term ‘zombieapocalypse’ points at

    Tibetanism is the keeper of the innerearth/atlantean secrets. She is the real HQ behind the 3 babilonian harlots cath/judaism/islam. Both the swastika and hexagram (falsely named davidsstar) originate from her. The Lord was very angry on Asia, see the book Jasher, even Paul first had to go to europe – and only later to Asia. Yet asia is the Multitude from Revelation.
    This most ancient HQ of sata* is held back by ‘4 angels at the Eufrath’- maybe the 4 sumerian deities – hence, the last shuttle symbology ( the omega is ninhursag sigil). When these 4 depart, the horses&riders have ‘red, blue, yellow and sulphur colours’.. now that looks like the energy rays…?
    Im NOT advocating this, but the chakrasystem (in those religions) correspond with the seperate rays. Man lives inside several EM grids, we virtually know nothing about – but they do. I know that these things appear bogus to us westerns; but i found that a binaural heartbeat (youtube) astonishingly matches those of asteroseismology ( ; so i could imagine that f.e. the sun is related to the heart, saturn to the crown, etc. Adam lost awful much by his fall; and after the collapse of the Firmament, the solarsystem became the new firmament: its planets – now ruled by sata* – ruled him and the matrix he lived in.
    But now, sata* is making a spiritual bunker from earth, soon to release his false light; likely first by a supernatural feeling of Oneness – that pink ray –
    im sorry it got so long piece
    love – stay vigilant

  19. Rozz- says:

    Hello Larry,
    Thank you again for the info you give to us on a daily basis , I love you and D very much anyway, Last week I had experiance with my internet that I never experianced before , My internet was so intermittent and of course the cable company could not explain it, Then Friday I was without Phone, cable, ( my internet is through the cable I could care less about t.v.) and internet, and they didnt come out till Saturday. Though Weds night I had Nathan Leal on the show and was not interrupted for 2hrs and 45 mins , Praise JESUS!!!! but after the show it went back to interruption ,go figure…There is a war going on we need to have our EYES OPEN AND BE ALERT………

  20. VJM says:

    maybe we just don’t know and better be ready, come what may.

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