Larry Taylor Blog Alert ~ August 24, 2011

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SORRY GUYS ~ Got hit electronically as was writing this POST ALERT on recent Colorado and Virginia EQ’s, lost almost all this POST………..!

I’m tired and really exhausted with news ~ too tired to re-write…………!

Thanks for understanding,

Larry W. Taylor

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22 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog Alert ~ August 24, 2011

  1. VJM says:

    Larry, this blog alert is coming up blank, just the title. Perhaps you are still writing it?

  2. VJM says:

    The earthquakes in Colorado were the worse measured since one in the 40’s I understand, and the East Coast one was the worst measured in over 100 years–that should say something. Perhaps it was God’s grace that n one was injured and no real collateral damage but as i read elsewhere these coudl be fore-shocks? We shall see.

    What? Even Larry Taylor needs rest? OK then, if you must. 🙂

  3. Take a look at the new matrix about the Mineral Earthquake on my site at Very few places in DC suffered any damage, but the National Cathedral was at the top of the list, and it has gay clergy. The matrix supports the idea that rebelling against Judeo-Christian values may be one reason for why the damage was focused there. But whether by earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, or asteroid impact, God always has the power to mitigate or prevent a disaster. That’s why Abraham prayed for the safety of Sodom and Gomorrah. Prayer, however, is not alone enough. The actions of those two towns were like those of the Vicar at the National Cathedral. For prayer to work, it takes action on the part of those threatened. Thus when Nineveh repented of its sins, it was spared.

  4. VAUGHN WEST says:


  5. cindy says:

    Larry I check your blog everyday, you really dig it out!! for us and I am thankful, you take a break get a good rest,I cant imagine doing what you do all day ,all the news, not so good news ether,maybe even schedule (if you can) Larry time, down time just for you and your family I PRAYTHE LORD GIVE YOU THE STRENGH,AND FULL RESTORATION , cindy

  6. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties, especially with technology. Nothing is more frustrating! The main reason for this note, is that I picked up on some information concerning the two earthquakes. It seems that the Colorado quake and the Virginia quake were both within 60 miles of the largest DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) in America. We will probably never know the truth, but maybe God was handling things that He thought were important, concerning our well-being!!

  7. VJM says:

    Phyliis and others–

    OK, if there are all these so called massive underground bases has it ever occurred to you that there woudl literally have to be thousands and thousands of construction workers, engineers, plumbers, etc to build all this stuff? Let alone access to water, water purification equipment set up and water experts, scientists, etc. The armed services simply don’t have enough people stationed here or expertise for that matter to have built all that. So, it begs the question– surely some people woudl have leaked stories of building it, etc, and yet not even one is out there–Just so called people who somehow got clearance to see records! VERY hard to swallow really if you look at the pragmatic logistics of creating such structures.

  8. VJM says:

    I would say that these earthquakes are simply God’s way of yet again warning us to get right as a nation before him before he no longer holds back destruction. We don’t even need to find any reason why man has apparently made these things happen.

    See what Charisma’s Shekinah ministry has seen and knows god is saying, here.

  9. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Hi Folks,
    Obviously, I am the new kid on the blog and I want to thank Larry for allowing me to play. I have never blogged before, so I really don’t know the rules of the road. However, I do know what is acceptable to me and I hope we will have fun discussing and growing in our overall knowledge, concerning all of the various aspects of the times we are living in. That is my desire in joining this blog, however, since this is a semi-public forum, I have no way of knowing what your objectives are, because I don’t personally know you or your motivations. Hence, I’ll just be myself and we’ll see if that is acceptable. I am real good at shaking the dust off my feet and walking on down the road, if I my views are not acceptable, however that does come with consequences. Just read your Bible and you will know what I am talking about!
    Hey, VJM, do you have a name? Now, why are you calling me out, on my very first entry? Are you the bully of the blog? I have heard trolls use initials and try to fit in and then make everybody mad or afraid. Is that what you are doing? No offense, just trying to understand the dynamics of this new blogging situation!! As you will note, I use a name, which is my own, because I am not trying to hide anything. I believe that we all need to have a love for the truth, and if we don’t, God will turn us over to a strong delusion. That’s the last thing I want in my life, so I try real hard to always be truthful!
    I suppose there are some people out there that are so pragmatic, that they have lost their ability to search for the truth. If you would just allow me assist you with this, I have some great suggestions. Try punching into your search engine “D.U.M.B.’s You Tube”, or “Phil Schneider You Tube”, and with either of those entries, I am sure you will find more information, than you can digest in a week. If that is not good enough and you are concerned about funding, you might start researching the missing trillions of dollars from the Pentagon. Also, you could research into all of the drug money that is being funneled into black operations. Our boys are not in Afganistan for nothing!
    If all of this stuff is supposed to be a deep dark secret, then Hillary Clinton is correct. They are loosing the information war!! I am a 67 year old granny from Oklahoma and if I can find this stuff, to my satisfaction, I am sure anybody can!! Now, I know this is not “politically correct”, but I don’t consider what is happening to my country to be politically or morally correct!! The only way to cure a problem, is to realize that there is a problem—and denial is not a rational route to reality.
    It is my opinion that God knows who is right with Him and He protects and blesses them, as stated in the 91st Psalm. He also has put a strong delusion on those who are not living according to His will. I would suggest that HAARP and scaler interferometers, in various countries, might be waging a hidden warfare against us. In fact, unless God does step in, they might go too far! That’s not really even a problem, if we are living in God’s will.

  10. Rozz- says:



  11. VJM says:

    Dear Phyllis, how am I to know that was your first post? No harm though. I merely directed it at you as you mentioned deep underground facilities and that is something I’ve pondered for some time now and wanted to address. I opened it up to others as obviously this is not directed at anyone per se (certainly not “bullying”?), just at this curious belief in so many of these bases and being so large, etc. Yes, I have read a lot of the so called support for them and watched some of the YouTube videos but again, I stand by my contention–there are no real verifiable people out there who can prove they are skilled in such areas like construction/plumbing, etc and that they were mysteriously sequestered away with no human contact for years on end to build such huge places all underground. As I said, it woudl take thousands and thousands of people and no one I can see has truly come forward to say they worked on it themselves with proof they were gone for ages and their families can back it up, etc. I t woudl be impossible to keep that many people silent, especially when not military themselves. Sorry, simply doesn’t add up. Please no need to take it as some kind of troll (I post here often) or bullying! I am not that way at all.

    Why initials only? Well, Larry knows my real name. I use initials now as I’ve learned from my previous mistakes that some often well meaning Christians can twist things as visiting sites like this to try to sander and even affect one’s won children. Not worth it when simply interacting with others on another’s blog.

  12. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Well, we’ll just start all over again!! No offense taken and I think I understand blogging a little bit better today!! After I answered VJM yesterday, I ran into numerous articles last night about the DUMB’s, on the net, to my surprise, and followed the threads into the wee hours of the morning. I am not trying to be tacky, but I took it to be confirmation of some of my suspicions. VJM, you certainly have every right to believe what ever you want to, but please do not be offended with me, if we see things differently! We are all different parts of the body of Christ and we all have very different functions. I am sure that I have been taken in by disinformation, from time to time, but eventually the disinformation is ultimately exposed and we do learn the truth. To me, that is what it is all about! I am not a complacent person, who takes things at face value, anymore. Life has handed me many unpleasant jolts, that I never saw coming, so I endeavor to watch and prepare for happenings that could harm me or my loved ones. Sorry that you have been under attack, too, but that is the way of this fallen world, at the present. All we can try to do is get smarter and learn how to forgive!!

    Concerning last nights findings, here are some links:
    and to add a touh of humor:


  13. VJM says:

    BTw, I looked at the list of basis and it turns out one of them is right in my own town apparently and yet all indications are that this is nothing but rather small and innocuous, and certainly not some huge military covert base as suggested on the site I was on, let alone sued for hybrids, alien stuff and holding hundreds if not thousands of citizens there against their will. (Again, one would have to wonder how all the kin of so many thousands of captives across the US wouldn’t have come forward noting their missing loved ones!)

    To clarify, I am certainly not suggesting there are no underground military bases–indeed there are –of course–, but nowhere near to the extent, massive size and devious purposes as suggested on some conspiracy sites–simply not supported by lack of witnesses required to build such structures far beyond what the navy, army and air force could do on their own.

  14. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Hey, VJM, you’ve come a long way, since my first entry! Now, you at least admit that there is such a thing! That was like pulling hen’s teeth! My, how you have made progress; it is astounding! I’ll bet you even watched the Phil Schneider videos? That is such a sad story and many people are aware of it. He was a well know Geologist for many years, but his conscience got the best of him and he went public. It cost him his life and you don’t even believe it is true, about his sacrifice for us. Your loss! That is what these satanists want you to do!

    I really want to know where Larry Taylor hides! I joined this blog, because I found him to be a very good person. In my estimation, (which was drawn largely from listening to him and Stuart Best talk for the last two years), this guy is well informed, courageous about getting people the real information, about what is actually going on, and last, but certainly not least, a stalwart man of God. I expected to find, at least, the quality of posts that I posted and hopefully much better. I very was impressed with the Bible Codes! I certainly hope Larry gets well soon or gets caught up on his rest.

    Sorry VJM, but you are a great big disappointment and very boring, with no couth what so ever!!! I can understand now why you use initials! Well, that is the last of the pearls that I am going to throw your way, not that it did any good. Please have the good sense, not to respond to my blogs, and please give other people a chance to express their opinions. You can’t ever tell, some body might be interested? I do not intend to be put on the defensive, by you, every time I make an entry, concerning common knowledge items, which most intelligent people know about. I know it is much easier to brow beat a woman, with your opinion, than it is to listen, but you might find it more rewarding. It might help if you find a little inner courage, so you can face unpleasant and unusual challenges, because you are sure going to need it in the future!! It’s not going to be pretty, when all of these unbelievable things, manifest as real things. God knows who is sincere, who is playing games and who is making a stand for righteousness. I leave you in His hands.

    By the way, I have been overwhelmed with information that the VA and CO earthquakes were actually detonated nukes, in the underground tunnels, by the good guys, to keep them from being detonated in some of our cities. Four nukes are still missing. This kinda messed up the plans of the bad guys, to go underground and turn chaos loose on us! You can check this out at in Dr. Bill Deagle’s Archive 3rd hour today. Also find information at in Hawk’s Archives for yesterday and today. There is a whole lot more out there, but I am out of time for today. Be blessed! It is the Sabath! Praise God!

  15. Lone says:

    Phyllis your novels crack me up
    wished i had a nanny like you 🙂

  16. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Hey, Lone, that was a real nice thing to say! Thank you very much!!! I sure wish this was a novel and I had that much imagination! Unfortunately, as you can tell by my links, I didn’t dream any of this up. If it was possible to have dreams, these days, my mind would do a complete 180, and I would go back to painting pretty pictures and feel secure about our lives. As it is, I feel a responsibility to my friends and family to give them a “heads up” when things get out of hand, while they are slaving to make a living. So that is what I do. In the last ten years I have become ‘granny’ to many friends and neighbors, besides my 3 grandkids and their 4. I love and respect them all dearly and that is all I ask in return!!

    Last night I found a couple of interesting links that you might want to check out?

    Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.


    It appears that we have all been very blessed these last few days! Praise God!

  17. Lone says:

    – im sorry; i cannot help responding to that ‘shekinah ‘ link, posted above;
    when i glanced at the link, i mistrusted it already , and sure enough,
    on the main page shows an article about ‘god’ supposedly told things about ‘who he
    put as king over the present little nation ‘ – among other fables.
    Im not sure, from where she got those ‘words’, but its not from Him.

    Neither is the ‘ the downfall of the west may be averted ‘true –
    because the whole west – nót just the States – have to fall. Inavertibly.
    The whole West = the king of the North = the vatican sunreligion. She owns the whole west,
    from ancient, yet still valabile contracts.
    If the West wónt fall, than Michael will not ‘stand up ‘ ( Dan 12 )

    …but im really tired of these kind of ‘ministries’ , who tell the lie that ‘since the US
    devides His country, she will be devided ‘.. It is a develish one-liner, and many, many
    christians fall for this trap.. Yes – our Lord is angry on ALL of those, who devide:
    but He is talking about áll the rulers of this world, who agréed to do that (1947)
    – and it are the rúlers, who play out innocent inhabitants of the different countries
    out against eachother. Read Obadiah – edom are the ruling powers. From ALL nations.
    …the 1 only Jerusalem He has in Mind, is the HEAVENLY – and He desires fírst a
    “holy nation “( = all, who are His ‘ ) … and only thán He will see to it, that all those
    receive their righteous piece of land on this earth ( the 1000 year kingdom)
    ….not inverse.

    Forgive me… but im really upset, how these Lies are spread…and take,
    hook line sinker
    Love, stay vigilant

  18. Phyllis Pannell says:

    It always amazes me how God does plant his word in each of our hearts, in a unique way, as He promised us that He would!

    It never has made sense to me, that we (meaning God’s believers and covenant keepers) are coming under His Judgement for the things that our politicians do or that we are Babylon? Jesus told us the parable of the wheat and the tares, so God knows that we are surrounded by unbelievers. He even made provisions not to remove the tares, until it is harvest time, because he didn’t want the wheat damaged in any way. It is inconsistent that He would then judge us, for the actions of others. God knows the number of hairs on our heads, so He surely knows what is in our hearts. I find it sad that people are deceived into believing that God is merciless.

    I imagine that most who blog here are aware of the great portent (sign) of Revelation 12. As I understand it, this portent will actually be visible in the heavens this year, on September 29th, which is also the Feast of Trumpets. I first heard about it on a Marshall Master’s radio show, plus Stewart and Larry talked about it. There is a wonderful you tube about this that I found on Rumor Mill, but it is not now listed on you tube that I can find, now. I have lost the link or I would post it. I just looked for it, for an hour!! If I find it later, I will post it. The things that are not being addressed in this specific you tube, are that the Woman, with the 12 stars on her crown, is given the wings of a great eagle, to escape the dragon into the wilderness for 31/2 years. The dragon then tries to sweep her away with a flood, with no success, so he went off to make war with the rest of her offspring. (Please pardon the very loose paraphrase of this scripture!) I find it very comforting, that there is a possibility that God has arranged, since the beginning of time, to protect us from Satan’s wrath!! Who else could we be, other than that woman, with the wings of a great eagle, in the wilderness? I guess that it is up to each of us to decide if we accept that, individually?

    I hope this is a comfort to you and blesses you!

  19. larrywtaylor says:

    OK, Guys ~ This is not a chat room, nor a place to contend/argue, even doctrines…NO!
    Either email the person a personal email, away from the blog replys if you must. Do not
    use this blog for “chat”…………!
    Larry Taylor

  20. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Sorry, Larry, I guess I don’t know as much about blogging, as I thought I did. This is my first time out!! If you have time, please send me an e-mail and clarify what we are allowed to do, because I am really confused now!? Someone addressed me, so I addressed them back. Someone posted links, so I posted links. Are we not supposed to do that? If you are the only one who is allowed to express an opinion, then I may be in the wrong place!!

  21. larrywtaylor says:

    Phyll ~ Go back and look at the number of your BLOG replys, which are mostly just you with other people, not about the blog…. Please start your own blog…! I can write a blog but have O time to read all your posts to others which is not a reply, just using my BLOG for your own…?????
    Maybe you’re in the wrong place as you suggested…..?????????? Your choice! I am very busy!
    Larry Taylor

  22. Phyllis Pannell says:

    Since you failed to produce a blog this week, because you were tired and had technical difficulties, I was trying to help get out a little news about your chosen topic!! In ignorance, I did not know that I was doing anything wrong. I apologized for overstepping. However, it is critical to let people know what is happening. If you are so busy, that you don’t have time to take care of this blog properly, why do you even have it? And why are you so angry, because people are communicating, in your absense? Does it cost you more? I guess it is a real ownership thing with you and in your mind, it makes you the big man, with the big switch. You will reap what you sow and possibly that is already happening? Ta Ta!

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