Larry Taylor Blog News ~ August 29, 2011

 [ebe mona lisa image]

According to William Rutledge the [above] image of ebemonalisa is real and his information in Luca Scantamburlo’s book: “Apollo 20 – The Disclosure” re: MOON: A joint U.S. and Soviet Space Mission on the Darkside interview is incredible. Scantamburlo’s book can be obtained thru Amazon  and other books, only in Italian, are available too…! By the way ebemonalisa image is of ‘EBE’ Mona Lisa – Get it..??????? And Rutledge indicates the ebe named Mona Lisa was recovered from moon ship and is now ALIVE on Earth…! Some of the data on Mona Lisa and the Rutledge data can be found on Gary Vey’s site  and others have been removed from the internet, along with some witnesses of Rutledge information now dead… Rutledge is living in a foreign country and Scantamburlo is living in Italy. Gary Vey also had his time on hiding from the powers-that-be so to live this long…! By the way there is a new MOVIE out in few days, possibly related, called “Apollo 18″….????

[ICE, a novel]

Also possibly related to data of William Rutledge is Nasa employee/contractor Shane Johnson’s novel called: ICE……available used on Amazon  where as the FICTION story goes ~ an Apollo mission reaches the moon and whoa! Someone had already been there, a base and giant skeletons [nephilim?] teleportation/time technology and other data. A real thriller….! What did Shane Johnson know…..????

 [Legacy, a novel image]

Now, I’ve mentioned LEGACY by David L. Golemon before, and have finished it – What a READ…!!! Really a page turner……Begins very, very, long ago on the moon with an enemy coming to attack the moon-base. Base hit and space craft destroyed there! [Rutledge?] but it goes into the far future, our NOW, and new finds by Adamic Man from Earth on the moon and other buried finds on Earth, related to the moon defenders [long dead] and the same enemy that destroyed them. NOW the enemy will be coming back……….!!!!! Maybe it’s just my suspicious mind or is all this data woven into a picture, future picture, and one that is possibly historical & prophetic at the same time…..?????? David L. Golemon’s website is ……..

By the way, I connected the “Arrival Dream” remember….? And William Rutledge data on the moon, Mona Lisa, large craft [also seen in my arrival dream] and sent to Barry Roffman some time ago and he ran a Torah Code Matrix on the list. Sometime I will release that code search in the Torah by Barry Roffman…..???? LARRY TAYLOR

AND Barry Roffman ran a Torah Code Matrix on Rebecca Renfroe’s UFO claims with results listed on his website under RENFROE UFO  and the link to the Renfroe UFO code itself is …….

Very interesting report by Jim Bramlett, retired military, on the Breaking News recently of the Virginia, Washington D.C. region earthquake…???? Can be viewed from the 5Doves website …….SMILE !!!

 [klaus dona pyramid image]

Just got off the phone while ago with Augusto Perez  and told him that ROZZ was preparing a blog talk radio program with me [Larry Taylor], Klaus Dona & L.A. Marzulli…..???? AND Augusto was saying,” Ask Klaus about the pyramid with the secret inscription..” That is the ancient secret inscription interpreted that said: THE SON OF THE CREATOR COMES….!!! Could be seen only under UV light….???? The photo image [above] is pyramid – image from Klaus Dona…….

Well, I missed the NEWS section of today’s DATA, but enjoyed writing about the things that interest me and thoughts about where secrets are hidden in “Plain Sight”…..! Maybe tomorrow I’ll think about something else to write about……..????????? ~ We’re still here on planet Earth and maybe today I distracted you with my writing from today’s troubles or maybe I caused you to think about BIGGER troubles coming our way….!    /

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s BLOG


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ August 29, 2011

  1. Elaine says:

    WOW!!!!! A show with you, Rozz, Klaus Dona and Marzulli!!!! Ya better reserve a 3 hour time slot! That will be a tremendous show! You and Marzulli are my main watchmen and Rozz is like a piece of my heart!

  2. Rozz- says:


  3. iambuddylove says:

    You know this is the sad part about this Larry. BIGGER, MUCH BIGGER troubles are coming our way. And the world is still asleep. Including most of the “Christians.” I am beginning to fear for ALL of us. Remember that the SEVEN THUNDERS ARE STILL SEALED UP! see Rev ch. 10
    And never mind, Rev ch 6 to ch 9 is heavy enough for me!!! But they the “Christians” just close their ears to these things. Saying “Oh Buddy, we won’t be here for any of whose things!!!!!” Boy are they in for a rude awakening!! And if any one questions that statement. They may [if they would like] email me at and request the super email pack entitled MULTITUDES DISAPPEAR.
    Blessings to all. Bud

  4. Know says:

    The vid with ebemonalisa is not in low grav.. watch the camera man spin his camra.. its in earth gravity not moon gravity… other then that of this vid it might be belivable… might still be but to many things simply dont add up in the vid when you watch closely.

  5. Know says:

    Forgot to add the vid lol theres lots of copys of this vid free on youtube.

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  7. Rae Danby says:

    Dear Larry..Heard you on the audio with GeorgeAnne at the Byte Show and I fully understand your anger and hurt feelings towards those ‘yo-yos’ that keep complaining about what you do or say, etc., etc….They have some NERVE! Anyway, I say just blow their comments off-not even worth getting your blood pressure up over it. Surely you know how much you are appreciated by us ‘bloggers’ and others. So glad ROZZ is having that show coming up with you & the star studded cast!! LOL. Will be waiting to hear that one.!!
    Take care & God Bless…

  8. cindy says:

    Larry great blog today I enjoyed every bit of it! I sure do want to know about that pyamid! books sound good to, I caught you on the byte show aswell after you mentioned it WOW! you tell’em see what a good rest will do for you,I got on the Watchman Forum,it is full of very nice people. I look forword to the show with Rozz she is one of my fav’s!! so real and to the point, you,mr.marzulli,mr.Dona, and Rozz!! if radio waves could explode!!! I hope the whole world tunes in! God bless you and yours.cindy

  9. Rozz- says:


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