Larry Taylor Blog Alert ~ October 9, 2011


This is an ALERT to subscribers of this BLOG and also the Yahoo Group ~ beginning Saturday night and into Sunday [Oct.9] evening my internet service was disrupted and was stopped by unknown reasons [possibly satellite problem] but now that it is back on I am having a terrible time with computer….!

I have lost PROTECTION service which is necessary and am having difficult time to restore the computer to working condition with protection back up…???? I am by no means computer intelligent, so might be a while. My wife, Darnette, who can usually work this problem stuff for me is gone for a number of days….! No help.

May be down and is troubling because of recent EARTHQUAKE activity and warnings that need to go out. I have no answer at this time….????

First Stewart Best had his computers go down and took a week to get back up..??? Now it appears I’m down…! Do what I can..???

God help us all in these difficult times……….

Thanks for listening ~ 1 more time,

Larry W. Taylor

EMAIL:  {down right now}

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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog Alert ~ October 9, 2011

  1. Dear Larry, “You are not alone.”
    Everyone seems to be having multiple and recurrent computer problems.
    Wonder why?
    THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, Larry: your hard work keeps us up to date: I don’t know how you do it, but you are a wonderful gift to all of us.

    Blessings to Darnette as well,

  2. Diane Z says:

    Wonderful Larry, never forget we are all in the same boat but with different oars? Some of us paddle and go nowhere, and some of us go in circles, but as long as we have prayer, we’ll eventually get there. You’ll get there too. This is just another interruption from the enemy who doesn’t like us very much. You and Darnette are loved Larry – please never forget that! Don’t lose your sense of humor, and know you and Darnette are both in my prayers!

  3. Darnette Taylor says:

    Thanks for the update. Sorry I’m not there praying for you.
    Keep up the good work and I love the picture…..Love D.

  4. Mariel Strauss says:

    I had some computer problems (lots, actually) but they are in Pax mode today.

    It’t great you have a computer-iliterate life, Larry. Bless you and Darnette.


  5. Mariel Strauss says:

    Oh Larry, you see what my new computer does to me? It makes me write “life” instead of wife.
    It corrects spellings that are correct and makes them into other words I did not intend. It does not allow me to be creative with words, as I like to do at certain times.

    So what I meant to say was “good you have a computer literate WIFE”.

    OK, Puter, leave that word alone, you little mischief maker!

    Now the computer wants me to write the word for mischief in Italian. What next? Is my outer Hal from 2001?”

  6. Linda L. Gray says:

    Don’t you think that when the “events” start happening in earnest, communications will be nixed? TPTB have to maximize their death and destruction scenarios therefore, they have to cut the Watchmen off quickly. Given that the public and the church at large will not heed the warnings of the Watchmen or the Prophets sent to them, they won’t have a “leg” to stand on complaining that they were never told. Woe! Woe! Woe!

    Thanks Larry for your continued pursuit of excellence in reporting “the facts” in spite of all the criticism leveled at you. Ephesians 6:10: From henceforth, my brethren, be strong in our Lord and in the power of his might.

  7. Elaine says:

    God bless ya Larry! It is because you are speaking the Lord’s truth and “they” don’t want you to get it out! Your loyal group here is surrounding you and Darnette with prayer!
    I have had trouble getting articles from Quayle and Deyo for a while with a “Page unavailable” window popping up but there is also a “try again” button and I click it three times and say “In the name of the Father,” click “and the Son,” click “and the Holy Spirit” click…..and it always comes through for me and if it ever doesn’t, I will assume the Lord didn’t think I needed to read that!
    Hang in there!

  8. And I’m having trouble finding your latest chat with Steward on his site. Woof! Yes, i agree
    with the other writers…….lots of little mischief makers…..especially muchissimo typos these days.
    After viewing the Deyo’s back-side-of-the-sun CME, i’d say we are in for something tremendously disturbing. I do believe it was God’s way of warning us of the magnitude of coming events.
    What a dynamic happening! May you have help soon, Larry!


  9. Dee Rohe says:

    Lot of things going on, Larry. Hard to keep up with it all. The enemies are all doing what they can to disrupt in every way. When it all goes down for good, it won’t be because we weren’t warned!

    WOW! JUST AS I WAS TYPING THIS, THE PAGE CRASHED AND SO DID YAHOO! No coincidence. I refreshed the page, and fortunately, it all came back.

    Stay strong!

    Blessings to you and Darnette.

  10. Steve In Babylon says:

    Daycount from October 7 2008 crash. 1100 puts us at October 12 2011, 1110 puts us at October 22, 1111 puts us at October 23. Could be nothing, but…aren’t there supposed to be a lot of options or shorts or some other financial fiction come due around 10/20/11?

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