Larry Taylor Blog News ~ October 11, 2011

 [Deyo Winter Map]

Well, folks, looks like winter is on it’s way into our lives early this year and with the data showing on the DEYO winter map [above image] better get prepared soon as possible. I’ve been trying to prepare here in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway as much as possible last few weeks, but times are tough, prices are higher and fewer items available. Recently got a little firewood stacked, checking house for winter heating….! Weather report says a cold front coming thru area tomorrow, Wednesday with some storms, wind, rain….! I sure hope the Deyo forecast map is wrong because it has ICE over my area, more ice than snow!

 [Deyo Preps Image]

I wanted to remind everyone that matches that work are necessary prep item and was just at the Mena, Arkansas Wal-Mart which had restocked the Coleman Camp Matches [above] and this is an excellent buy. A number of match boxes {strike anywhere} sealed in plastic and the perfect ‘put-back’ item. After the last post on this a number emailed me that this item had been over-looked and time to buy was NOW! This is beginning of deer season in the local area, so good time to get this item from the store. The match is simple but very effective way to start your cooking fires or warming fires.

[Survivors, a novel]

Some have asked me to post a BOOK that I was impressed with as I read a lot, really do enjoy reading! OK ~ Just started this new book [image above] entitled: SURVIVORS, a novel of the coming collapse, by James Wesley Rawles. This book is new and was out this October 4, 2011 [release date] Amazon  and is over-whelming in the fashion of recent novel: ONE SECOND AFTER…! This is a similar story line, but with more up-to-date characters worldwide, such as soldiers & family overseas as the terrible COLLAPSE begins to happen in USA & Worldwide…! This book presents major problems in the collapse and some solutions to live or survive such. Haven’t finished reading but is excellent story & reality about to come…! The author, James Wesley Rawles has a BLOG at  and points at family preps in tough times……for SURVIVAL!

Stan & Holly Deyo has important news reports up for Tuesday, October 11, 2011 on their website  including: [1] Volcano Erupts Close to Spanish Canary Island [2] El Hierro Officials Concerned Over Island Bulge [3] The Volcano Went Into the Sea – the Next 24 Hours Critical [4] Spanish Town Evacuated Because of Volcano Threat AND many other news reports at the DEYO website  ….

AND do not over-look this very interesting NEWS story today on the DEYO website for those who want to know ~ “Earthquake Swarm at Hoover Dam Being Covered Up?”…! ….

[Red Elk – emergency shelter]

Recently, Red Elk, of Washington State has been building EMERGENCY SHELTERS for the coming collapse and has sent out data, photos [one above shelter by Red Elk] and any information he could to help people have some type shelter in a terrible time to come as Red Elk has warned…! Red Elk has warned this time is upon us and also warned ICE ! But the most recent warning from Red Elk was of WAR ~ Coming to USA Soil! Now, at the moment Red Elk’s website is DOWN and haven’t had email from him in days, however; soon as he’s back up, will post his website for anyone wanting his data…? SOON!

OK, folks, many earthquakes, volcano activity, cosmic troubles, trouble in USA and actually worldwide – WATCHING and will write another blog as have time….!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s BLOG


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6 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ October 11, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Great posts! Brrrrrrrrrr. Winter is coming and we must all
    Be ready…. Take care ……..D.

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks Larry! I live on Lake Michigan on the east shore and we are pretty used to winter…..not happy about it but I cope.
    One thing I think a lot of people don’t think about it to have a blanket or sleeping bag in your car as well as a bug out bag and water! I also have an extra pair of polar fleece footed pjs because it is amazing how much warmer you feel when there are no breeze gaps at the ankle I can pull the pjs right over my clothes and I got a pair of reaaaaallly big slacks at the salvation army store so I can pull them over the bulky pjs if I need to walk after being stranded on the road….totally ridiculous looking but, hey, I will make it!
    Another overlooked item is a candle heater. The heat of just a candle in a stranded car can be enough heat to keep you alive! It takes up nearly no space at all but can throw off more heat than you would think!
    Take a small mushrooms can and either make your own candle with a lead free wick or jam 3 emergency candles in it (6 for a buck at the dollar store) then take a larger can from Baked beans or Hunt’s spaghetti sauce. Fill it with water and freeze it then pound a large nail all over the sides and bottom ….lots of holes! Don’t forget the bottom because this will be your chimney…. then melt the ice out and and make puncture holes around the bottom edge with a punch type can opener alternating between sides and top (which used to be the bottom before ya “spilled the beans”) to be sure there is plenty of air flow to feed the flame.
    Finally, freeze water in a coffee can and do the same puncture technique on just the sides leaving about 1 inch from the bottom unpoked. This is your “radiator” and housing. Then either just keep 1″ of sand in it (Risking a mess in the trunk when not in use!) or pour a bit of cement or plaster to weight it so it won’t tip easily.
    The candle goes in the very center of the coffee can and is then lit. Then carefully place the bean can chimney over the lit candle…be sure there are holes in the top or your flame will die. Be sure the inner cans all have a buffer zone and don’t touch each other…..set it on the dash and away from fabrics etc. and be sure to crack a window because even a small flame will eat oxygen and don’t fall asleep!
    Could save your life! extra candles and those great matches can store right inside when not in use and all in the space of a coffee can.

    • den says:

      Sleeping in an auto or van, exhaled breath is enough to keep the inside air above freezing.
      Supplemental heat is unnecessary busy-wirk. Crack windows for fresh air, condensation.
      Outside with blankets: sufficient insulation and NO air leaks to inside blankets.
      Two good poly blankets on double corrigated cardboard is good to +10 or +20 degF.
      Do not be afraid of the cold. Practice winter sleeping with only body heat in blankets.
      It is healthy and the secret for hibernation.

  3. Betty says:

    Thanks for all the links in this post Larry. Also Red Elk’s shelter is intriguing. Can you get him to share with all of us how he built it. Thought the satellite dish in the photo was a great added touch! lol

  4. william says:

    Thank you so much for your updates with Stewart, and thank you for this blog! I listen to you every chance i get because it brings me closer to the Lord.

  5. Gail Doucet says:

    Hi Larry, I hope this message fines you in peace.
    I have been listening to you and I have missed what you think will happen right after Christ appears. From study, I get that his rule will start on earth and all of the ones who live thru to this time will start living and loving and getting things right. Good times for all.
    What is your hope, of view on this time.. enough with this time..lets talk about the great future mankind has..Good times for all.
    Love Me

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