Larry Taylor Blog News ~ October 15, 2011





reporting Israel has now threatened the Assad regime if Syria attacks Israel, Israel will launch a massive attack against Syria, Lebanon and Gaza…..!  And as the Drudge Report’s recent HEADLINE, reporting WAR DRUMS BEATING IN THE MIDDLE EAST, it appears that is the case at the present  ………….

Augusto Perez [Oct. 15] has recorded a new audio file with GeorgeAnn Hughes entitled: THE END OF TIME 27, mp3 available for listen or download on The Byte Show…………  …This is a very serious and urgent WORD from Augusto to those ‘who have an ear to hear’….Augusto’s website  …….

[Survivors, a novel]

As I’ve reported in a previous blog, been reading the book SURVIVORS by James Wesley Rawles  a novel of the coming collapse ~ reminds me somewhat of the novel ONE SECOND AFTER and “Survivors” also left my guts twisted with tension as I felt a part of the characters and the tribulation they suffered. James W. Rawles takes you on a search for family safety as everything falls down. James writes a blog about the family safety  ……! And as James Wesley Rawles may point out “How to survive the end of the world as we know it”…!

 [Barry Roffman Ark Code]

Barry Roffman has completed some Torah Code research and shows matrix data on a number of subjects [sample above image] on his website  so go to Barry’s website for Torah Code research, multiple subjects….!

With the recent Middle East activity, Romanian Pastor, Dumitru Duduman, had a dream/vision experience while staying with a friend near Jerusalem ~ entitled as THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL on the Hand of Help website, June 17 & 18, 1996 this says   ……Michael Boldea, Jr. now runs the ministry & website  ………………………

By the way, did have problems/difficulty with my Yahoo Group last night and today on posting. A number of posts I wrote “internal” inside Yahoo vanished and never were posted in the Group section. It seems as we are struggling in very serious times and need to share data, those against the sharing work harder, be it anti-christ spirit, Goblin or maybe even a Troll….!!! And the enemy seems to have so many minions, helpers, etc…! Always the PSALM 2 WAR, on Planet Earth, every day!

[Phobos, a novel]

Well, I’m going to pray a bit, read my Bible and then maybe turn a page or two on a new book by Steve Alten, just came out, entitled: PHOBOS, Mayan Fear [novel image above] And in the front of the book a comment by a quantum physicist to Steve Alten talking COLLIDERS, Geneva, CERN,………..and Steve notes “As you [reader] read this passage, they are happening right now”…..??????

In Steve’s novel PHOBOS, in the front, a word from NOSTRADAMUS, Century 9, Quatrain 44, ~ “All should leave Geneva; Saturn turns from gold to iron. The contrary positive ray will exterminate everything. There will be signs in the sky before this.”

And in the front of PHOBOS, a novel ~ “The LHC, [Large Hadron Collider in Geneva] is certainly, by far, the biggest jump into the unknown.” by Brian Cox, CERN Physicist….! I’ll let you know how this story goes…………………….LARRY TAYLOR

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ October 15, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    The blog is excellent thanks for writing it. Great information
    Can’t wait to get into these books. Awesome !!!!!!!! D.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Darnette: NO!, my dear wife, this BLOG is not excellent at all. The top 1/2 of this blog is missing and two images are also gone from what I wrote. About 1/2 of this Oct.15th blog is completely gone!

      Folks, I’m sorry for this really bad, lousy work. Apparently, not only am I having trouble on Yahoo Group, even the WordPress Blog is troubled!

      Don’t know how long I can continue with this internet work ~ too many troubles and I will not continue to post 1/2 junk on the net……………..Psalm 2 – believe it!

      • Kim L says:

        I completely understand you Larry. I thought it looked like you’d been “hacked”. Had an interesting situation at work yesterday. Was trying to explain a simple task to a new person and, try as I might, he just couldn’t understand me. Another person stepped in (someone not walking the narrow path but convinced she is a good Christian) came over, said virtually the same exact words and he got it right away. I was reeling from this as I clearly heard the Lord speak in my spirit “See the time has now come to completion. No longer will mankind understand the words of My People.” Made complete sense to me concerning the Great Delusion. I so appreciate all you and Darnette to do suppliment our “feeding” Larry! May God abundantly protect, defend and provide for you! Kim

  2. Mariel Strauss says:

    Keep trying, you are appreciated even at half-blog.

    The CERN thing has worried me for years. I think Ive mentioned the statue of Shiva at the entrance to the facility, the “Destroyer of Worlds”. Imagine putting that there! Notradamus seems to imply destroying “everything”. I wonder if he meant really everything on the planet or the area about Geneva. These people are doing something that is not needed to satisfy egos. This is one of the big worries, as if there are not enough other ones.

    Keep trying to post as long as possible. Your news is always appreciated and is the best news group.


  3. Mary Kelley says:

    Dear Larry. …I am on the tail end of everything but i am Listening and O so grateful for all you post that helps me at least keep on rhe tail. Much appreciated. Do keep courage and keep on.

  4. Marksman says:

    Amen to what Mariel wrote, Larry. Half a blog by you is still a refreshing drop of water on a thirsty tongue!! Thank you for the link to Augusto on the Byte Show. That alone was worth reading the half blog.

  5. Judy says:

    The evil one will do anything to keep God’s people from being informed….another attack Larry….you should be used to those by now. Everyday we get up and “keep on going” until the Lord decides differently….keep on going……we need you. jr

  6. Kathleen says:

    Amen! I agree completely with all my fellow brothers and sisters who wrote comments above. Larry, please don’t stop posting. The Lord still uses what you are able to post in a BIG way. The stuff in this blog already has me ordering those books and the link for Augusto is priceless to me so please doon’t ever let the evil one wear you down brother. Keep fighting the good fight and occupy until Jesus comes. Thank you for your posts, Larry. We love and pray for you always.

    • Elaine says:

      I agree! I don’t know if it matters but I have pushpins placed on google earth for the towns and cities where I know the watchmen are and it just seems to help me visualize how small and close we are on this little ball in space as I pray for all of the “cyber church”……we are nothing without Him and His view is so much broader than we can even imagine! Can hardly wait to meet you all at the wedding feast!

  7. buddy says:

    Larry stop beating yourself up, it is not your fault.
    Even my MAC is going haywire and that has never happened.
    The enemy hates us and we dislike them.
    We are refined as gold in the fire, they unfortunately will spend eternity in ” fire”.
    Blessings to you. Bud

  8. Susan Lane says:

    Thank you Larry for all that you are doing.Even half of what you had for us is so important.
    I agree with your wife It is excellent work and there the other half of it floating around in the ether Your book, Tv and movie suggestions are great.II can only imagine how frustrating this stuff can be for you..praying for you even now
    you are a blessing to many of us
    Thanks again

  9. Rae DanbyRae says:

    Hi Larry, Just a thank you for all you do for us in keeping us all informed. How are your dogs and cats been since you moved out there? Do you know when your next audio is?
    Talk later,’
    Be good!
    God Bldess…

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Rae: Thanks, Rae in Canada. All dogs & cats love it here in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway. Only us and 1 other family on whole mountain! So, they {cats} get to move about as they wish,
      just watching for bears or panthers, but dogs keep them away from directly around the house. 1 dog will actually chase the bears back into the woods. She did it once ‘LIVE’ on Stewart’s recording.
      Been a little slow on radio shows as of late, as you can get into a rut of that’s all the time and ignore prayers & other necessarys easily! Did recording with Stewart on mid-week Best report last
      week. Hang-in! Larry Taylor

  10. ChapDave says:

    I enjoy your blog and listen to you any time I can find you..hehe..of the 11-11 phenom that I hav e seen in the last three days:
    11-11-11 movie coming out: imortals where mankind fights demigods
    11-11-11 Heavy metal tribute all day on one tv channel and worship the metal
    11-8-11 tv show where a investigator sees mankind as he is, ie. reptillians, vamp, etc in regular situations;
    last night: 1st game of world series at 10:30pmest, camera shot from third base to home and to the lights in the stadium, made a perfect 11-11; I almost fell off the chair so to speak. I am not up to speed on the 11-11 number but hey, I am seeing it suddenly everywhere…it seems. Blessings
    and prayers are with you Brother in Christ. ChapDave

  11. linda says:

    Larry I can’t find Augusto’s #27 the end of time, were you talking about number 26? thanks!
    love your blog, by the way!

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