Larry Taylor Blog News ~ November 1, 2011

 [just the facts]

Well, myself and Stewart Best had recorded a ‘warning’ audio and placed it on Stewart’s website  as an Emergency Update, indicating that it was possible that Israel might be prepared to launch an attack on Iran around Oct. 26 and/or Oct. 27…? This was reported from a U.S. source and a source in Israel, however; at the same time during the recorded message I pointed out this was not confirmed but source data only..! The attack did not happen ~ That is clear…………

DEBKAfile Report  for Nov. 1, 2011: FRENZY OF RUMORS IN ISRAEL OF AN IMMINENT ATTACK ON IRAN ? Rumors triggered by report of attack on Iran before winter gave sleepless nights to many in Israel as the thought of over 100,000 Syrian, Hizballah, and Hamas rockets awaiting for Israel when the attack began ? And the lingering question: WHAT IS THE GAME PLAN ?  {debka}

DEBKAfile Report for Nov. 1, 2011: NATO SQUEEZES ASSAD & A SYRIAN URANIUM ENRICHMENT PLANT DISCOVERED ~ Disclosure Nov. 1, 2011: IAEA REPORT: Factory built in 2003 in Syrian town of Hasaka brings more pressure on Assad……….

 [aerial photo Hasaka Plant, Syria]

And at the same time as the above rumors have been filtering thru intelligence agencies, Hamas in Gaza have been firing multiple missile & rockets into Israel for 3 days with the Ynetnews Israel headlines: CODE RED ALERT sounds in Southern Israel, with reports of Gaza fired projectiles landing near Beersheba, outskirts of Ashkelon, Sderot…………………  and this continues………

 [mona lisa EBE, William Rutledge]

I recently completed a new audio file with GeorgeAnn Hughes entitled: “Chit-Chat’ mp3 which can be downloaded from The Byte Show  and in this discussion with GeorgeAnn I mentioned the ‘Mona Lisa’ entity reportedly found in crashed ancient ship on the moon, as per William Rutledge information & other data…? Someone emailed me about how we discussed a photo GeorgeAnn now had of this mona lisa EBE…? So, here [photo image above] is that photo of discussion. According to Rutledge this being was brought back to Earth by the joint [secret] U.S.-Russian moon mission and is ALIVE today….? Italian researcher, Luca Scantamburlo, included this data in his book [english] that is titled: APOLLO 20 – THE DISCLOSURE {Moon: A Joint US and Soviet Space Mission on the Dark Side? This research book is available from Amazon in Italian and in English language  …………….

 [ancient cave drawing]

Darnette Taylor recently completed a new audio file with GeorgeAnn Hughes entitled: “Choctaw Genesis” mp3  on The Byte Show and in this discussion was Native American Legends about very large/giant snakes in the times of the end ~ see ancient cave drawing [above] of such a creature….? You can email Darnette Taylor at:  …………….

Barry Roffman has many Torah Code Matrix Research Projects on the “unusual” subjects of the planet Earth and Mars too! You can view this research & data at Barry’s website  and will looking at some research reports, found an unusual one entitled: REMOTE VIEWING & QUANTUM TUNNELING by Barry Roffman found at the link  …………….

AND, last but certainly not least, L.A. Marzulli’s Blog  which will daily reveal commentary & analysis of the FAR OUT…? Great site for world events and the bizarre ~ check it daily………! WATCH for coming WATCHERS 3 DVD..! L.A. Marzulli website  ………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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12 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ November 1, 2011

  1. Elaine Sutherland says:

    Wow, Larry! I wish I had seen this blog before I came to work…..I can hardly wait to get time to check all the links! And, just because it did not happen when you thought it would does NOT mean you were wrong…. I think that dates and plans are often changed to try to keep us confused and your prediction is highly likely to still occur. The dark side always tries to mimic the Lord’s side and since Christ said, “No man knows the hour….” the satanic side is mocking that by shuffling times for their agenda. Besides, they get a kick out of thinking we are all holding our breath in fear waiting for all those shoes to drop! Little do they know that we eagerly await the Grand Finale when Jesus comes and straightens it all out and every time the events get postponed it means a little more time to spread the Word!
    Heard L.A.’s and heard your chit chat with GeorgeAnn and now I am gonna put Darnette’s interview on and listen while I work! Thanks and God bless!!!!

  2. Rozz- says:

    Larry , its interesting the “Mona Lisa” Keeps running into me. I have been ver interested about this since you posted it a few months ago when we had the interview with Klaus Dona..Im looking into this and also I recommend the book,”ICE” thank you for that Larry awesome book, Oh if anyone is going to read this book clear your schedule you cant put it down..

  3. Betty says:

    Hi Larry, I googled quantum tunneling to try and understand what it means but my little pea brain is not smart enough to understand what they are talking about. Guess I’m getting old!! ha! Is quantum tunneling what they are trying to accomplish with the CERN project? Thank you for bringing these things to our attention.

  4. Anonymous says:

    HOWDY LAR: GOD BLESS YOU and THANKYOU FOR THE INTENSELY INFORMATIONAL UPDATES – – LOVE THEM!!!!~ We miss the heck out of Stewart out here in Internet Land. We really miss just sitting around listening to you two talk and discuss current topics. I, personally wish those audio files were alot longer. 2 hours or more would be AWESOME!!!~ I know that is asking alot from your spouses. So many of us no longer watch satanic ritual television, so it was always great to hear you two do a very intelligent discourse from your written notes. I have learned so much from the two of you. I am so incredibly grateful for your educating all of us out here. We really do not need to be entertained to death, we need truth and facts so we can all make a CHRIST-CENTERED decision about so many topics you two always bring to the table. I just love it………… I miss it, too………

    Love ya, both and MAY GOD ALWAYS GO WITH YOU and STEW!!!!~


    • Dolores says:

      Hey anonymous – might as well use your name – the powers that be already know who you and each of us are…………

  5. ChapDave says:

    Hey, just a note to say thanks for all you do. I noticed on one site today that it was reported Richard Hogland last night on Rapture Radio aluded to the 11-9 date that the YU 55 (I Believe) comet orbit has been recalculated and it will more than likely hit the moon. This has not been veted. I went to Rapture Radio site and yesterdays date as of late this afternoon had not been posted as an archive if the show actually exists. Blessings….ChapDave

  6. ChapDave says:

    here is a link: it is at

    I listened to it…cool… Chap Dave could this be a Impact Event…wow..

  7. Elaine says:

    Wow, just browsing through old interviews and stuff and right now I am listening to one that hits on CERN and stuff that you (Larry) and Stewart were talking about just this week!!!!! It is Steve Quayle on Omega Man. scroll down to Oct 30, 2010 Worth a relisten!!!!!

  8. Dolores says:

    Hopefully, everyone is paying attention, and praying against, those 13 crystal skulls making their way across this land – bringing a curse everywhere they stop, giving satan permission to enter and wreak havoc on an as yet unseen scale in our midst.. We’d better be on high alert, pleading the Blood of Jesus over ourselves and family members – not letting the upcoming “holiduh’s” lull us into a deadly sleep.

  9. Rozz- says:



  10. Rinaldo Bonovento says:

    Hi Larry, I bought a copy of PHOBOS, you weren’t kidding, my friend. WOW, WOW and WOW. I have RH Negative Blood, but we are all number one to Jesus. Now I know why you are so excited and blessed by Steve’s PHOBOS. This guy know to much, and I love it.

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