Larry Taylor Blog News ~ November 7, 2011

 [Larry’s Prayer Deck]

Well, here we are in cooler, wet weather in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway with the 30F temps coming in a couple of days. Winter is getting here soon! This [photo above] is a place to pray the Lord has given me for a time and I do experience ‘enjoyable’ prayer here often. It seems so close to the Lord to pray here as the mountains to the south surround the view. My wife’s cat, cottonball, [looks like a cottonball with 4 legs] keeps watch on me many times as I pray. And a number of times I’ve been in prayer, looked up, and saw 3 or 4 deer standing in the back watching me…….One time my recording with Stewart Best was put on hold as a black bear was in the back chasing my dog, after the dog bit the bear on the butt. I had to stop Stewart’s show and yell at the bear to get it to go down the mountain and then return to the audio with Stewart. Stewart was laughing as some of that bear event was recorded on tape….! I just gave an update with Stewart for the Global Report Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011 and Stewart’s website ………. Sometime’s my wife is home to witness these events and sometimes she’s away working.  However, every day seems to be an adventure….??

I recently completed an audio file with GeorgeAnn Hughes entitled: “Chit-Chat” mp3 and my wife, Darnette, completed a new recording with GeorgeAnn entitled: “IndianGenesis” mp3 which can be listened to or downloaded at The Byte Show. Augusto Perez has a new audio file with GeorgeAnn “The End of Time 27” on The Byte Show….You can find these all on GeorgeAnn’s website  Go to the website, click onto the word ENTER, then click onto GUESTS, scroll down to desired audio file………..

 [Barry Roffman Code Matrix]

Barry Roffman is working on another MYSTERIOUS Torah Code Matrix which is entitled as REVERSING TIME [under construction] research in progress! This code is looking at wording of “Resurrection & Possible Reversal of Time” and including past research in Time Travel, Rotating Superconductors, Ezekiel and His Wheels….! This research found at link:  and Barry’s website is located at the following link  ….. Barry’s research code [see above] is always so interesting and unique……

 [Steve Alten’s PHOBOS]

I recently posted some data & short review on Steve Alten’s new novel out entitled: PHOBOS, Mayan Fear…..Steve also sent me a link to a new trailer on PHOBOS so watch and listen closely  and read the book to see ‘time’ related information on CERN ~ connect the dots….! Rinaldo from Canada obtained a copy of Steve Alten’s new book, after my review, and in his email to me pointed out how absolutely thrilled with it, he was….! “A mysterious thrill ride” towards 2012……..!

Larry Taylor ~ “I laughed in Steve’s book PHOBOS at a remark there by one of the characters saying to another: ‘He brandishes the knife. What’s in it for me?’ – For you? A hearty congratulations, Beck smiles, You’ve won a Darwin award! – ‘Darwin award, what the hell’s that? – It’s an award given to those who remove themselves from the human gene pool in order to IMPROVE it…!” ……..Steve Alten  , author…..

 [Nimrut Volcano, Turkey]

There have been many Earthquake Swarms in central Oklahoma the last 2 days, with Oklahoma’s largest earthquake happening east of Oklahoma City ~ 5.6 magnitude EQ with aftershocks continuing into Monday. See DEYO website news  for the details of continuing data on Oklahoma Earthquake…. While the El Hierro earthquakes are continuing in the Canary Islands with magnitudes of 3.9+ on-going….! Eastern Turkey is experiencing earthquake swarms for days now, with concern of the possible awakening of the large Nimrut Volcano [see above image] in Turkey…?

NOTE: Here’s a mysterious report about CERN from Steve Alten ~ “Man Arrested at Large Hadron Collider, Claims He’s from the Future” …………..This is more of the anamolous reports recently leaking out of CERN  Hoax..?  Real…..? …………….

Well, it gets just STRANGER & stranger doesn’t it…? What’s a STRANGELET………………??

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s BLOG


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ November 7, 2011

  1. VAUGHN WEST says:


  2. Pam UK says:

    What a fantastic prayer place you have I do so envy you Larry. Maybe after my move I may get a ‘sea-nic’ view (hopefully before the bad weather arrives) when I move to the east coast here near my son. At least it’s away from the wet and windy atlantic side 😉
    Blessings to you and Darnette as always. Enjoyed your interviews with George Ann.
    Pam UK

  3. Darnette Taylor says:

    Larry, My friend you made my
    Day. Good post like seeing
    Cottonball. Thank you for takeing the
    Ttime to post. Enjoyed the news….D.

  4. Steve says:

    Great photo Larry! The OK Mountain Gateway is looking good.

    – Steve

  5. Norm says:

    What a beautiful place to be alone with God. Thanks for all the “posts” they are appreciated.

  6. ChapDave says:

    All my life has been spent in or around North Ga. Mts, till the LORD moved me to south Ga. Flat as a flitter and no change of seasons. I kinda miss it, the Mt.s, hey I read the rest of the article on the fellow at CERN who claimed he was from the future. He was placed in a mental health cell at a hospital, and according to the article was it was noticed that he had later disappeared from his cell. Go figure..strangeness indeed…Blessings to you.. ChapDave

    • Elaine Sutherland says:

      Yeah, and nothing else about him dissappearing from his cell. I wonder if it was more like a room on a secured floor instead of a “cell” or it needs a good title for the movie!!!! Maybe “One Flew Out of the Cukoo’s Nest Back to the Future”

      Great blog today Larry! Love your prayer place and now you have reminded me that I have fallen out of the habit of driving to the pier and beach here on Lake Michigan each morning to pray and just revel in the beauty of the place the Lord has planted me! Did that every morning for a few years…..still pray more or less constantly but maybe time to go to my happy place and pray more gratitude than perplexity again! So much searching for the meaning lately and not enough abiding? Thank You!

      • Elaine Sutherland says:

        WOW! It is 11/11/11 and I know that the world would call this coincidence but….. In late September I decided that I had to travel 200 miles and spend the week of the elenin event with my kids and grandchildren. It was also coincidence that my 11 year old grandson chose to have his birthday party that week….8 days after his birthday!!!! odd, but hey, it worked out well, rather than having Grandma come screeching in with the end of the time hystrionics? So, I filled the trunk with B.O.B. and a big G.O.O.D. war chest and a bunch of canned goods but never told them I had that stuff with me. Instead, I stayed in constant prayer and tried to keep all my conversation Christ centered. I was also asking God to guide me to answers about whether I am an interssesor because you (Larry) had spoken about it recently and Augusto Perez had just asked for it…..well, elenin was a no go and when I got home I found that my freezer part of my frig had died and had a big mess from thawed meat and stuff. I tried to be thankful and decided that this was my lesson to be prepared for anything since I have no money to buy a new appliance and had just spent my grocery money on gas for the trip…..I said “Thank You, Lord” and dipped into my pantry stash for a bit more than a week and for the nearly 2 months since, I have been using just the lower refrigerator which kept working. Broke my heart to throw away all the meat and stuff but kept repeating, “lilies of the field”
        Well, last night I awoke at 3:30 and just could not go back to sleep….thinking it was a subconcious 11/11/11 bugga boo….so, I prayed over a million things and especially the crystal skull thing and all the other stuff we have been hearing lately and said what has become a regular…..”Lord, I don’t want to presume but if I am an interssesor….please Watch over and keep the watchmen, Larry, Stewart, Augusto, GeorgeAnn….” on and on and just try to be attuned to His voice and then finally just before 5 a.m. I did fall back to sleep on the couch. Okay, sorry about the lenghth of this but the miracle of the day is that as I got ready to get to work surprisingly energetic in spit of the lack of sleep….I heard an odd noise….investigating, found a very strange sound coming from the frig. I called my adult son who lives upstairs with his wife and he checked it out. I was afraid it was now leaking freon or the whole thing was going to quit ….or blow up! As he looked at it I was telling him I’d like him to get my ice cooler out of the shed so I could save whatever was possible this time.
        He said, “Weird, Mom… is working again!”

  7. Rae says:

    Hello Larry..Cottonball is such a beauty! I am going to put her in my blog of honor pets! I envy your prayer place! How are your other pets doing at your new place? Thanks for ALL you do. I look forward to your news alerts every day. You are appreciated! Rae

  8. Tony says:

    Great view you have. I noticed the date on the Cern article was April 1st. Was this an April Fools article sure sounded that way to me. Thanks for your work and God Bless. Tony.

  9. Cheryl says:

    Hey Larry!! Thanks for the update!! Funny how you mention “time” because I just watched that movie called “transcendent man” on Netflix –re: the guy who wants singularity to happen and everyone to be Borg’d out– and it reminded me of red elk’s post from last year where he went 2000+ years into the future!! Hopefully it was just a “possible” future!! Here’s the link to that:

    Amazing Bible code, btw…did you notice that it starts at the verse in Exodus talking about Moses seeing the back of God….interesting….
    These-days-are STRANGE lately!!!

  10. Larry Taylor says:

    Elaine ~ now that is bizarre, frig. working again, well 11-11-11 and your response was the only 1 I saw with NO REPLY link for me to use…????? WOW! 11-11-11……Thanks for the prayers!
    Larry Taylor

  11. Larry Taylor says:

    Cheryl ~ Exodus, Moses, back of God…….I’m gonna have to THINK on that a minute…!
    Larry Taylor

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