Larry Taylor Blog Notice ~ November 28, 2011

LARRY TAYLOR BLOG NOTICE ~ November 28, 2011


Sorry, but in the last week, I suffered a computer attack that took my UNIT down completely and have been struggling all weekend to get back  up and running. I seem to be back up and operating again, but trying to get back ‘on-line’ to post & blog again….?????

I think that maybe I’ve obtained operational status again ? So, possibly today, Monday, Nov. 28th ~ might be BACK blogging & posting….!!

Been a real difficult time, but such is the times we find ourselves in ~ troubles by the many and do the very best we can under BAD circumstances…………..

Maybe, later today, I can say ~ {I’m BACK}…………? Just letting you know where I’ve been the last few days!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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9 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog Notice ~ November 28, 2011

  1. Pam UK says:

    Enjoyed your global update Larry as usual. I am wondering if all the microsoft updates are what is screwing the pc’s up? Mine is never the same after one is installed? make’s ya think?
    Blessings Pam UK

  2. cindy says:

    i agree with Pam UK,about microsoft Larry, I had to take my computer off auto updates it seemed like a bunch were comming in EVERYDAY alot of BS ones to I didnt need,mine crashed,then I stopped the auto dates and pick and choise the updates I want. cost me 75 dollars to get computer fixed, not to bad now.HOWEVER you are telling the truth to people,and some folks don’t like that!! kinda like having a target on your back, I will pray for you, for SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION, GOD Bless you and yours,keep the mountin safe cindy b

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Cindy ~~~~ Yes & Thanks for prayers! Psalm 2 War is still on-going and casualties every day on planet Earth..! Plus many things I write
      about is not politically correct, nor wanted on the internet!
      Larry Taylor

  3. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks for not giving up Larry. Your blogs, emails and updates with Stewart are all so appreciated. I really am so thankful for all you do to keep us informed…..even unto the ends of the earth. Praise the Lord for the internet, while we have it. Helps me feel connected to what is going, on that I would otherwise have no idea of.
    Lynn W in New Zealand

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Lynn in NZ ~~~~~ Thanks, My computer was hit. Stewart didn’t report on it but he had 3 computers hit. Both Stewart & I have been
      struck with ‘cyber-attacks’ ~ guess ‘they’ want us to SHUT UP…!
      Larry Taylor

  4. Gabriele Thompson says:

    Microsoft is an absolute nightmare. I got rid of it a long time ago and changed to a Linux operating system. I use Ubuntu and love it. No viruses, no trojans, no spam, nothing. Best of all, it is FREE, as are tons of additional software programs available through their software center. There might be a bit of a learning curve, because you may have to install additional software for some special programs to work. But, you can go to their website at and download the system. You then have to burn it to a CD or DVD. You can then run it from the disc first to see if you like it before installing it. You can also install it with Windows side by side, if you want to keep your Windows system, just in case. Works fine so long as you have enough room on your hard drive.

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    If you have an older computer, you may want to use an older version that is less resource intensive (10.04 is the latest version with long term support, I think)

    Make sure you copy all personal files, pictures, etc. to a disc or thumb drive before installing the new system, so you can copy them back.

    You should be using a hard wired internet connection, rather than wireless when installing the system, so you are sure to have internet and can download all updates and packages, etc. without any problems. When installing select that the system download all updates and the extra files it asks about, because those are great for running audio/video, etc. properly.

    After installation, the first thing to do is go to system settings and select Hardware Additional Hardware Drivers and install any drivers the system finds that need to be installed and activated.

    There is also lots of help available if you run into problems at and other places.

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