Larry Taylor Blog Notice ~ December 25, 2011

 [Heartland Canada]

Well, guys, THANKS for checking my blog site this December 25, 2011 and asked my wife, Darnette, what maybe later this evening, after dinner, shall we do…?  AND the reply was if we could watch another episode of HEARTLAND……? An enjoyable moment of LIFE, maybe on the carnal side, but while still connected with Earth; a decent family in Canada trying to get along & survive the ravages of Earth life….!!!!

There is a HEARTLAND cast photo [above image] and instead of the TV series week by week, if you like can purchase a Season from Amazon  and you can view, read blog, etc at the Heartland Canada website  or maybe blog at  …………So this evening we may eat supper and watch another episode….???????????

Hanukkah Blessing from Jerry Golden in Jerusalem is uploaded [report] and can be viewed from  or read from Jerry’s website  …………..

There has been some incredible ‘connectivity’ issues today, Dec. 25 on the internet, but have posted some in group & this blog. Many have emailed me of the difficult times they are having with the internet and actually all electronics….??????

Watching the Middle East closely and am working at confirmation of report that Turkish warships are now firing/shelling the narrow water area between Israeli & Cyprus gas fields from a DEBKAfile source….?

Thank you guys so much for your prayers, support & help in 2011 ~ will continue into this 2012 mystery year to research & report what I can….!!!!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog Notice ~ December 25, 2011

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Larry, Thank you for the day and Blog.
    Life is not easy but sometimes it can be

  2. Pam UK says:

    Happy ‘holidays’ to you all over the pond from the UK here. (No snow hurrah!) It occurred to me, as we are not suffering as much interference here at the moment that maybe, you guys over there (and my friends scattered around the US and Canada) are having so many problems because of the haarp and radar activities you get. I’ve seen many, many of them appear prior to some of the awful weather that follows these activities out there. I noticed too, that behavioural problems (as my friends have reported familial and neighbour s actions) seem to be linked to these too. To me anyway, it seems glaringly obvious what’s happening. Makes me wonder if your government has completely lost it’s marbles!! Well, no, that’s not entirely fair – they obviously have along with the ‘cahoonies’ (is that the word you guys use) -to actually fight FOR your nation and what you used to stand for.
    The UK may be a laughing stock politically, but the US has become the neighbourhood bully – especially, to it’s shame, to it’s own folks! And, we do care about you folks!
    Like here, the ‘church’ and by that, I mean the Real church, not the sham one, should be developing callouses on their knees and praying instead of playing.
    Whilst it is true, some are ‘for destruction’ too many are going down the wrong road at this time.
    Christmas was supposed to represent the time when God gave of Himself for man to show His plan of redemption. Perhaps the gift we can give back to Him is by giving of our – ‘self’s’ back to Him for the benefit of others.
    Would that we were more like the WW11 RAF pilots as Churchill said. ‘Never was so much owed by so many to so few’

  3. cindy says:


  4. VAUGHN WEST says:

    a video from the old marine

  5. Rae DanbyRae says:

    Merry Christmas Larry & All,
    I just sent you an email. Hope you get it!

  6. Merry Christmas, Larry and Darnette! Hope you have the warmth of friendship and each other, all year long.
    Thanks for all you do for all of us.
    Dee and Roy

  7. Marksman says:

    First thought was the photo was of your family – so good looking!

    Thanks for your faithfulness to be a watchmen to the people of God who are seeking the truth about the future, relating current events to the prophecies that are unscrolling in our lifetimes. May 2012 be a year in which God’s blessings will be with you, your family and loved ones – and all who love and are seeking God’s truth and walking in his ways.

    • lulie says:

      Yes, Thank you Larry for All you ARE in His grace,
      …We pray for you down here in EC. We had 12 people for Chanukkah , yes even down here!!!…and in a city that celebrates his birth, via the C church. Please pray for us, that the Father would let blind eyes see HIM!
      PS Heartland…thank u, Im on season 5!! And , for the same reasons…wholesome!
      I watch via ytube and there is some copyright issue so its gone now. Oh well the bootlegs copies are everywhere..I can buythe whole season for about 10usd…
      Praying for you, and the watchmen. He is FAITHFULLL!
      Blessings 2012~

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Lulie ~~~~ Thanks for your prayers! Yes, Heartland is really interesting show. I can’t get season 5 here in U.S. yet…
        Blessings to you in 2012….
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Marksman ~~~~ No, not my group, but will try to NEWS/WARN on into 2012, long as possible!
      Larry Taylor

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