Larry Taylor Blog News ~ December 26, 2011

[CAIN, a novel]

One of the most powerful, shocking and insightful science/horror novels I ever read was CAIN by James Byron Huggins [former soldier, cop and award winning journalist] from Alabama. This was a 1997 copyright novel [hardcopy] that I don’t think ever came out in paperback for U.S.A. distribution, however; was released hardback and paperback thru Amazon  and Amazon still has some older copies from sellers.

I waited since 1997 for the book to turn into a movie but it never happened. This was a most incredible story ever wrote and including the spirit/supernatural LINK with a giant invincible humanoid dug up by the CIA and then rebuilt by science ~ they rebuilt soul-less flesh and transformed it into a killing machine, a villian whose power for evil is unmatched in this world, at this time…..!

A wounded god in the Middle East, dug up by an Israeli researcher in a portal ~ ‘he’ had never seen light through mortal/human eyes, but now ‘The mortal fools succeeded’…..! AND who would try to stop the UNSTOPPABLE ~ Soloman, a soldier who lost his family, his will to live; Marcelle, a priest who had lost his faith; and Dr. Maggie Milton, the beautiful young scientist who unwittingly helped to unleash CAIN on the world.

NOW, in December, 2011 ~ I received word that Bruce Willis has bought the rights for the book CAIN from James Byron Huggins and is working on this for a movie……!

I you haven’t read a real “thriller” in a long time and your blood isn’t running cold with the fear of supernatural EVIL entry into this world, then CAIN is a PAGE-TURNER ……..Still a few old copies left on Amazon  ……………………

Now in my estimation James Byron Huggins is clearly in the ranks with Dean A. Koontz !

If we are here on the planet just a little longer, you might want to read CAIN and wonder if EVIL could be unleashed ~ reminds me of Russ Disdar’s Black Awakening! COMING this way, almost 2012………………………………………………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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7 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ December 26, 2011

  1. Mariel Strauss says:

    Larry, I don’t need my blood to run colder by reading this. I am already all too aware of evil.
    It’s good to know, though, that Bruce Willis is going to try to produce this thing. I admit the knowledge needs to go forth.

    I save my few extra dollars not for books and movies (except those free on TV or on books for grandchildren’s birthdays) and then I have a few extra dollars to give to great Christian ministries such as yours and several others. Most of these Christian ministries are hurting badly for want of
    support at this time, or seriously thinking of retreating and stopping publication on the internet.
    Such as Richard Coombes of A and O Report, who has been running month to month and now day to day, and others we all know of.

    I know some so-called human beings whose “eyes” have never seen as humans born of the Spirit ever do. Plenty of those out there without the dug-up ones.

    • Richard says:

      I found a copy at the local library here in Central Texas. I just put a hold on it and will get it in a few days. Thanks Larry

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks Larry! A used one for 3.49 plus $3 for shipping is a present I could afford to buy myself for Christmas! God bless you and Amazon….and thanks as always!

  3. Logan says:

    Mariel said, “I admit the knowledge needs to go forth.”

    You know Mariel, these evil movies that are so popular these days have to have demonic curses attached to them that further put the unsaved public under ever increasing deception and demonic possession that will end in their eternal destruction. They are already under enough deception that there is no “eduction” that would happen from this becoming a movie. I think it bad news for us all that Willis has purchased the rights, better it should have faded into literary obscurity no matter how well written. L

  4. Darnette Taylor says:

    Thank you for this. Interesting information. A most
    Interesting Read, I agree.

  5. VAUGHN WEST says:


  6. ChapDave says:

    I am going to have to quit reading your column so I wont have to get so many book…haaa I got Phobos on Kende, and I thought I saw Cain a while back in walley world…I will pick it up next…keep em coming……..Chap Davel

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