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…………..Also L.A. Marzulli has been following the Middle East closely with his blog  so watch that blog site for news. Talked with Marzulli for a minute Tuesday, he’s excited and watching it all! Try to check the DEYO website daily  ………..

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Larry W. Taylor


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9 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog News ~ December 28, 2011

  1. ChapDave says: seems your posting is missing the first part? Wanted to relay that late last night on Turner Classic Movies, they were running, UFO invasion movies, mostly produced 50ish, and pre-50. One was called the Man from Planet X. It dealt with the discovery of a rogue planet which would come close to the earth on a certain date. A pre-contact drone was sent out with a being setting up preparations for an invasion. The other one showed UFO’s, saucer disks, entering our atmosphere and landing on the white house lawn. They showed two more but it was too late for these ole bones to stay up. Just a thought…alot of invasion stuff ongoing on TV.
    One channel is continually running the 10.5 earthquake series (movie) where the US splits beyond Nevada and Calif is turned into an island. Blessings to you and thanks for your work and sites. ChapDave

  2. linda says:

    Larry checked Deyo’s website today and read Ron Reese’s two emails! Amazing.
    Well he gave the 3 warnings, 3 weeks apart, and wrote there should be 2 more warnings.
    Anyway there is a movie comming out Jan. 20–“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”
    about 9 11 in New York where this 11 yr old boy lost his dad, and takes his dad’s key and
    goes through 5 burroughs to find the lock!!!!!!!!!!! He is looking for a clue that his dad left.

  3. Jim says:

    There was a movie that was supposed to come out last November, I believe it was somewhere around the 23rd, about a planet that was entering the vicinity of earth. The trailers showed a wedding and what appeared to be a planet in the distance. Stuart had the trailer on his site. Was it released? I saw the adds and trailers at the theaters, but it never came to Fresno, CA. I wonder if it was pulled? Do you have any info on it?

  4. Elaine says:

    Hi kiddos! I don’t know why but it just seemed like Larry Taylor and his buddies would be the place to come with this perplexity!
    I thought it was some glitch in my computer that for a couple of weeks now the weather channel gives me Kalamazoo weather instead of my Michigan city of Manistee and will not let me change the “default” location back to my real city. It is not because the nearest weather center is in Kalamazoo…..that is 170 miles by road and I’d estimate 150 miles as the crow flies and Muskegon and Grand Rapids are in between so it makes no sense. AND a couple of times it has given me Southfield MI which is about the same latitude as Kalamazoo…..hmmm, like I said, thought it was just my PC until my daughter-in-law said the same thing was happening to her.
    When I manually type in my real location it does give me my real weather but even that is weird. Today says that the low will be 30 degrees and the high will be 38 so how the heck is the current temp 18???????
    Has the earth tilted so much that the satellites are sensing us at a latitude far south of where we think we are?
    Any thoughts? God bless!

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~ Yes, that’s interesting indeed…! It’s possible that outside force is causing
      tilt in not only the moon but maybe tilting the Earth too…???? Good question!
      Larry Taylor

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~ This is Sunday, Jan. 8th and I need to write a new blog…! What’s rough
      is to spend so much time writing & see it vanish, happening a lot lately, But will try
      today again, later….! Thanks,
      Larry Taylor

  5. Kim L says:

    Wow, folks. I thought I was the only one experiencing that weather location problem! I live in central NY and it kept giving me a location in Maryland! After about 8 days it has now straightened out, but WOW! I am noticing a lot more trouble with text and email not showing up to their destinations. Also, it’s Jan. 9th and the full moon was amazing this morning but not going down where it should have been!

    God bless you and Darnelle, Larry! Thanks for continuing to try to get us information. It is so much appreciated!!!!!

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