Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 16, 2012

 [The Harbinger]

Well, I finished reading THE HARBINGER by Johnthan Cahn and I was just left without words…! Speechless! Awed! ~ unless you want to connect the dots from beginning to end of the 9/11 event, DON’T READ THIS BOOK…..!

The Harbinger book is written in a style that will intrigue you and will force you to keep turning the pages, searching for the end……..but you really don’t want to find the END, but just keep reading the book!  However, if you want to really uncover a real-time MYSTERY, the mystery of 9/11 [spiritual & natural] go for it…!

The Harbinger Book records in the Spirit Isaiah 9:10 and follows toward Isaiah 9:11 ~ which can be seen clearly happening now, especially with America! Isaiah 9:11 is clearly where America is racing for the abyss……………………..

I recorded 2 times in 2 days with Stewart Best this weekend, but where he will use the recordings, not sure! I did mention some data from The Harbinger in the sessions with Stewart. Check his website  These sessions might be on the website free or as subscription “Global Report or Borderlands”…….

Watching very closely events in the Persian Gulf, Iran, Israel, etc. But also watching a strange shaking [earthquakes] this weekend down in the Antarctica region. One was a 6.7, another a 6.2 and a 5.8 quake. I did post some of this on the Yahoo Group {private}….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 16, 2012

  1. darnette taylor says:

    Larry, great blog, I will try
    To read that book.. Thanks…d

  2. Dolores says:


    • Elaine says:

      YES! And we should all try to send him a couple of bucks now and then to cover his costs in ministering to us! I try to send a check at least quarterly but sure would be nice to have a donate button on this blog where if everyone who follows could give just a few bucks a week, Larry and Darnette would have a great financial burden from this ministry lifted? Larry is not asking….I am just reminding!
      Larry is the most tireless watchman onthe net and airwaves….he never seems to sleep. What would we do without him?????

  3. ChapDave says:

    I am 3/4 way through the book on Kendel…I got it when you recommended it last time. It so far is JAW DROPPING…IT HAS STUNNED ME SO FAR… ChapDave * I should finish it today or tomorrow and I’ll get back to you….

  4. Donna Heidelberger says:

    Larry, I greatly enjoy your blog and the updates you do with Stewart Best. The dynamics are great and you complement each other very well. I also greatly appreciate your efforts to sift through the news and report what is happening around the country and the world. I know it’s time consuming. It amazes that people have the nerve to complain. No one is forcing them to ready or listen to you are they too dumb to go somewhere else to find someone who will tickle their ears with what they want to hear. Do they think everyone should be clones, all thinking exactly like them. I believe the viscous complainers are those who are paid to discourage, discredit and attempt to defeat you, there is no logical reason to listen to you when they obviously don’t like you. They are hardly worth the effort it takes to hit the delete button. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference. Those who speak truth will always be attacked.

  5. Dolores says:

    I went to a local “super” Walmart a little while ago and was able to purchase a copy of The Harbinger. There were only three copies in the store…………….This must be supernatural, that they are flying off the shelves everywhere. Amazon is sold out. Can’t wait to get started reading………………

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~ So glad you obtained a copy of the book! You will find it awesome & will wonder who the “guy” is showing this data..????
      Maybe an angel, a prophet, the Lord….????? Larry Taylor

  6. buddy love says:

    Larry, I look forward to every one of your emails and your reports with Stewart etc. keep up the great work, Blessings to you and the Mrs.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Bud ~~~ Stewart & I try to record as we can. However, with him working off-line on new Mars DVD & Insider ~ been tough connecting with
      each other…!!! Thanks! Larry Taylor

  7. 96Indyram says:

    Larry, Thank you for all that you do! I felt a urgent need to read this book for some reason when you mentioned it on a recording with Stewert. TALK ABOUT A EYE OPENER!!! WOW!!
    I am speechless! Everyone needs to read this book,,or watch the links that JE Colger posted above!
    God Bless!

  8. Rambuff says:

    Well Done.

    I read the book….a bit disconcerting!!!
    You were right; EVERY American needs to read this……
    And because Americans will refuse to repent….we are doomed.
    Of course, I could be wrong; that’s what Jonah thought about Ninevah too…….

  9. Marksman says:

    Larry, here are links to two more videos with Rabbi Cahn being interviewed by Sid Roth, another Messianic Jew, that fleshes out his speech you linked to. I recommend folk watch these for more insights about the significance of the Harbinger and the Isa. 9:10 prophecy as it applies to the USA. – Part 1 – Part 2
    May God open our eyes to see and our ears to hear his prophetic words and our understanding to prepare for the times of the end and judgment on this nation.

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