Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 24, 2012

 [Battleship 2012 Coming]

Battleship 2012 ~ new movie [above image] coming May 18, 2012 with scenario: “Fleet of battleships do battle with an armada of unknown origin & armada rise from under the ocean”…??? THE BATTLE FOR EARTH, an extinction level event or ELE as the movies say! PROMO:  {mp4} IMDB…

 [Battleship Image]

Battleship 2012 ~ Fleet at sea doing battle for the Earth with armada of unknown origin coming May 18, 2012. SEE:   ~ 2012 Event ELE..

 [Underwater Vortex Off Africa]

The image [above] is a real event recently with Terra Satellite capturing this photo image of a huge underwater ’90 mile wide storm brewing’ off the coast of Africa. Check this report  or from report on The Blaze  ………………………….

 [Melancholia, the movie]

In the most recent Best Mid-Week Global Audio dated: Feb. 23, 2012 and posted on The Light Gate website of Stewart Best  we discuss someone by the name of Andrew D. Basiago and Project Pegasus of DARPA. You can listen to the 1 hour interview of Andrew Basiago on TruNews Radio last week with Rick Wiles as host at the LISTEN page  and can check the Basiago page at  ~ Hard to believe…..?????????????

 [ynetnews image]

DEBKAfile & Ynetnews reporting {breaking} news today, Friday, Feb. 24, 2012 of Jordan Deploying Patriot Missile Batteries on border with Syria……….!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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4 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 24, 2012

  1. Larry
    very interesting love the pictures looks great….thanks for your posts and emails


  2. Norm says:

    Larry I always enjoy your blog and your conversations with Stewart. You guys keep on doing the Lord’s work as watchmen. Many listen but don’t write so don’t get discouraged because the Lord knows and sees all. God Bless

  3. Marksman says:

    Two excellent blogs back-to-back on consecutive days plus a fine conversation with Stewart Best. Sweet! Life in the Lord is good as we watch and wait the unscrolling of his prophecies.

  4. Diane Z says:

    Larry, like Norm said, “Many listen but don’t write so don’t get discouraged…” could never be truer. We are all waiting and watching as we have been told to do. Thank you for the news from you and Stewart, and the “word” I was given at the beginning of this year was “as last year was a year of judgment, this year will be a year of division.” I have no idea what He meant, but that’s what He gave me. Please don’t be discouraged. We are being refined for what is coming. You, Darnette and Stewart are always in my prayers! Blessings, Diane

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