Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 26, 2012

 [Incoming CME, Feb. 26]

Space Weather  warns of INCOMING CME for today, Feb. 26, 2012 ~ Analysts at Goddard Space Weather Lab indicates a Coronal Mass Ejection is incoming for 13:30 hrs. UT +or- 7 hours to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Impact could spark a G-2 Class Geomagnetic Storm. Latest reports indicate this CME will strike Earth and then 2 days later will impact Mars. Space Weather image [above] gives CME track in space.

 [Torah Code 2012]

Richard Shaw & Others are producing a new DVD entitled: “TORAH CODE 2012” and you can view this information of the production/research at  which is Richard Shaw’s website. There is also a TRAILER and a News Video on the site for one’s viewing! The image [above] is a Torah Code of crumbled comet which recently proved true…………..

This Sunday, Feb. 26 ~ there was a reported 6.8 Mag. Strong EARTHQUAKE in Southwestern Siberia, Russia 51.731N, 95.921E with depth 7.3 miles and epicenter 62 miles E from Kyzyl, Russia, reported by USGS & EMSC as 6.8 magnitude. Also there are being reported after-shocks in Russia of 4 & 5+ magnitudes Sunday AM.

 [The Torah Codes]

Last night I read a adventure novel I obtained from Amazon  that is entitled: THE TORAH CODES by Ezra Barany [see above photo image] and now this is not a documentary style book, but adventure novel, however; it contains short essays by Doron Witztum, Jeffery Satinover, Rabbi Shefa Gold, Dr. Judith Plaskow and Tania Schweig; which is unusual for an adventure novel. This is Ezra Barany’s first novel and found some interesting aspects within to consider and ponder upon, however; it is just an adventure novel. You can go to Amazon and read data & reviews there…………..

 [Middle East Missile Fire Image]

DEBKAfile {intel} reporting: U.S. Undercover Operation to Stall Israeli Iran Strike and related data: A Network of Informants Placed Around Israel to Alert Washington. With Ynetnews Report Sunday: “Netanyahu Silences Israel Government on Iran Issue” And you can view this story at  ………..Watching Middle East

 [EMP Blast Effect Map]

In Q-Alerts Holly Deyo posted short report  entitled: “Insider Warns Family of EMP Strike on U.S. This Year” [see above map] and post location was given at  – discern……………………….

DEYO ~ 2012, Is The World on the Prophetic Brink ? is by Bill Koenig  Report……………….

Things are not quiet this Sunday, February 26th ~ Keeping an eye on the Middle East and Earthquakes +++++++++++

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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14 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 26, 2012

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Thanks for all the information.
    Its a lot to think and pray about.
    Great blog………. D.

  2. cindy says:

    Larry thanks for the heads up on theCME’s I read or herd on a vid some place that the RAD i think from the CME’s can make ppl go a little wonkers,those predispossed to anger,depression,ECT,,are affected a little more,I know that the full moon theory has been debated and no ill effect has been obsreved,i just don’t bye it tho,I have had friends in law enforcement,hospital and mental health providers,in REAL LIFE STUFF HAPPENDS!!!! so why not CME’s having an effect on one mind? i’ll put this out there ask 10 lawmen 10 ER personal,and 10 mental health workers when the worst time, worst shift is ,some actually will tell you they have the full moon circled on the calender, I have found this to be true,others maybe not,so I watch the CME’s, thanks cindy in kansas.GOD BLESS

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Cindy ~~~~~ Yes, the recent weekend CME was reportedly weaker than thought according to Goddard Lab, however; will hit Mars dead-on….! WATCH OUT ALL MARTIANS! Keep an eye on the Sun………….
      Larry Taylor

  3. Dolores says:

    Wonderful blog, Larry! As Darnette said, lots to pray about. Seeing the EMP blast effect map reminded me of the “One Second After” book. I hope everyone has read it and readied themself..

    Looks like things are shaping up in the middle east just the way Lindsay Williams was told by the elite that they would. The elite had a date of Sept/Oct for action against Iran. These days, anything is possible though. God Bless………………….

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ Yes, ‘one second after’ is riviting…! Even scary! And the warnings continue to leak in the press of EMP attack on U.S. ~ I’m still shocked at the data in the JERICHO series, especially the reveal part of Season 2 Jericho………..shalom,
      Larry Taylor

  4. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks for another great blog, Larry. Sure is time to keep looking …UP!!

  5. Eve says:

    Thanks for the update Larry. Just looked at the USGS earthquake list. There has been an uptick in the number of quates. One in the Texas panhandle and a 5.0 Southwest of Africa. Lots to pray about both inthe p hysical and the spiritual. The spiritual battle has gotten stronger as well.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Eve ~~~~ Yes, been busy this Monday AM, Feb.27, posting on Yahoo Group and the Texas 3.1 EQ was one post. The EQ’s seem building last few days with 3 – 6+s on Sunday and 2 -6+s on Saturday………! Really lots of prayer needs & I’m interceding on behalf of Augusto Perez on secret mission and out of touch right now…! Remember Augusto in your prayers! All I can share on that. Thanks for reply post!
      Larry Taylor

  6. lulie says:

    Thanks again Larry…you do such an incredible job, watching and praying. We were just discussing APerez and ‘ where has he been?”..I know now and will be prayerful of things with him, and Stewart and you…Stan, La…so very Thankful. The latest update with Stewart was awesome…as always…Praise and Thank the Father for bringing Godly men and women, watchmen, for such a time as this..Purim is close , watch His hand during that time..
    Bless the Lord in ALL things, and rejoice He is FAITH FUL to do all.

  7. ezrabarany says:

    Thanks for mentioning my book “The Torah Codes,” Larry. I appreciate it.

    I hope to inspire my readers with the knowledge of there being codes in the Bible.

    It’s currently doing well. The novel won an award at the Hollywood Book Festival and the kindle version is a bestseller. As my protagonist would say, “If you don’t read The Torah Codes, you’ll have wasted your life.” 😉

  8. ezrabarany says:

    Thanks for mentioning my book, “The Torah Codes,” Larry. I appreciate it!

    I hope to inspire my readers by relaying in a fun way about there being codes in the Bible. The novel is my attempt at a Jewish version of The Da Vinci Code.

    The book is doing well. It won an award at The Hollywood Book Festival and the Kindle version is a bestseller. Twice it’s been on a display table of other books and both times my book was stolen. (Now if that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what is!) And as my protagonist would say, “If you don’t read The Torah Codes, you’ll have wasted your life.”

    Thanks again, Larry

    -Ezra Barany
    Author of the Award-Winning
    Bestseller The Torah Codes

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