Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 2, 2012

 [Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012]

Many MEDIA folks honored publisher and author, Andrew Breitbart today in news reports, blogs, etc. Stan & Holly Deyo  had a number of news reports on their website of Andrew Breitbart, L.A. Marzulli blog  reported exclusively on the Breitbart questions, Drudge Report posted memoriam of him on their news HEADLINES  and Fox News had videos and articles on Andrew Breitbart  & many others…………………!

Myself, Larry Taylor have used  and  many times for a news source, especially in the last few years when the TRUTH has become so unpopular and politically incorrect. Andrew Brietbart helped start the DRUDGE REPORT for and with Matt Drudge who breaks Washington D.C. reports many times when the powers that be DO NOT DESIRE the coverage…! There were also a number of floks who did not let’s say “appreciate” the Breitbart TRUTH reports and worked heavily against him. However, I appreciated his efforts in the MEDIA and would many times post Breitbart reports on my Yahoo Group & Blog.

 [Andrew Breitbart & Barack Obama]

Reports are flying of concerns about Breitbart’s reported VIDEOS of Obama that he claimed were about to be revealed at the time of his death in Los Angeles. Today on Glenn Beck’s THE BLAZE  REPORT: Filmmaker Steve Bannon says Breitbart’s ‘video tapes’ of Obama’s college years to be released in 7 to 10 days……MEDIA: “We’re going to vet him”…………and Ann Coulter {video} mention of Andrew Breitbart, the man she knew  video, with Ann Coulter who recently released the book “DEMONIC”……….!

As a matter of fact, today, Friday, March 2 ~ Stewart Best & I [Larry Taylor] discussed Andrew Breitbart and other things on the new Best Mid-Week Global Audio for March 2nd posted on The Light Gate [new audio] ……….

 [Andrew Breitbart Family]

Our prayers go out today to comfort Andrew’s precious family [above] and I listened to Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin refer to Andrew’s work & family life. Andrew will be certainly missed from the MEDIA and in his personal relationships. Andrew Breitbart was a true MEDIA HERO and I salute the man, the professional, the husband, the father and again say “Andrew, you will be missed!”………………………………LARRY W. TAYLOR

 [Singer & Writer, Stephanie Quayle]

Stephanie Quayle is a friend of my wife, Darnette and we were concerned with her well-being because of the tornado out-breaks all in heartland of U.S. especially today. Darnette said Stephanie sent email today saying “tornadoes”….!!!! And we believe she is OK. Think she was in Nashville,TN area today. Stephanie Quayle is a gifted artist and prayer warrior when needed. We are praying for you Stephanie……………

 [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli [above photo] is working with Richard Shaw, filming for his Watchers 4 DVD in the WATCHERS investigative series & is finishing up in New Orleans,LA. today..! You can always read L.A.’s BLOG  daily and check his website …while Richard’s website is  ……….! AND L.A. ~ I love that hat!  LARRY TAYLOR   /

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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19 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 2, 2012

  1. GeorgeAnn says:

    Dear Larry, thank you for your kind words about Andrew Breitbart .
    He will be missed by many….And, thank you for your earthquake

    • larrywtaylor says:

      GeorgeAnn ~~~~~ Thanks for reply. I wrote about Andrew Breitbart what was in my heart and posted today, Saturday some “data” about questions into his death..??? Andrew Breitbart was a media ‘Hero’ as far as I’m concerned. And now, Jerome Corsi, Joe Apaio, Rick Wiles, L.A. Marzulli, Alex Jones & many others are posting questions..???? again,
      Thanks! Larry Taylor

  2. Darnette Taylor says:

    Thank you for your blog. Sadness is in many hearts tonight. Loosing Andrew Breitbart was devestaing .
    I’m praying for Stephanie as well as all the other. There were many injuried and killed in those storms.
    My prayers are with all as well with family members in Tennesee.
    We all face storms in our live. But when we look around there are others that face so much more.
    That’s when we lean to the Lord and his comforting arms. Larry thank you.

  3. Our prayers are with all. Strange times we’re in. Keep the faith!

    Thanks for all you do.


  4. Elaine says:

    So much and so sad… I sigh.

    Prayers for all of our watchmen!

  5. Ever think the tornadoes are happening because of the US- unsupportive Israel policy? Just been checking these tornadoes and it seems to coincide with the headlines from 2 weeks back. Things are kicking up. May The Holy Blood of The Lamb cover all his Children from the IDES OF MARCH.
    I found something that you might want to take a look at. The LORD led me to this and for 48 hours of writing it produced a warning that must be noticed and read. Shalom to All. Thank you Larry.

  6. linda says:

    Larry, I live just over an hour from the total devastation in Henryville, and Marysville in southern
    Indiana! These people have lost everything! All media is down there reporting this morning.
    We had quarter size hail just missing us, and was told to watch for tornados as the 1974 outbreak. Hawk mentioned last night this was weather warfare aimed at Chicago, but a buffer
    wall was set up against it, so it went more south! Only the beginning, only the beginning! Local
    media had helicopters down there reporting all night long………it is very tragic….so far 34 dead.

  7. Marksman says:

    May God bless Andrew’s family, co-workers and friends in this loss. May the truth come out and those responsible receive justice. May his invaluable work continue through so many other watchmen and may they have the boldness he does. And may God protect all those – like Larry and Darnette, Stewart, Stan and Holly, Alex, Augusto, Dr. Montieth, Lindsey William, Glenn Beck, Rush, etc – who still speak the truth to awake the true believers in God and his ability to protect those who trust in him. And may we all walk in his ways and trust him for all we need as he is our source through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • Dolores says:

      Amen, Marksman!!

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~~ I always look forward to a word, maybe even a sentence from you!
        You leave such nuggets in replys! I have been in prayer and I think more will come
        from Andrew Breitbart’s efforts on this side, even though HE is now on the other..!!!!
        Augusto Perez should be back & talking soon! shalom,
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Marksman ~~~~ Thanks my friend….! And indeed all the watchmen need to stand
      strong at this time!
      Larry Taylor

  8. Elaine says:

    We had a very silent heavy deep snow here in my town so I was able to listen to Larry and Stewart…..really intense talk….gonna listen again today while I am snowed in!
    I live in Michigan on the shore of Lake Michigan and we are adept at dealing with snow but I tell ya…..that much, that fast and heavy was unusual! I have never seen a thing like this happen:

    “The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office has declared all of the county’s roads “impassable.” Heavy snowfall has blanketed the area, and even though the road crews are out plowing, they can’t stay ahead of the accumulation snow.” (copied and pasted from the news page)

    WOW! The entire county just to my north was closed down! EVERY SINGLE ROAD!!!!…..we were getting up to 2 inches per hour and it was very heavy, wet stuff! I tried to take some art to submit for an exhibit and when I left my shop at 5p.m. it was bare ground and pavement but beginning to rain and just the time it took to go 5 blocks it was sleet beginning to stick. I walked to the main door and a note said to use the north entrance so I went back to the car to drive around rather than carry a big box with 4 sheets of glass and art around a huge building! But in the few minutes it took, I decided it was getting too dangerous to drive in and went straight home about a quarter mile and it was dumping so fast that the driveway was barely able to pull into because the snow was so deep!
    The satellite dish was covered and no signal by 7p.m……first time in 3 years and we have had plenty of snow in those winters! Brace yourself, folks, The Lord is speaking through all these things! I am snowed in in the middle of town and staying quietly here and keeping the sabbath holy!

  9. Dolores says:

    My heart breaks for Andrew’s family. I’m sure this also serves as a warning to all who would dare report the TRUTH. We should ramp up the prayers for them. Someone mentioned that we should beware of the Ides of March. Is anything prophesied for that date? The “Ides of March” is March 15th……………..Shalom to all!

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~~ March 15th soon! The NEWS groups are removing the ‘truth’ tellers
      from their networks 1 by 1, and more soon! And only God knows how long us poor
      “bloggers” have left…?????
      Larry Taylor

  10. Gail Doucet says:

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but you always say that there are messages in programs. Well i’m watching a tv show called flash forward and in part 13 they are talking about bird die offs and what they are about made my heart stop.Very unsetting if it is any where CLOSE to being true. Watch it if you can. Flash Forward was cancelled after the first season, sort of like Jerichro
    I pray this has nothing to do with ANYTHING..
    PS i rewatched” Red Elks’s Great Vision” today and everything he said about the weather is happening NOW,
    I guess it has started!
    Love me

  11. Gail Doucet says:

    Larry, what is going on!! I leave the above message, then I go read the message in the above comment on
    Here is the line that made my heart again Stop,” whereby they gain power on one principle, the law of attraction by subliminally embedding this affirmation upon the collective subconscious”
    That’s what Flash Forward is talking about ” the collective subconscious”.
    I think there is a very evil plan going on and only alot of pray is going to keep us save. I think I’m just going to go get under Jehovah’s wing and stay there..
    Again All my love to all of Us

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Gail ~~~~~ I’ve seen some of Flash Forward, but not all of the series! We zero in
      on the natural threat fairly well most days, but sometimes forget the “depth” to which EVIL works in the spirit realm! ~ where’s my rose colored glasses…??????????
      Larry Taylor

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