Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 5, 2012

 [Andrew Breitbart Begins]

EXCLUSIVE BREITBART: “The Vetting Begins”  ~ The vetting of President Barack Obama begins with Andrew Breitbart’s final piece, exposing Obama’s association with a radical leftist play titled — appropriately enough— ‘The Love Song of Saul Alinsky’…! See this beginning report at  ………………

 [Andrew Breitbart on stage]

Headline on Andrew Breitbart’s website March 5  entitled: “CNN Attacks Breitbart Hours After Death” ~ see this report on Breitbart’s website and other video at  ………………..

 [March 5 – X1 Class Flare]

Space Weather News reports March 5th STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY ~ Monday morning, March 5, an X1-Class solar flare erupted off the sun. Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an extreme (UV) ultraviolet flash. The explosion hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The expanding cloud will probably deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on March 6 or March 7  ……….

 [Iran-N. Korea Nukes]

Ynetnews Israel BREAKING ~ “Iran Held Nuclear Test in North Korea” Germany’s Die Welt Newspaper, March 5, 2012 report: Tehran and Progyang joined forces on possibly more than one nuclear test in early 2012.  ……………

 [Daylight Film @ Obama]

Drudge Report  and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze News  posting: “New Film Blast’s Obama’s Record on Israel” with trailer at  and full report on the DAYLIGHT film  ……………………..

 [Russia Airport Israel Map]

What is this ?  ~  Maps [see above] being reportedly passed out at Moscow Airport and the papers have no West Bank & Golen Heights on the map of Israel…? This report can be seen on the DEYO website ………..

 [Oklahoma Mountain Gateway]

Here is a photo image, including ‘CottonBall’ the cat on deck where at times, there seems to be seen strange things in the sky at night. Pretty good view from here of anything from jet fighters, military helicopters or UFOs [unknown objects] that may go by…! AND there is a possibility that L.A. Marzulli may post in his new issue coming of his newsletter a very odd sighting by me [Larry Taylor]…..? You can sign up for L.A.’s internet newsletter at his website  and read L.A.’s Daily Blog with incredible NEWS and comments by L.A. ……….!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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7 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 5, 2012

  1. Darnette Taylor says:

    Great news, awesome

  2. Marksman says:

    Thanks for the more frequent blogs, Larry. I appreciate your comments and the links and the pix. What a great view you have! God bless you and Darnette in your efforts as watchmen for God’s people.

  3. VAUGHN WEST says:

    LARRY ,Mighty Odd The Sudden Death Of Andrew Breitbart , i am Praying for his Family.
    2012 will be a Test for All of Us. They are saying 102 or more Tornados in one day last week .
    If people do not see this event as strange ,then there is no helping them. Time too Help is over by now . There is a Movement too Impeach the President and the other Offices held by the War pushers .W.W.W, 3 must be stopped . Thank you Larry for your Work . The Truth Will Be Told and many will not want too hear it .God Bless ,Be Safe ,,Larry i have a You Tube Channel – vaughn497
    if any one would like too view me And my message ,I try too do Daily Reports ,,Thank You ,,God Bless ,,the old marine

  4. Dolores says:

    Wonderful blog, Larry – as always. What a time to be alive! Treachery abounds. Andrew Breitbart gone – who next? Steve Quayle’s site has been hacked and down for several days. Truth needs to be stopped at all costs. Thanks so much for all you do to get the truth out. Am continuing to pray for you,as always,

  5. Carole Rotola says:

    Larry, things are happening so fast I can hardly keep up with them. I sure appreciate
    all you post. Cannot get on Steve Quayle any which way right now. Stan and Holly are still up
    but not posting today. Up where i am we are in blizzard conditions today and I wonder how long
    I will be able to still get on the web. We are in for a wild ride.
    My advice to everyone is stay as close to the Lord as you can and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY
    God bless you and Darnette

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