Larry Taylor Alert ~ March 8, 2012

 [Fox News Alert]

Well, this Thursday morning, March 8, 2012 ~ Fox News has issued an ALERT reporting “Solar Storm in Progress” [see image above] March 8: Largest solar storm in years will hit today from solar flares in X-Class hurled off the sun with major eruptions. Alert indicates the (CME)s coronal mass ejections will hit Earth ‘right on the nose’ or will be direct hits on the planet.  AND the Alert is warning of possible disruptions of power grids, GPS systems and airline flights………….!

 [Space Weather X5 Flare]

Space Weather & NOAA has warned of the incoming solar flares (CME)s with one being a large X5.4 Class Flare which NOAA warns could impact weather on the Earth beginning on March 8. Warnings also that X-Class flares can affect astronauts, satellites, radio signals and communications planet-wide..!  NOAA is reporting this morning, March 8 ~ Earth K-Index as Kp=5 STORM, warning of a Level 5 Storm in Earth’s Geomagnetic Field. {could cause satellites to reboot or shut-down} ……

Stewart Best  has uploaded a new Best Mid-Week Global Audio with Larry Taylor as guest & we discuss some of the recent solar activity and the new ALERT on the incoming X5.4 Class Solar Flare. And the possibility this incoming storm might last 48+ hours. Free Listen:  …………….

 [GOES Solar X-Ray Image]

NOAA reported [above] sun image for March 7 and gave the following early report on UV blast from the sun with radiation. NOAA ~ Geomagnetic Storm G2, Solar Radiation S3 and Radio Blackouts R3……………………..NOAA

I will watch this on-going Solar Storm event for the next 48+ hours and send ALERT updates as needed, if possible………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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4 Responses to Larry Taylor Alert ~ March 8, 2012

  1. Marksman says:

    Thanks for the post, Larry. Exciting times in which we live and in which our loving Father can operate in the lives of those who truly trust in him for their deliverance – as they follow the example of Jesus and trust in his salvation plus listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. Keep looking up!! Fear not!!

  2. Don says:

    Appreciate your faithfulness I know its hard when it seems no one is listening. There are still some that are though. God bless, Don

  3. Dolores says:

    Thank you so much, Larry for this “heads up”. It must be ominous if even the “faux” news is reporting it. Signs in the sun, moon, and stars = Jesus is coming soon. Looking forward to downloading and listening to your latest Best/Taylor update. Shalom, Dolores

  4. Kathy says:

    Larry, your post arrived in my email box at 9:07 AM so even if your satellite went out at that time, at least some of us got it. I join everyone else in appreciation for all the news you gather. I don’t know how you keep up!

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