Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 25, 2012

 [Space Weather]

Well, recent ‘warning’ from Space Weather  with [above] image: “Incredible Sunspot AR1429 Still Erupting” ~ Sunspot AR1429 sent a significant CME March 24, CME will not hit Earth, forecast track [see image above] shows the expanding cloud from the sun. Leading edge of CME expected to arrive at Stereo-B space-craft on March 25, but none of the inner planets to be affected…IF AR1429 remains active for another week it will turn again facing Earth.

 [Hunger Games Code Matrix]

Larry Taylor has been following “The Hunger Games” phenomena very closely in the last week as the new film comes to movie theaters, including novels, magazines, games, etc. And, after prayer, sent Barry Roffman a list of words/terms requesting Torah Code Research Matrix on the words. Barry Roffman kindly responded with the Torah Code Research Matrix [see matrix image above] and will remind viewers this is not prediction, as the ‘Hunger Games’ film is already out and “after-the-fact” not prediction! This code is after the event/phenomena began…….THANKS, Barry!

 [Hunger Games]

BREITBART NEWS  ~ ‘Hunger Games’ on Fire! LionsGate Insider: It’s a GO! $138 Million+……………………

 [BREITBART – Hunger Games]

BREITBART ~ ‘Hunger Games’ Review: “You’re Either With Big Government or Against It!”  “Government. Big. Oppressive, Evil government is what smacks you in the face throughout the film!”  ……………………….

 [RollingStone Magazine]

ROLLINGSTONE  ~ ‘The Hunger Games’: If Rockers Ruled Panem…??? REVIEW: “Relax, You LEGIONS of ‘Hunger Games’ we have a winner ! The New BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE: “Start The REVOLUTION !!!

 [Barry Roffman Torah Code]

Barry Roffman emailed me of his new Torah Code Research Matrix on BOB BALES – Bob Bales Smites All Afghans in His Wrath  and Barry added in report: “This is what happens when our military is stretched beyond it’s human limits.” Barry’s website:  …………

 [Augusto Perez Ministry]

Augusto Perez recently returned from Guerrero, Mexico just as the 7.9 Earthquake struck there [usgs lowered to 7.4] and related information to Larry Taylor of the area. Augusto had spent a ‘secret mission trip’ there [see photo above of mission trip] and then Augusto posted this experience on his Dreams-Visions  entitled: Internal Glory Revealed. Augusto’s site .

 [confidential photo]

Just a note on UFO’s or Anomaly Sightings ~ recently [name not posted by me] took photo at Wal-Mart location in USA and then saw in image the 3 (three) box like objects in photo, except the ‘objects’ were not there to the naked eye…!!!! ?     {just a note}

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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33 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 25, 2012

  1. Vaughn West says:

    Larry ,that movie Hunger Game is a wild examply of what is too come .
    Indiana got a hard Strom ,with alot of Hail.My Green Beans are coming up .It is 60 degress today 3-25-2012. has been in high 80s for a week and a half.Oh the Beans come up in 10 days.
    Larry ,stay safe on your hill .Prayers your way .Love You Friend ,,the old marine

    • Dolores says:

      We’ve had the same weather here in the mid-Atlantic. Fruit trees, and everything, are in bloom. We’ve already mowed our lawn twice!!! Nightime temps in the low 30’s are being predicted for this week. If so, good by fruit crop for this season!! Someone mentioned that the unusualy warm weather could prematurely heat up the Ocean for TERRIBLE hurricanes this year.
      Shalom to all,

      • Larry Taylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~ Hello, friend! Yes, it’s March and was 90F here in Oklahoma today.
        Bugs out, snakes crawling, everything blooming! Really different………I wonder if
        I made this BLOG – March 25th too strong…? But, hardly anyone, and I mean any
        person, is ready for the future…? READY….?
        Larry Taylor

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Vaughn ~~~~ Wondered where the ole’ marine was lately..? Bless you my friend!
      Larry Taylor

  2. cindy b says:

    Larry could you please explain the code matrix-on hunger games and bales i am sorry I just don’t get it ,i really want to understand the tora codes but have no foundation in it,could you give me a starting point please, thank you so much for giving of your time ,your life to inform us, I know we all keep you and your family in our prayers,,GOD BLESS ,STAY SAFE. cindy b in kansas.

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Cindy ~~~~ Feel tonight like doing that, if you don’t understand, would be like
      fighting the WIND…! Some time I will try to describe “what you ask on recording
      show, but I don’t have much access to radio lately or time….! Only question I have
      is “did you pray about it or for understanding”???????? Most don’t, they just want
      answers…………..Larry Taylor

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Cindy ~~~~ To get just a quick LOOK on Codes see {video} trailer Torah Code 2012
      just write into your browser & watch…! OR visit for info!
      Larry Taylor

      • cindy b says:


      • larrywtaylor says:

        Cindy B ~~~~ Did you see the video LINK I sent you to watch, Torah Code 2012….?
        That’s Eli Rips, Glazerson, Haralick, Marzulli….. Did it help put codes in perspective…?
        Larry Taylor

      • cindy says:

        YES! thank you so much for the u tube video,i do understand it now a little better, i believe it,deep in my heart,GOD knows the end from the beginning,and he tells us in dreams visions, the holy spirit speaking to our hearts, and the Tora codes I BELIVE THEM, i got dreams for awhile now of UFO’s I do think GOD shows us the future,to be prepared a wise man prepares a fool suffers the consequences, God wants us to prepare or he would not have put so much prophecy in the bible and because he loves us,this is yet another way GOD is saying HEY HERE I AM,COME TO ME BEFORE IT’S TO LATE,and in my opinion it is getting late, I feel like the other shoe is going to drop any time now( urgent feeling) hard to explain,thank you so much GOD BLESS YOU AND FAMILY cindy b

  3. Mariel Strauss says:

    Soldiers pushed beyond human capacity, yes that seems right. I am afraid to see Hunger Games, too horrible. I wonder if young people are not being further mind-numbed by seeing this.

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Mariel ~~~~ This WAR on terror, etc. has lasted longer than WW2 and with many
      of the same soldiers, over & over….Dear Lord!
      Larry Taylor

  4. Toni says:

    As always (hunger games) they have to tell us in advance what they’re going to do to us. STORE FOOD and SEEDS! Learn skills now to be independent of the beast!

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Toni ~~~~ Good preps, but what I’ve indicated by Hunger Games is not just the
      what they shall do, but part of our prophetic fall, as USA into change/revolution!
      Larry Taylor

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Taylor: I wonder where your spiritual discernment is at times. The Hunger Games is nothing but predictive programming for the satanification of children. Check out some reviews on this mind-control movie. Just like the Super Bowl half time show. Satanic ritual thrown right in our faces.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=877d999dc4530baa&biw=1394&bih=748

    • Larry Taylor says:

      and then there’s anom……..~~~~~ It’s OK, didn’t expect anyone to really think I have
      any discernment. BUT what I warn about is serious. However, don’t care what the
      others believe…? I warn of a SWORD coming. It’s your own to decide the truth. But
      why hang-around and LISTEN/READ from someone that is so faltering as I in the
      DISCERN realm..? I’m not sure I understand why you read my stuff..? But, It’s OK.
      Larry Taylor

      • Larry Taylor says:

        anon ~~~ The USA & world tumbling on the brink, going over the cliff and you
        worry about any discernment I might have on a movie…???? My GOD, this is
        what’s wrong………………….!!!!!!!!
        Larry Taylor

    • Dolores says:

      The children these days have already been “satanified”, due to lack of fear of God on the parent’s part. Churches, churches, everywhere, but not a drop of TRUTH to drink! This is a generation of “strange children”, as mentioned in the Bible. Ignore the watchman’s warnings at your own peril. What we face is anything but child’s play. A sword IS coming. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

    • cindy b says:

      ANONYMOUS, if you need to read reviews, my discernment,tells me you don’t have any DISCERNMENT,OR GUTS YOU CANT EVEN SIGN YOUR NAME, so I wont be checking out any links you lay out….., no name,no game,…..GOD BLESS YOU. cindy b

  6. onecansay says:

    My savior Jesus gave me no fear.


  7. Norm says:

    Larry have you seen this?

  8. Larry Taylor says:

    Norm ~~~~ Now that is some interesting, Thanks!
    Larry Taylor

  9. Vaughn West says:

    LARRY ,,ALL MUST PREPARE FOR ,,,REV . 18 ,,IT IS COMING SOON ,,God Bless ,,the old marine

  10. On the photo with the boxes….looks to me to be suspended traffic signals. The resolution isn’t high enough to see the wires holding them up. One of the poles they are attached to is in the image. I can certainly see how one could miss them as how many times have we missed traffic signals i our life?

    • Name Unknown says:

      I assure you sir there were NO traffic lights or signals where the photo was taken it was in the middle of a highway!From the look of your facebook page i would say you are nothing more than a debunker of truth.Get a life

      • Nope, just trying to find a logical explaination for what is in the image. How about supplying a better quality image if you gonna attack an honest observation? I don’t understand how you came to that leap of judgemen that I am a truth hater. Please elaborate.

  11. Cheryl says:

    Wow! Heated replies! I saw the movie (hunger games) yesterday…lots of interesting/ informative parts …
    I was just looking up that verse you and Stewart always say re: “study to show yourselves approved” and I saw this, in the same chapter, Aramaic version — of 2 Timothy 2:26
    “And they will remember their souls and break loose from the trap of Satan by whom they were captured for his pleasure.”
    I looked up the Greek too and remember their souls can also mean regain their senses!! What if this means to regain the ability to connect with our own soul (like some of what Red Elk talks about & what I’ve definitely learned via my classes w Tom Brown Jr. ) I have learned how to use many senses, all part of my right brain (?) or spiritual senses or whatever people want to label them — our schools keep us in a left brain, logical only BOX paradigm …. I was just thinking about the verse re: “study” because it might include that Christians ought to be learning how to BE STILL and listen to the still small voice of God?!? That’s mostly what it is. Tom brown, like red elk, are still fallible people — so we all have to figure out how to understand/learn from what is being said… But I took an online live class called “the escape” this past weekend, taught by Tom & he said that listening in this way IS like learning a new language, so if we practice it now–then when all of this unfolds and gets dangerous and destructive, we will know how to see and understand the signs, omens, premonitions and visions from God.
    Sorry this is one long run on sentence… I just had it all in my mind and was trying to formulate how to say it all…whilst typing on my Cel phone here!!

    Best to you!! And thanks for all you do!! Maybe some of it is like we’re all different members of the same body and we’re meant to all study where we are lead too, and collaborate?! Go figure 😉

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Cheryl ~~~~ My God ~ you typed all that on a cell phone…! You’re good, very good,
      or your very ‘ambidextrus’ or endowed with very small, long fingers! HA! Thanks for
      the report, Cheryl, yes Red Elk & Tom Brown known that LISTENING is such a
      valuable asset..! Hardly anyone works that angle ~ LISTENING! Very good, Cheryl,
      bless you for writing………….I need to write another blog before this one explodes!
      Larry Taylor

  12. Larry Taylor says:

    onecansay ~~~~~ EXCUSE ME…????????? Now I need correction on writing….????
    1 QUESTION ~ If the Holy Spirit doesn’t correct my writing GOD, why do you wish to do
    so..??? According to His Word, He knows the intent & purpose of my heart before I write
    or say anything! If so, why do you choose to step out, even politely, and correct my life..?
    I’m not perfect, however; don’t believe you are yet either….! There has been a little ‘troubling’
    in this blog, as one mentioned earlier. Please leave me to the Creator! I follow and am
    corrected by Him in personal walk….? sincerely,
    Larry Taylor

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