Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 31, 2012

 [Just The Facts]

Well, here we are at the last day of March ~ March 31, 2012, Saturday and the world scene is PERFECT STORM RISING………………………………

 [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli is in Lubbock, Texas this weekend  in conference there with Russ Dizdar & Others…! L.A. is also busy filming and researching for the upcoming WATCHERS 4 DVD of the series!  and heard from Richard Shaw  recently that there was awesome research data in the Watchers 4 information pool. Richard Shaw has some WATCHERS trailers on the PROJECTS section of his website……………..

 [New Mexico Observatory]

Space Weather News  ~ Oklahoma has another incredibly powerful ‘lightning’ bolt, March 30, 2012; near Woodward, Oklahoma. Tulsa, Oklahoma had one a few days ago recorded by Oklahomans as an earthquake? But was reported to be only 1 massive lightning bolt. New Mexico Observatory [photo above] photographed sprites in thundercloud. However, the SPRITES caused near Woodward, Oklahoma are known as summer sprites and this is 3 months early in Oklahoma…………..

 [Barry & David Roffman]

Barry Roffman has a new Torah Code Matrix Research entitled: “Attack Via Azerbaijan” an Israeli attack launched from Azerbaijan against Iran. The research matrix can be viewed from  and the photo [image above] is from an earlier conference with Barry Roffman and son, David [on right side]. Barry’s website is extensive research on codes  …………………….

 [Prometheus 2012]

PROMETHEUS 2012 ~ Movie Coming June 8, 2012 in USA “Alien Threat To All Mankind” with trailer  [U.K. Version] CAUTION: ‘They Went Looking For Our Beginning ~ What They Found Could Be Our End!’ As a matter of fact, Alex Jones is videoing a REVIEW of this incredible movie. Alex Jones website is  and some movie data from IMDB on the movie PROMETHEUS 2012 is at  ……………………….


Jack Bauer [movie 24] is in trouble. The new ’24’ that was supposed to be filming this Spring 2012, has been put off 1 year into 2013…! As some may remember the DOTS in the recent episodes of 24 with Jack Bauer [Keifer Sutherland] {see above image} has the first nuclear weapon going off in ~ where? Well, LOS ANGELES…! And the terror attacks in 24 duing the last episodes, where did they connect ~ WELL, the top, and I mean top of the U.S. Government….??? Now what did I just write? Well, FICTION of course. An old site maybe still active  ………………………………

 [U.S. Nuke Threats ~ DEYO map]

Deyo 24 News  or  ~ Deyo article: “Al-Qaeda Nukes Already in U.S. with 7 Cities Targeted” [see above map, Holly Deyo] article from World Net Daily  and associated report: “Al-Qaeda Warns Muslims, Time to Get Out of USA..” You can view the stories off DEYO  and they also posted {prophetic} The Day the U.S. Will Be Nuked by Clint Young  ………………


WARNING ~ March 31 Operation Global Blackout: Report  of hackers intending to shut down the internet by dis-abling core DNS servers…??? Well, the Internet is still up at NOON central time U.S. and hopefully it will stay up a little longer if possible……………LARRY TAYLOR

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 31, 2012

  1. Dolores says:

    There certainly seems to be a perfect storm rising – a storm of evildoers in high places, becoming more brazen by the day. Storm warning in the skies of Woodward Oklahoma, and elsewhere in the heavenlies. A storm of lies, lies, lies, in media. Dark storm clouds brewing, warning of fearful things to come. The Holy Spirit of the Living God has sent a final “storm warning/take cover under the shadow of the Almighty” report to those with ears to hear…….I am grieved that only a handful seem to be looking up, ( in the spirit) for if they did they would see the dark swirling clouds, hear the loud thunder of hoofbeats in the distance, coming like gangbusters, unstopable, save for national repentance, which most likely will never come. Movies hitting too close to the dreaded TRUTH, being cancelled, or postponed, as if shown, may serve to wake a few more lost souls from their stupor. May all who love sleep, continue one and all in a perpetual sleep and never wake up. Know you have been warned by Larry, and other watchmen, all blowing the shofar for many years.
    For those of you who are awake, let’s pray fervently, one for another, that we can make it through the storm, having done all, clinging to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Dolores ~~~ faithful reader & comment expert, Dolores, so enjoy your replys and
      always with some wisdom DOTS embedded…! Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

      • Larry Taylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~ Yes, thinking about what you said. Seems just a small core group
        has ears that hear & eyes that see…? Guess the rest are like storeroom dummies!
        Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        “EYE SALVE FOR THE BLIND, ANOINTING OIL FOR THE DEAF” will be the topic of Steve Quayle, on Omegaman radio tonight. ( April 1, 2012) A MUST hear!!

        For all you “storeroom dummies” out there, I recommend that instead of tuning into the show, you sit back, open a can of beer, and watch “dancing with the stars”, or whatever is on the boob tube tonight. Don’t forget to keep that “deer in a headlight” look going, as that is fashionable these days………………

  2. Gaby says:

    Again, thank you, Larry! I was just thinking that, for many years now, I have been watching, ever since the LORD YASHUAH became my savior. It seems like, in the beginning, it was like a small snowball rolling down the mountain side, slowly increasing in size and speed. And now, it is growing faster and coming faster all the time. Wonder who will be able to get out of the way of this enormous snowball, that is now more like giant avalanche approaching. Like Dolores said, we need to keep each other in prayer and continue to pray for our lost loved ones and others we know. Hardly anyone will listen. So heartbreaking.

    Bless you,


    • Larry Taylor says:

      Gaby ~~~~~ Yes, the rolling snowball is really BIG now! And, as you say, the
      people are few who hear?
      Larry Taylor

  3. Elaine says:

    Thanks as always Larry! And, along with Dolores and Gaby……I do pray for those who are snoozing but still believe that at least some will wake up and turn to us and ask, “What were you talking about?”
    And I feel like a thirsty sponge studying and praying and being given such great instruction and insight from our watchmen like Larry, L.A., Stan, Quayle, etc…….we are being filled for a reason and when the grid goes down we will have to remember….so study carefully! And keep your KJV close!

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~ Amen! Called Stewart couple days ago about an update, but hasn’t
      called back by this Sunday AM, he’s having difficult time!
      Larry Taylor

      • Elaine says:

        I was worried about Stewart since his Vchannel show seemed to be an old speech he’d given to some group…..sounded like speaker phone and thought he may have been overdoing it and wasn’t up to a fresh show! Prayers said.

      • Larry Taylor says:

        Elaine ~~~~ OK! for the record Stewart & I recorded about 1.5 – 2 hrs. late this
        Sunday, but not sure where he will put the recording yet? Was interesting to say
        the least! If web update, maybe up by Monday..????
        Larry Taylor

  4. Tony says:

    Seems like the loading of the fault lines in central arkansas might be on the table. Past two nights something with multicolar lights has been sitting in same spot for hours at a time. Can’t get the 7 X 35’s to see detail but close enough. Will see what the days ahead bring. Tony

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Tony ~~~ That is certainly interesting…???? Keep me appraised. There were 2 EQ’s
      about 2.2 range in Arkansas today, April 1. Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

  5. Kim L says:

    Praying earnestly for all God’s faithful and His dear Jewish people…the apple of His eye! Please pray for young people in our country. Many of us are getting amazing opportunities to share the Gospel with teens and they are immediately coming under persecution and threats from their non-believing parents to “cease and desist” any of this “religious garbage”. Join me in praying hedges of protection on these dear kids as they reach for Christ’s salvation in this dangerous, warped time of humanity. Thank you Larry and all you “watchers” who labor so diligently to inform those who would hear. You never leave my prayers.


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