Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 2, 2012

 [North Korean Launch Site]

DRUDGE REPORT BREAKING  ~ RED ALERT: Pentagon Activates Missile Defense For North Korean Launch  is now reporting “Pentagon: Global Missile Shield Activated For North Korean Missile Launch……..DEVELOPING……

 [Washington D.C.]

DRUDGE  ~ Al-Qaeda Websites, Forums, Go Dark….”Off Line Now For 11 Days…”  Websites Hacked? Reason is unknown……..{prophetic} ??????????


L.A. Marzulli   on Monday, April 2, 2012 posted a disturbing news link: “U.S. Officials Decide to Move Jerusalem Out of Israel” ~ policy at U.S. State Department ‘do not recognize’ JERUSALEM as capital of Israel, dated March 28, 2012  Washington D.C.

 [Thousand Words]

‘If a picture is worth a thousand words ~ here’s a thousand word picture’

 [The Hunger Games]


 [Barry Roffman Code]

Barry Roffman has completed a new research Torah Code Matrix entitled: “The Hunger Games”  with Barry Roffman additional remark ~ ‘The Hunger Games’ a 3,300 year old film review in Torah….! Go to the LINK for the research into The Hunger Games matrix or read from Barry Roffman’s website  under the title HUNGER GAMES……………..!

 [Message of the Revolution]

INFOWARS NEWS  with Alex Jones reports “Secrets of THE HUNGER GAMES, revealed: Agenda 21 ‘message of the revolution’ {video} from LINK

 [Breitbart Is Here]

Well, [image above] ~ BREITBART IS STILL HERE  …………


NEWS WITH VIEWS  recent Greg Evensen article entitled: “Civil War Has Begun: America Is Fatally Deceived” can be found and read from  and contact with Greg Evensen or his website  ……………………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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6 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 2, 2012

  1. Vaughn West says:

    Larry ,the Cato Institute, had a group meeting declaring the importance of actting now on the full attact on Iran ,and take them out =

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Vaughn ~~~~ Yes, the situation is very serious. Plus just 1 move in the Middle East
      by either side and the world changes…!!! Be Safe, my friend….
      Larry Taylor

  2. Dolores says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read more sobering information than what you have posted on your blog today, Larry! It sickens me to the very core of my being to see where we’re headed, yet Jesus warned that these things would take place. It seems that all creation is shouting RED ALERT, RED ALERT!! The question of the day then is – IS ANYONE LISTENING??? I’m reminded of a sketch the late Keith Green had on one of his praise tapes. Bro. Ben McKnight used it too. It’s a field full of white sheep who are heading off a cliff. Struggling to squeak through, in the opposite direction, is a black sheep saying “excuse me, excuse me”……………Not even one white sheep noticed or asked why the black sheep was heading in the opposite direction. Kind of like today.

    • Larry Taylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ I liked Keith Green & his song, ‘Going Back to Egypt’, really miss his
      prophetic/biblical music…! AND, Ben McKnight [brother Ben] haven’t heard from him
      in a while. I’ve wrote but no reply! About November, 2011 Ben wrote me he had been
      hit with “HOTSHOT” from gov’t. and was very ill…??????
      Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        So sorry to hear about Bro. Ben. I wondered what happened to him. I love his music, as well as Keith Green’s. Seems like the body of Christ has lost many of it’s voices over the past number of years. I miss each voice, but know that one day, in a better place, we’ll hear them once again. I hope Stewart Best gets well soon, as your voice and his are so needed at this time. Thanks for all you do, Larry.

  3. Linda L. Gray says:

    There’s that number “11” again! (Al-Qaeda Websites, Forums, Go Dark….Off Line Now For 11 Days…). Do you think perhaps that something is being planned around the time of 4-11-12?

    Maybe Ron Reese’s (Five Doves) numerous speculations about that date will be correct. This article by Ron points to the Bible Codes:

    Also, I just listened to a four hour broadcast (8/18/11) by Nathan Leal with Omega Man (Blog Talk Radio) entitled “America’s Second Pearl Harbor”. Nathan also had a similar broadcast with Steve Quayle (8/16/11) which was only one hour in length — not enough time to properly give complete information. Is North Korea planning something more than just a test of their missiles which might tie in with Nathan’s prophetic warning?

    Thanks for the update Larry.

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