Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 14, 2012

 [Deyo Map]

Well, this Saturday, April 14, 2012 ~ DEYO WARNS “Tornado risk late Saturday, Saturday night with Life-Threatening Tornado Outbreak Weekend Mid-U.S. {see Deyo Map above}  and updates  …………………

  [Barry Roffman]

Barry Roffman [above photo in Egypt] researching Torah Codes located the recent matrix on “The Hunger Games”  adding: THE HUNGER GAMES ~ a 3,300 year old FILM review in Torah….! Barry Roffman’s website is located  …………………..

  [Suzanne Collins]

THE HUNGER GAMES ~ by Suzanne Collins “In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by 12 outlying districts.” And the film is breaking all records in the box office! Book 1 The Hunger Games, Then Book 2 entitled: CATCHING FIRE “The Games are over, but the battle has just begun”  and author Suzanne Collins says “It’s not about the games!”…………………………….

 [The Hunger Games]

Filmed in North Carolina, The Hunger Games, District 12 is for sale, reported by FOX NEWS  with District 12, or town formally known as Henry River Mill Village near Hildebran, North Carolina NOW World Famous………!

 [Mockingjay Pin]

In THE HUNGER GAMES this pin [see above image] of a ‘genetic mutation’ bird became the symbol of Revolt  2012 Lines Gate Film……

[Battleship Movie]

FOX NEWS  ~ “Universal Pictures Teams With Digital Media Company to Bring BATTLESHIP [movie above image] to U.S. Troops First” ~ Nations troops to experience the adventure blockbuster BATTLESHIP before the rest of the world, including U.S. citizens troops  …………


COMING MAY 18, 2012 ~ BATTLESHIP is movie trailer and HOME  …………….Coming to screen before U.S. Troops first…………..?????????

 [Stan Deyo]

STAN DEYO  ~ TIME OF THE GENTILES IS FINISHED! Stan Deyo’s latest dream/vision experience April 3, 2012  ………

 [Mary Lynn Rajskub]

Movie ’24’  {Mary Lynn Rajskub as CHOLE above} and Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer has reportedly been delayed into 2013.  The FOX series of ’24’ was mysteriously cancelled after season 8 where corruption & chaos was tracked by Jack to the TOP level of the U.S. Government. Like maybe the President? Yes! Then Jack went after the Presidential conspiracy. ’24’ cancelled! Recently, a new Movie: ’24’ 2012 was to begin filming spring, 2012, however; mysteriously delayed until 2013..?

 [’24’ 2012]

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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20 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 14, 2012

  1. Don Woodruff says:

    Thanks for the info Larry

  2. yahuwan says:

    Hello Larry,
    You and Stewart Best have been a Blessing in my life for many years. I just now finished listening to your latest 04-11-12 audio file and am here to encourage you both and say for all of us ‘out here’ who listen, but are silent or don’t know how or where to respond, that your work is extremely important and needed. YAHUWAH is truly using you both to help awaken those who “seek!”
    Please don’t stop and I will be in contact personally shortly.

    Be Blessed guys,
    Bill Call

  3. Elaine Moretti says:

    Speaking of the series “24” being mysteriously cancelled, anyone remember a prime time series called “Revelations” being mysteriously canceled as well say about four years ago or so? I think it might have aired every Sunday evening around 8 o’clock. It was a very interesting drama series loosely based on the the Christian understanding of the last days. It stopped airing just as a baby born in a desert tent (implications that he was either going to be a Christ or an anti-christ figure)

    • Elaine Moretti says:

      Sorry, typing in the comment above got cut off. Anyway, as I was saying, the series Revelations was dropped just as the general public might have gotten to know too much about what our future might hold! Very sad, because it was a compelling series and just might have prompted some folks, who might otherwise not, to pick up a bible…

  4. yahuwan says:

    Hello Larry,

    Both you and Stewart Best are a Blessing to the Body of MeoshiYAch. I’ve listened fairly consistently for years now and for all of us who listen, but may not know how to respond (or haven’t taken the time to do so!), want to say thank you so much for the hours and hours you both have dedicated to LOVING your fellow man and trying to help them (us) see!
    May YAHUWshua Bless and keep you… Bill Call

  5. Dolores says:

    It looks like we have been given a lot of ‘dots” to connect. One thing is sure – this is NO GAME!! The world as we know it is fixing to change, and could in a heartbeat. Hollywood, as always, is following the illuminati script – doing it’s part to warn, confuse, and send clues that only those who are awake can discern. I wonder where Suzanne Collins received her information? Did she come out of nowhere like the author of the Harry Potter books?

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~ Suzanne Collins, to write the Hunger Games 3 book series, like she did
      apparently had some “direction” and knowledge of a coming REVOLT in U.S. and an
      earth change event to set it all up…!!!
      Larry Taylor

  6. ChapDave says:

    I have read the books and seen the movie, largely to keep up with what my daughters were reading and to see what all the “fuss” was about. I wrote a reply earlier in Larry’s mail series here. I believe the author read of FEMA agenda, and then just played out the secenario in her imagination. As Christians, we know where this can come from. I was supprised by the graphic violence amongst young kids, offered as sacrifices. I have heard NO ONE, aside from Larry and one or two others, who realize the almost prophetic nature of the film, or even have the foggiest notion of blood sacrifices and the extent evil will play out in our world. Again, most even Christians are either, blinded, asleep, or just plainly don’t care about our current situation; I believe it is either/or all of the above. Blessings for you Larry for keeping us alert and up to speed in the Spirit of Christ…..ChapDave

  7. Vaughn West says:

    Check this out Larry –

    • Elaine Moretti says:

      I am assuming you are somewhere in England. Could the radiation from Fukushima, which is 11- or 12,000 miles away be causing such spikes? This is a terrible thing to contemplate! Or are the solar storms so severe that they are the culprit?

    • John Scott says:

      Vaughn, what was that on his car he was testing with his Geigercounter? I don’t believe he said in the video what it was. Did something fall from the sky? Wierd, whatever it was.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Vaughn ~~~~ WOW! Thanks Vaughn….Radiation is muchoX around us…!
      Larry Taylor

  8. Mariel Strauss says:

    Praying for your safety and that of Darnette during the tornado hitting Oklahoma. Read the 5 are dead in Woodward. Here in NM we got very high wind and some snow, with more snow possible if I read the “sheets” of precip obscuring the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains. But nothing as bad as Oklahoma and other states. But it is snow in April. We’ll be back to fire season in May.

  9. Vaughn West says:

    Larry and friends this young man in England test rain that falls in his area ,,the object is a paper towel , he know very well how too use the testing device ,he has earlier videos ,showing the testing ,,the thing is if they ,,,England is getting these reading what are we recieving friends ,,God Bless ,,love you all ,,the old marine

    • John Scott says:

      Oh wow, thanks Vaughn, I understand now. Wow, that is rather amazing video, very powerful. Yeah, if England is getting that much, what about us here in the US? Thanks for posting that, Old Marine. I wonder how much of that radiation is from Fukushima, etc. Everything is moving so fast now.

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