Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 1, 2012

 [Andrew Breitbart]

Well, now there seems to be another connection and mysterious death involving the Breitbart incident..? DEYO VIDEO OF THE DAY  ~ LAPD: Breitbart’s L.A. Coroner May Have Died From Arsenic Poisoning {video} related story  ………………

 [Barry Roffman: Breitbart Matrix]

Barry Roffman research matrix from Torah Code of Andrew Breitbart [above image] that has been UPDATED entitled: “Breitbart Death” and additional: ‘The Deaths of Andrew Breitbart and His Coroner’  and Barry Roffman states this is a ‘significant’ matrix find………….


BREITBART.COM NEWS  ~ ‘Breitbart is Here’ Protests at White House Correspondents Dinner at Washington Hilton   or main site  ………..

 [Hebrew Writing Mexican Volcano]

There was a report mentioned in the most recent Best Global Mid-Week Audio Update  about writing found on side of volcano in Mexico and was photoed [see above image] and during the Randy Yarbrough Show last Thursday Larry Taylor reported that L.A. Marzulli had emailed that this was a WARNING for 2012…! Now the original report was on a Spanish Only website and details were forthcoming as this information is presented…..!

 [Hebrew Letters on Mexican Volcano]

Both Augusto Perez & Barry Roffman sent me information on the Volcano in Mexico and the reported HEBREW LETTERS written there found about 9 years or so ago. Barry Roffman sent me a website for information on this report  and apparently the question: “Is That Really Hebrew on the Side of that Volcano in Mexico?”  with report from Augusto on Spanish & Hebrew data rendering a message of: “Coming Suddenly/Violently, Crater/Dragon, With Birth, December, 2012″…….read and discern for yourself, and Augusto adds that Hebrew Scholars interpreted message!

 [Benzion Netanyahu]

DEBKAfile Report ~ Benzion Netanyahu, scholar, dies at age 102. His death was announced by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office early Monday, April 30, 2012 and adds that Professor Netanyahu was academically active until his death in Israel. Benzion Netanyahu was the father of Binyamin Netanyahu. AND Ynetnews Israel had a short article  on the death of Benzion Netanyahu, reporting he was laid to rest in Jerusalem……………

LARRY TAYLOR NOTE ~ According to reports from Michael Drosnin and his early research with Eli Rips & Others in Bible Codes; Benzion Netanyahu was instrumental in WARNING then P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu of an assassination attempt found on him in the so-called Bible Codes of Drosnin, after the finding of the Rabin Assassination Code, however; Rabin refused to listen and was assassinated…! However, Benjamin Netanyahu did listen after his father warned him from the Drosnin code and it appears the code was at that time forestalled, however; Netanyahu is again Prime Minister in Israel….?????

 [Actor Esai Morales]

Breitbart News  ~ Actor Morales on Obama: ‘Where’s the Change that was Promised ?’…… …..??? Morales was an actor in the incredible TV Series “JERICHO” which a few has seen & connected the DOTS! You can view an episode on Amazon  or pay for viewing at the site  ………………………………………………………..

 [Drudge Report News]

DRUDGE REPORT NEWS  ~ Occupy Plans May ‘Global Disruption  …………..

 [Richard A. Coombes]

Richard Coombes, author of “America, The Babylon” recently wrote a FLASH WARNING on his website towards the prophetic, entitled as: ‘Major Prophetic Development Unfolds’  or you can view from his website  news page……………..

 [Movie ‘Impact’]

Recently watched a very interesting movie again that both Stewart Best & I have discussed on Audio Updates  entitled: IMPACT. This movie can be purchased from Amazon  and is interesting in the fact of talk about a Brown Dwarf Sun, Moon, Earth, Impact……..!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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10 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 1, 2012

  1. Lynn Williams says:

    Wow Larry!! Thanks for another information packed blog. I have had to read it several times to take it all in. Warnings sure are everywhere.
    Lynn in NZ

  2. Betty says:

    Awesome blog today, Larry!! Thanks so much. I remember well Actor Morales from the Jericho series. He was great!! And he chose the right side to be on in the end. God bless you.

  3. Elaine says:

    okay, now I want to know what is wrong with me…..I know that there is not much good news going on until our KING returns for us and there is vile sin and violence and fearful things in the heavens and on earth that I know Larry will be discussing…..yet when I get a notice in my inbox that there is a new Larry Taylor blog I get an immediate smile on my face! Thank you as always, dear watchman!

  4. Dolores says:

    Amazing blog, Larry! So much going on, it’s mind blowing. Seems that everything that has been hidden is being brought out in the open – no matter how much murder and mayhem the powers that be put in place to stop it. Hope everyone is making ready for a summer/fall of discontent followed by a winter deep in the matrix. In spite of the warnings – zombies, ghouls, werewolves, vampires, and the walking dead amongst us, remain blissfully asleep. May Lord Jesus have mercy on all who are his.

  5. Toni says:

    Great blog Larry. You always find something to write about that I hadn’t heard yet and today it’s the Hebrew writing on the volcano, wow! I’m thinking my birthday this year is going to be one to remember (12/21).

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