Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 4, 2012

 [Doug Hagmann]

Recently, Doug Hagmann has appeared on radio programs WARNING of imminent Civil War in America  and this week appeared in powerful WARNING program with Rick Wiles on TruNews Radio  on the audio list at Wednesday, May 2………………

 [TruNews Radio]

TruNews Radio with Rick Wiles  ~ “We Are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” says DHS Informant [from Doug Hagmann] while WARNING of a massive ‘Civil War’ in America  Doug Hagmann says to listeners  ………………………………..

 [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli last night, Thursday, on the Acceleration Radio program with guests, Richard Shaw & Rob Skiba ~ mentioned the coming trouble in America and spoke of the death of Andrew Breitbart & Breitbart’s coroner….? You can keep up with L.A. Marzulli through his BLOG  or  and read projects section on Rick Shaw’s  ………………………………

  [InfoWars News]

INFOWARS NEWS  ~ Leaked Documents Confirm Prison Camps Inside U.S.  ‘Documents leaked prepared for Department of Defense, shocking plans for ‘political activists’ to be pacified by PSYOPS officers………..{video by Alex Jones}

 [Fox News Alert]

FOX NEWS ALERT  ~ “Russia Threatens Military Strike if NATO Missile Defense Talks Fail” {breaking} Russian Official threatens pre-emptive strike on U.S.-led NATO missile facilities in Eastern Europe…………

 [Muslim Brotherhood]


 [Rollingstone Magazine]


 [New Australian Movie]

Watched a new movie DVD out recently entitled: TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN which is maybe an Australian remake of RED DAWN…? A sudden invasion of Australia and how unprepared the population is, even in the out-back regions for any OVERNIGHT change….??????????


There is a new BEST GLOBAL MID-WEEK AUDIO UPDATE with Larry Taylor for May 3, 2012 ~ uploaded by Stewart Best to The Light Gate website and [see image above] is quick-photo of Larry Taylor [center, holding head] Stew Best and associate recording, uploading audio for the internet free listen……….!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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25 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 4, 2012

  1. Mariel Strauss says:

    I listened to all of that two hour program last night with Skiba and Deyo and Marzulli. It was a repeat of a former broadcast, but it was so good that it is worth hearing more than once. The link is on the Deyo sight, under May 3.

  2. Freedom Fighter says:

    That’s you boys in that photo???????

    • larrywtaylor says:

      FF ~~~~ Well, maybe in our minds..? Actually the photo you refer to is from the Fox TV
      Series ’24’ with Jack Bauer..?? However, at times trying to record with Stewart Best, I
      must be holding my head as such in the photo ~ with Stewart looking on in Wonderland,
      HA! Larry Taylor

  3. Elaine says:

    Great blog, as usual!
    Isn’t it just amazing that on the very same page “they” can tout the Colorado “exercize where we INVITED (!!!!!?) Russian troups here to practice using our own military weapons against us and the articles about Russia threatening a military strike against NATO ( which includes us) over the defense shield????? I am just so mystifyed that no body is mentioning the contradictions!
    It is like having a daddy grizzly bear threatening to knock down the security gate at the front door while ya feed scraps to the mama grizzly out the back and teach her how to open a lock!
    God bless!

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~~ Good Point..!
      Larry Taylor

    • Dolores says:

      I just finished listening to Al Cuppett who said he was told the Russian troops in Colorado are “spetznaz” ( special forces) and aren’t going home. They are most likely here waiting for civil war to start so they can begin actions against Americans. Our “news” went to the dark side years ago. The sheeple are too busy with day to day life to care, as most think nothing bad could ever happen here. When warned, they get that “glazed over” look. There is very little love of the truth anymore. The news is so grim, I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t know Jesus can stand it! I truly appreciate all of the effort Larry puts forth to keep us up to date. As usual – LOTS to pray about…………

      • lulie says:

        Yes, Al is right on , they are here to stay…read DUDUMAN’s prophecies and ‘see’ what he saw. Insane to think the taxpayers are indeed paying for all of this, the whoile shooting match against us is being paid for by US citizens…”we have met the enemy and they is Us” or as they say in NC, US’uns!
        Pray people pray!

  4. Elaine says:

    oh yeah, and was it you and Stewart or someplace else that I heard the suggestion that all the wars around the world are to keep our military overseas because there is little chance that enough of our own soldiers would be willing to fire on U.S. people….hence all the foriegn troops here as “guests” learning to subdue us?

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~ Stewart said that & it seems to be working in that direction. Foreign troops
      brought into oue country in the last 20+ years and given bases here too! Such as the
      German air base, etc… and the American people still set upon their couch watching
      Larry Taylor

      • lulie says:

        It was/is caled “regionalization” by the military and they know exactly whats going down….the world is spilt into 10 regions, and we xechange military to keep order in cpountry…amercians in australia, russians in the US, etc etc

  5. Linda L. Gray says:

    Listening to the audio update with Stewart for the second time. There is so much information that it’s better to listen more than once! Thanks to you both for providing news and commentary that doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. I think all of us are really tired of hearing the “talking heads” on network news (ad nauseam) with their political correctness.

    This month I’ve been given free movies from Netflix so I decided to revisit the Jericho series. I believe it’s on Episode 24 of Jericho that shows a reporter (Brietbart look alike) who was getting ready to write a story but somehow ended up dead after suffering a sudden heart attack. Was this a prophetic warning to Brietbart years in advance to cease and desist his investigative reporting? The minute I saw this guy I immediately thought of Andrew. Has anybody else made this connection?

    There is coming on the world scene two prophets who won’t be shut up or taken out by a sudden heart attack until their ministry is complete. The Two Witnesses will give the NWO and apostate religion many things to consider — especially with regard to the silent screams of millions of unborn children who have been sacrificed on their abominable altars of convenience. What will the TPTB do when one of those prophets shows up at a Baal abortion clinic? Do you think that Homeland Security would even attempt to arrest or frisk this prophet down? I don’t think so!

    When I was growing up in the 50’s, we had heroes that prevailed against evil. My dad fought against fascist evil in WWII while serving in the Navy. I think the Two Witnesses will leave a lasting impression on our modern, fascist, NWO, PHARAOH just like Moses and Aaron did! The greater Exodus is coming. Are we ready?

  6. Tammy Arndt says:

    Hi Larry,

    I heard you saying something in the latest update about Milwaukee Red Cross being alerted to be on ‘standby’? Did you say chicago too? Where can I find the information on that? I live in Wisconsin and am very interested in this info. also just a thought, have you seen any of the ‘magic’ tricks that are on youtube? could any of these ‘magicians’ be fallen angels among us? some of these tricks seem to ‘good’ to be done by ‘mere humans’. thank you!

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Tammy….you are refering to Chris Angel I bet!…..I have thought the same thing! His tricks are far beyond smoke and mirrors! And how odd that he has that name…..It is to trick the sleeping masses that he is anything good? I am saying a prayer of repentance if he is just a nice boy who does tricks but…..hmmmmm.
      I once knew a woman who said, “I don’t know if I believe in God but I do believe in angels”
      I told her to think about what she had just said and to remember that the angel without God is Lucifer!….she just laughed.

      Stupid, stupid…..I don’t know what has become of her. Said my piece and then shook the dust!

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Elaine ~~~~ I’m beginning to notice more and more DUST laying around in America..?
        It seems quite a number are finding the warnings are no longer heeded or maybe even
        considered by U.S. population anymore…?????
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Tammy ~~~~ Stewart & I were talking of reports from InfoWars, Hagmann, Quayle and
      others of Red Cross being notified to set up for evacuations/refugees from Chicago in
      coming May event..? Maybe Stewart mentioned Wisconsin, but I didn’t..?? Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Tammy ~~~~ Tom Horn says not everything around is ‘Adamic’ or maybe plain human
      anymore; HUMANOID, but not completely Adamic in genetics…! Mixture?
      Larry Taylor

  7. heyhey says:

    I do hope this line was in jest!




  8. lulie says:

    Thank you Laryy and Stew..!
    You all wax better and better, as the world waxes worse and worse…
    Pray today against the May 5th onslaught spiritually.Please pray in the Spirit , the time is so close.

  9. SCRIBE says:

    Lest we forget the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice: “You got trouble comin’. Big trouble”…

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