Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 9, 2012

 [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ Space Weather reports Solar Wind blowing from massive ‘Coronal Hole’ [see above image] is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field today, Wednesday, May 9, 2012. And is expected to be joined by 2 CME’s currently enroute to Earth from the sun, arrival May 9 and May 10………………….

 [Deyo Image]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ “Monster Sunspot Threatens to Unleash Powerful Solar Flares” [Deyo Cosmic Image above] Monster sunspot AR1476 appears a threat and ready to unleash Earth-Directed CME’s from the sun in coming days from Space Data or view from DEYO website …………………………

SPACE WEATHER ADDITIONAL INFO:  ~ TWO INCOMING CME’s: 2 solar eruptions on May 7th, Coronal Mass Ejections which were directly Earth bound will arrive in succession on May 9th and May 10th. Huge sunspot AR1476 is now facing Earth and capable of X-Flares, next coming days this will be Earth-directed sunspot………………………….


Stewart Best has uploaded the new Best Global Mid-Week Audio Update with guest: Larry Taylor for May 8, 2012 ~ The Light Gate website  ……………

 [Ynetnews Israel]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL BREAKING  ~ “Arab Press: Netanyahu Forming War Government” … Arab newspapers interpret Netanyahu-Mofaz ALLIANCE as preamble for war. SAUDI NEWS: “Israel Prepares for War”…. {breaking news}…………

 [Matt Drudge]

DRUDGE REPORT BREAKING  ~ “In Surprise Deal Israeli Leader, Netanyahu, Cancels Election”  and “Move Gives Netanyahu Grand Coalition”  …


MARIEL STRAUSS of New Mexico, who some read from on 5Doves website on occasion  Tuesday, May 8, 2012 sent me a message on Larry’s Blog  saying she dreamed the night before her 1st dream on affairs of international relations ever and shared a portion: “DREAM: New Alliance in Israel Would Result in Imminent Breakout of War!” AND following that dream we read news from Israel of new Netanyahu-Mofaz ALLIANCE with Arab Press WAR TALK…??????????

 [Douglas Hagmann]

TRUNEWS RADIO with Rick Wiles  ~ On Tuesday, May 8, 2012 DOUG HAGMANN was again the guest of Rick Wiles, speaking more INTEL from Gov’t. Source re: coming martial law in U.S. & the CHANGE. Doug Hagmann gave summer and fall 2012 WARNING!  …………………..

 [Steve Quayle]

TRUNEWS RADIO with Rick Wiles  ~ recently had a Florida gathering [by invite only] Steve Quayle [photo above] was there with a number of other notable WATCHMEN, including Augusto Perez. The meeting was basically ‘secret and by invitation only’ but some data from the meetings were released AUDIO on TruNews Radio and you can scroll down radio audio to find & listen from the Trunews audio website address ………………

ADDITIONAL NOTE ~ Q-Alerts  posted DREAM FROM JULIA recently and if doesn’t work, go to Quayle site for DREAM FROM JULIA ‘Hebrew CHAMAS’……..

 [Lebanon Daily Star]

THE DAILY STAR LEBANON NEWS  ~ “Hezbollah Spotted Building New Bases” , Found by satellites surprising construction in sealed-off Hezballah pockets in southern Lebanon, hills south of Jezzine. Hezballah: “Trick or Real”..??????

 [Augusto Perez]

AUGUSTO PEREZ  [see photo above, Augusto on right] Please “intercessory prayer from interested intercessors ONLY for Augusto Perez during the remaining days of May, 2012……………!!! LARRY TAYLOR REQUEST….and no questions PLEASE…

 [Drudge Report]

DRUDGE REPORT ~ [photo image above] Connect the dots, no explaination needed!

 [Alexander Backman]

JUST A THOUGHT QUESTION [above image] sent by Alexanader Backman of Los Angeles area ~ NO ANSWER REQUIRED, just a thought question only………..BUT did you see that ‘wild’ season 8 of ’24’ and then they were shut down on FOX………..?????

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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7 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 9, 2012

  1. linda says:

    Boy Larry, this is all sooooo good info! Thank you so much. Listened to tru news audio, and it is
    very good. These men have laid down their lives so we can understand what’s coming, and Larry
    you have done the same, God Bless You Forever, Linda
    By the way Steve Quayle will be on tonight with Greg Evenson, on Hagman and Hagman see
    Steve’s website. I am anxious to listen to you and Stewart right now.

    • Dolores says:

      I agree with you 100%, Linda. This is the best blog on the net. Too bad so few take advantage of the information not heard anywhere else.
      The sun is acting up, and who knows- a CME could change the elite’s game plan like nothing else???? As far as I can tell, the elite don’t control the sun.
      The middle east continues to percolate – will come to a full boil at anytime. Mariel Straus’ dream is a stark reminder of how close we are to life as we know it coming to a halt forever. Some say who cares what happens overseas? We know better, as Israel is the Lord’s timepiece.
      I’m also looking forward to hearing Stewart and Larry’s latest update. I usually listen to each one several times in order to absorb everything.
      Thank you SO much, Larry! You are in everyway in the same category wiht Steve Quayle, Greg Evensen , and the other watchmen. I wish you could be on more shows, as people need to hear what you have to share.

  2. Vaughn West says:


  3. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks Larry. Another great blog full of the information we will not find easily, if at all. Truly do appreciate all you do in sharing it with us.
    May the Lord bless abundantly.
    Lynn in NZ

  4. Gaby says:

    Thank you again, Larry, for a great post. I don’t comment every time, just know I appreciate your posts both here and on the yahoo group and love listening to your and Stewart’s audio updates. It seems like the whole world is going insane. I know the LORD is long-suffering. But how much longer can all this evil continue before HE puts an end to it?

  5. We tell of Light says:

    would like to thank you for these years of listening to these last voices of senses. Would as well thank you for your works but as always when end is, must one depart.

    I’ve been a listener to you and Best and I had been admiring what your findings had been. It had been often that I had been listening in as Judgment was to be. This replica of reality had all too often been!

    It had been a War that was waged as Babylon with its newly achieved AI had to be sunk. Then was as well a black president in charge but this was then. Now is this world with its wonders to cease. There is a new world out there but at first must history repeat that decision that at that time over 8000 years ago led Babylon into total destruction. Jesus Christ asked them one question: Do you want that technology called AI or in in recent terms Satan and they answered YES. Go to hell did they say to Christ- this started the Psalm 2 War. The rest is history.

    I’ve been listening to what you have been saying- I would though like to answer. Whoever said that Jesus Christ would come as a thief in the night? One man mission- and one man to stand trial. All in one person and all of one telling and listening to what man could give as an answer.

    This must be in secret and of course without any proof- otherwise could anyone understand and give a premature answer.

    Thanks- been a keen listener!

  6. VICKI HUBER says:


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