Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 14, 2012

 [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ “Sunset Over Paris” France image from Space Weather [above] with Sunspot AR1476 large and visible without even a telescope, naked eye visible from Earth……………

DEBKAfile BREAKING REPORT ~ May 14, 2012: “Assad Threatens to Send Syrian Army Into Lebanon” – Assad trying to stop Syrian Rebels supply route through Lebanon…….

 [Ynetnews Israel]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL  ~ “Drawing Shows Secret Iran Structure” [see above] Image from inside Iranian Military site obatined by Associated Press shows type of explosives chamber needed for nuclear tests. Former IAEA official says ‘drawing’ is accurate. Also reported May 14, Fox  …….

 [Titanic Image]

NEWS WITH VIEWS  ~ “A Country on Another Planet” by Lee Duigon  ………………….


DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ “The Planned Re-Election of Obama Revolutionary Style”  or read from the DEYO website  [see above] Rollingstone ~ Obama “Ready For The Fight” from the Rollingstone Magazine current issue  …………………..

  [Deyo Image]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ Report: 2 Small Earthquakes Rattle Southwest Indiana – Just North of the New Madrid Seismic Zone. [see above zone map] and UPDATE: “Earthquake Shakes Deep East Texas” ~ read reports from the DEYO website  ………………….

 [Davis Bunn]

DAVIS BUNN [above right] on filmset working with producers, new movie coming ~ read from Blog  ……………….

Larry’s Blog


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12 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 14, 2012

  1. larrywtaylor says:

    Guys ~~~~ Sorry that this BLOG for May 14, 2012, did not SAVE all the data and so some
    sections were missing & photo images missing that I originally posted on today’s blog. BUT,
    the majority of today’s blog is there….! This is so discouraging to work so hard and what you
    write & post is NOT all there in the end result…???? Again, I’m sorry May 14th Blog did not
    post all the work I did…….Thanks!
    Larry Taylor

  2. linda says:

    Looks ok Larry, I live in Indianapolis, south those earthquakes came too close for me. You know
    their testing their abilities to take you guys off the net, when time comes for it. Thanks for doing
    your best Larry, we all appreciate you very much. Greg And Steve’s interview on Hagman was
    very sobering. I pray for your protection everyday! Please don’t be discouraged, cause someday
    God will take sections out of them, when they end up in the lake of fire. They are messing with
    Jesus, and that is pretty stupid, as you say……..ha!

  3. Dolores says:

    I agree with Linda, Larry. I appreciate so very much all of the work you do, under less than optimum circumstances. This blog is awesome, in spite of what the “powers that wanna be” have done to mess with it.

    The space weather photo is amazing. I wonder how many Parisians realize what they are seeing?

    I got a haircut today. The beautician couldn’t stop talking about the “Hunger Games trilogy” she is reading. I asked her if it she thought it’s possible that the scenario could one day come to pass? I wasn’t surprised when she answered “NO WAY”, as it would be hell on earth!

    Larry, as you know, I also pray daily for your protection. You are a vital part of these final days of our beloved country.

  4. kimsgrace says:

    Larry, don’t worry about it. What the Lord wanted you to post will be here. He has his hand upon you and remember all things work out for His good. May the Lord Jesus bless you for all you and Darnette do. Love you both, Kim

    • larrywtaylor says:

      kimsgrace ~~~~ with all due respect: God would that all be saved, but will that happen
      in a twisted-world of free-will….? The answer is NO! This is a battlefield! I do not accept
      defeat’s from the enemy. I’ll fight harder!
      Larry Taylor

      • windsofchange says:

        HUZZAH MY BROTHER…supernatural strength and grace to you !!! For AP as well…whom God calls or sends He equips!I know that seems so hard sometimes but we must exhort and encourage one another!
        Thanks for all you do and that you have the guts to say!!!

  5. larrywtaylor says:

    Guys, Thanks for the good thoughts, but one of the things I wanted posted was a prayer request
    for Augusto Perez! Augusto is on secret mission, dangerous & needs prayer cover!!!
    Larry Taylor

  6. Elaine says:

    Prayers for Augusto and you…..and all the watchmen!
    I know it is getting hard for the truth to get through but that is just making me more aware of His protection when we do get the info! Keep up the good fight!

  7. mike johnson says:

    Thanks for the amazing work, Larry! More people than you realize appreciate it! Father is moving in unexpected ways at times to accomplish HIS work….but He will see that it is done!!!! Praying for you!!!

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