Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 23, 2012

 [Space Weather Image]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ Photo [see above] of the May 20th ‘Eclipse’ taken from Gail, Texas, USA………….

 [24 with Jack Bauer]

LARRY TAYLOR will be Randy Yarbrough’s guest today, Wednesday, May 23, 2012 on the Randy Yarbrough Show [see above image] beginning at 5:00pm central time, for the 2 hour radio program on KHNC 1360AM RADIO – Johnstown/Denver, Colorado and can be heard on the internet  [5:00pm to 7:00pm Central]…..

 [Augusto Perez]

Please remember Augusto Perez in intercessory prayer until June ~ Augusto is on a spiritual ‘secret’ mission for the Lord!  ………

 [George Ure]

George Ure of Urban Survival Daily Blog, Wednesday, May 23, 2012 HEADLINE: “Markets ~ Time to Be Afraid – Very, Very Afraid” ………you can read George Ure’s comments  ……………………..

DEBKAfile Breaking Report, DEBKA ISRAEL ~ {breaking} Obama says unified front on Iran, Russia says ‘NO’ to Obama! “Moscow Breaks Ranks” Netanyahu ~ Time is running out!

 [Fox News]

Fox News This Week  ~ This weeks Fox news Report of School Teacher’s Incredible WARNING ‘Criminal to Criticize Obama’ [see above]………….

 [Howard Storm Painting]

Recently read an entire book in couple of hours! Powerful & Incredible report from someone named Howard Storm and got the book at  that was entitled: “My Descent into Death, A Second Chance at Life” by Howard Strom, an unbeliever who came back from death & painted [above] image. Foreward by Anne Rice. All I can say is WOW…! Howard’s website  ………………

 [Davis Bunn]

Davis Bunn’s recent novel “Lion of Babylon” just an awesome read….! I purchased it from Amazon  and his new book coming out “Rare Earth” sequel to the powerful LION OF BABYLON. Website:  and Davis Bunn is in England at the moment [see above image] after working on U.S. upcoming film project “Unlimited”….Davis Blog:  ……………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 23, 2012

  1. Dolores says:

    So glad that your post came through this time! As always – jam packed with great information. Never thought I’d live to hear of a teacher telling students that to criticize the President is a crime?!!!! Weep, for America as we once knew it is DEAD – never to return. A nation that forgets God is turned into hell, and that is where we are heading.

    Looking forward to your latest update with Stewart. One wonders how much longer this sort of free speech will be allowed?


    • Dolores says:

      Looks like Stewart hasn’t posted the most recent Taylor/Best update. Guess he’s not going to? Is this the end of the road for the timely information we received, and took for granted?!
      I pray not, but it doesn’t look promising.

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~ The recording Stewart & I did Sunday was for web update, but was used
        another place apparently..? And YES, maybe most things we’ve enjoyed are about over.
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ Yes, things are moving so fast now! And very, very few listen at all
      any more…?? shalom,
      Larry Taylor

  2. linda says:

    I’ll be listening to your broadcast tonight, and praying for you. God Bless, Linda

  3. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    Regarding the teacher telling the student he can be arrested for criticizing the Big O, I had my own encounter with big brother last week for all things (get this): riding a bicycle in a parking garage. Some nonsense about trespassing and clearly posted signs, which I apparentenly didn’t see… They had to send three (3) police cruisers and some rent-a-cop for a skinny, scrawny, unarmed bicyclist who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time out of sheer happenstance. I didn’t realize I was such a physical menace. Just wait till tshtf… Thanks for the info on Howard Storm. Hope all is well at the OK Mountain Gateway.

    – Steve

  4. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    I also wanted to add ther was a lot of invasive questions… Watch out folks…

    • Dolores says:

      So sorry Steve, for what you had to go through! Don’t know what State you are in, but no matter – this is/will be coming to a town near each of us………..As I said, WEEP – America as we knew it is gone.
      Wonder if the recent eclipse (pictured above) is a sign? It’s been said that before WWI and WWII there was a blood red sky above America. The circle in the photo reminds me of a bull’s eye.
      From this point on, we’d be well advised to pray before venturing out – even to go on a bike ride. Darkness is falling fast, and danger lurks in darkness.


    • larrywtaylor says:

      Steve ~~~~ Thanks for sharing Steve & yes it will become even more intrusive…! The
      things revolutions are made of…! Actually, Dumitru Duduman & Anton Johanson said
      so……….Larry Taylor

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    It was an eye-opening experience indeed. Sad thing is most people don’t even see it, and the cops are completely brain-washed. They truly see us as the enemy or the dreaded “T” word. I had to run up to Dallas a couple of days ago. No signs (yet) of the roaming TSA goon squads on the interstate or the rest stops. No check points (yet) either, but it’s my understanding that stuff can go up quickly. Yep, you can really see Dumitru’s dreams and visions taking shape in the present. Maybe this coming October is when your dream/vision takes place? Talk to you later.

    – Steve

  6. Lynn Williams says:

    Thank you once again Larry for your update and emails. All greatly appreciated. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with you all in the USA. Always glad for one more update.
    Just read the TruNews urgent update and am working my way through the broadcasts. Very sobering indeed. Often check for updates on Stewart’s site too and miss them when there haven’t been any new ones for a while.
    I have been reading some of the info on Fukushima from the Deyo website. Sounds very dire . This year we are hosting our 4th Japanese girl for a year. She goes to high school here and learns English. She is from Tokyo. I commented to my husband last night that she may never get to go home if things get really bad there.

    Love and blessings
    Lynn in NZ

  7. Lynn Williams says:

    Just checked earthquakes for Christchurch and they have had another 5.23 mid afternoon followed by 10 smaller ones over the last 2hours. It was just off the coast, about 12km deep. No reports of damage.

    Lynn in NZ

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