Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 26, 2012


Well, here we are at Saturday evening, May 26, 2012 ~ Oklahoma Mountain Gateway and the UV index is 10 [see above reading] for the Oklahoma/Arkansas region. A 10 UV index is VERY HIGH and you can certainly feel the sun on yourself and everything around you. All the animals are staying in the shade and out of the sun……..!

 [Deyo Map Image]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ “Memorial Day Weekend Heat Wave” for the U.S. [see above map] noted by Accuweather  …….

 [Deyo UV Map]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ “UV Index Forecast” UV Unusually High for this time of the year  UV Very High ~ Sun Gone Nuts..? Keep watch this weekend through Memorial Day………………

 [Barry Roffman]

Barry Roffman ARK CODE ~ Barry sent an email saying “we need to rescue Afridi quickly” and new research code [see above matrix] on “Dr. Afridi” of Pakistan. Matrix Code ……………..

 [Augusto Perez]

FOR INTERCESSORS ~ Please keep Augusto Perez in intercessory prayer for a few more days while he is on a secret mission. Augusto’s site and see the [above] image photo of recent trip………………

 [Davis Bunn]

Davis Bunn  ~ 2 new novels coming soon…! AND Davis has just posted a new Book Trailer for RARE EARTH [see above image with Davis Bunn] on his BLOG page  ………….

DEBKAfile Breaking ~ Britain readies contingency plan for outbreak of Middle East war, Israel sending 20,000 commandos to Cyprus…………

TRUNEWS RADIO with Rick Wiles  ~ “America’s First Communist President” LINK:  ……….

 [Homeland, Season 2]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL  ~ Israel Serves as ‘SET’ for Season 2 of HOMELAND series with [CTU] Counter Terrorism Unit [see above show image] with the shooting of series underway in Tel Aviv, Israel. Hit TV thriller leading in the Middle East or  ………

 [Noah Wiley]

FALLING SKIES Season 2 coming June 17, 2012  with Season 2 Episode 1 “Worlds Apart” and Season 2 Episode 2 “Shall We Gather At The River” TNT………………

MORE COMING…………………………………………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 26, 2012

  1. linda says:

    Larry, yes it is hot today and especially tomorrow, with the running of the Indy 500 here! Heat
    index is supposed to be 99. We need rain bad, crops are so dry here. That uv index is really dangerous. Have to count on Jesus to keep us safe. Linda

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Linda ~ Yes, hot/dry here to and some of my kats got in sun today & are now sick
      and shaky ~ lesson to us humans. Dogs all staying in shade, not in sun…!
      Larry Taylor

  2. lou says:

    I use as my source for UV Index; not sure if its the same as yours. The odd thing is that the actual Map for our area in northeastern NY showed 9-10 for today, BUT .. when I typed in the zip code for my area it showed only 5-6. Cant figure that one out.

    Anyway – I’m noticing that all my blackberry bushes are suffering from what looks like burned leaves EXCEPT those those that are partially shaded by some nut trees I have. I was upset that i planted the bushes under our Asian Chestnut trees which have grown a lot bigger than I expected .. now i’m glad i made the mistake of underestimating how big they’d grow.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Lou ~~~~ I expect you’re UV is the high count according to DEYO map for weekend.
      And yes, my blackberry & other plant leaves are wilted & brown on edges facing the
      sun…Larry Taylor

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow, the email did not come through from you that there is a new blog yesterday and (Rawles site) has been unavailable for two days!
    and… in northern Michigan we had a very bright sunny day (well, a few of them but one in particular) last week that absolutely fried 4 squash plants that were pretty well established and about 10 to 12 inched long! The rest of my plants got a bit droopy by the time I got home at 5 p.m. but those squash looked like they had been laying on a hot griddle! Never seen a thing like it! They were watered at 7 a.m. and by 5 they were brown and limp…..totally dead except for one pitiful leaf.
    It is raining pretty hard here on Sunday morning but with the radiation factor, even that is not reassuring!
    Thanks as always and God bless!

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~~ I had to give up on some tomato plants, they cooked in sun. And I can see
      now where in the Bible talks of God bringing fire, that won’t be hard…????
      Larry Taylor

  4. Dolores says:

    Very hot and HUMID the past few days where I’m at as well. We have to water plants twice a day or they will die. The sun burns the skin even after a few moments. Never seen anything like it! This is the first season I have been less than enthusiastic about the garden. I prayed several months ago and felt impressed not to plant much of a veggie garden this year. We scaled down quite a bit – only several tomato plants, several squash, and cucumbers…………The radiation factor is chilling, to say the least. I think it will get much, much worse. This may be the reason that so many animal/sea creatures are dieing off. Right out of the book of Revelation. We need a miracle to make it through the summer. Sadly, it appears that many watchmen, for varying reasons, are coming down from the walls. This will create a form of “news black out”. It also looks like the middle east could go at any time, along with the eurozone.
    Thanks, Larry!

    • Elaine says:

      So true Dolores! I used to be able to find a fresh podcast or Christian watchman radio show any time of the day… many gone or slowed to a trickle! I get all excited whenever there is a new Taylor/Best update or VFTB or P.I.D. radio show. And others seem to have gone too pro palestinan to be trusted to give correct info! Quayle has been more active, Hawk is always on schedule and Deyo also has been doing more interviews again…..but Hagmann and Hagmann for 2 hours M-F is the consistant as is TRUNEWS but we always seem to be able to count on Larry to keep us informed even when we don’t get to hear his voice and gentle humor with our ears!

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Elaine ~~~ Yes Hagmann & Hagmann and TruNews seem to be there daily, but could
        change anytime. By the way, Barry Roffman ran a research torah code on 2012 Dates
        embedded in torah and the 2012 dates hit strong on July, 2012 with many days and a
        few days in August, 2012, but JULY was significant…!!!
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ Yes, recent word is that Watchman are folding their tents, packing up
      and getting ready to go, go where…? We’ll have to see, however; life as we’ve known
      it is about all changed! I’ll try to give NEWS long as I can, but that could change oh,
      so soon….?? Some say by July…????
      Larry Taylor

  5. wedunit4849 says:

    45 degrees and steady rain here in western Montana today. If our tomatoes were’nt in a green house, they would be suffering because of cool weather rather than hot weather. Thank you LORD for Montana!

  6. Mariel Strauss says:

    New Mexico UV index is 14, Extreme, if I am reading correctly map on Deyo site. But the really bad thing yesterday was smoke coming from the wildfires in southern part of state. Moon at mid-heaven was luminescent orange from smoke, and the smoke smell was strong. Smoke drove me out of the state last summer when fire approached our town, but I don’t know where it is feasible to go this year. California would be best from the air point of view, on the coast where I know a nontoxic motel to stay, but very expensive to sit out the whole season. So I’m inside with a filter.
    Was sick from it all night, myoclonic spasm. Can’t afford to do this every year, hoping the Lord comes for us. Incidentally, I do not agree with those who feel we will be “up” to fighting off the “enemy” with paraphernalia. We may be prepped with food and water, but fire could wipe that out, as could storms and floods, unexpected earthquakes, vulcanism…it can all be destroyed. I go along with Pastor Jack Kelly (GracethroughFaith) Stan and Holly Deyo, and even Stewart Best who takes a dim view of humanity but does believe in the Rapture like Jack, Holly and Stan, from anything I can discern by listening to every mid-week broadcast of his for years. He says, “look up, for your redemption draweth nigh”.
    As for July, some feel the true date of Pentecost is July 19 this year, on Hebrew Lunar calendar,
    while the webbots feature July 10 for an upheaval, a date in another year emphasized by David Flynn.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Mariel ~~~~ Yes, the smoke is really bad with the fires your way..! AND this July, 2012
      may be ‘incredible’ in scope! ??? Bless you, dear friend,
      Larry Taylor

  7. Elaine says: I don’t know if this will work on here but this is copied from Facebook local here in northern Michigan…..never never seen a wolf spider this size here!!!! I seriously wonder if it is radiation mutant!

  8. lulie says:

    Greetings from SA…where we live its cool and cloudy, most of the time. There are no camps, but there are gun laws, there are no TSA but there are a few traffic cops.. The whole world will suffer under the judgement of the Father upon sin, and there is no exception, only lesser areas, different
    suffering. Lets pray for one another and do not forget those that suffer persecution and are in bonds’as if bound with them’~Praying in His Name, and thanks for your good work in helping bring light in the coming darkness, Larry!

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