Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 29, 2012

 [YnetNews Israel]

YnetNews Israel  ~ “Flame Computer Virus to Gather Intel” hits Iran and other Middle East PC’s……Most sophisticated malware of all times! Flame can gather data files, remotely change settings, turn on PC microphones and record the in-house conversations. Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab was first to discover the new malware. Fox News Alerts  ~ reporting May 29, 2012: “Cyber Weapon – lays siege to PC’s in the Middle East” and warns of the new cyber-attack now called the ‘worm.win32.flame’………..DEVELOPING WORLDWIDE…

 [Stuxnet – Barry Roffman]

BARRY ROFFMAN  ~ Previous STUXNET Torah Code Matrix ran by Barry at the beginning of Stuxnet which hit Iran [see above matrix]……….and Iran is again pointing at Israel as infecting Iran’s computers with Stuxnet and now FLAME…?

 [Fukushima – Barry Roffman]

BARRY ROFFMAN  ~ Barry has a research Torah Code Matrix entitled: “Fukushima & End of Days”  with the Matrix [see above code]………………

 [Fox News Alert]

FOX NEWS ALERT  ~ Fox News posting {breaking} report on Pakistan’s Dr. Afraidi [see above Fox post] and Barry Roffman has also ran a torah code on Dr. Afraidi in Pakistan and recent posting of code on Larry’s Blog…….

 [Maya Isacowitz]

TIMES OF ISRAEL  ~ Maya Isacowitz, daughter of South African immigrants to Israel and living in the north, now makes music, singing in English and it’s – what? The ‘Blues’… you can read the story and play some sample videos by Maya at  ………………..

 [BREITBART.COM – 1,000 words]

 [Reza Kahlili Warns]

Recently, Reza Kahlili has been trying to WARN America and it’s defense groups but with little success. Reza website:  and also recently was on with Rick Wiles TruNews Radio  ……………….

  [Prometheus Movie Coming]

The Movie “Prometheus” is coming in June..! They seek the beginning of mankind and may have found the END..?  ……..June 2012

Watching closely the ‘killer’ earthquakes happening in Northern Italy with many {swarms} following and continuing………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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15 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ May 29, 2012

  1. Don Woodruff says:

    Maybe I missed it but is there a Bible Code for the election this fall?

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Don ~~~~ Barry Roffman has researched some words/connections in coming Fall,2012
      elections, however; future not being after-the-fact as Stuxnet, Andrew Breitbart, etc. the
      words are only searched for and not ‘full directive…? Maybe that doesn’t make sense so
      next recording I do will try to ‘describe’ Torah Codes…Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

  2. Dolores says:

    One wonders IF there will be an “election” this fall. Those in power don’t act too concerned about winning another “election”. A Bible Code for the fall election would be awesome…………..

  3. Elaine says:

    or nobody seems concerned because one way or another it will always be “their guy” once he is in?

    • Steve says:


      The late comedian Bill Hicks had a bit that went kind of like this: right after Bill Clinton got elected in 1992, his handlers took him into some cigar-smoke-filled backroom with some real power brokers in there. One of them says, “Roll the film”, and they show Bill some never-before-seen/unreleased footage of the JFK assassination. After the film is over, the same power broker asks Bill if he has any questions, to which Bill replies “Only one. What’s my agenda?” It’s probably not that far from the truth…

      – Steve

  4. David Hammond says:

    No Midweek Update lately? Praying that you two are doing ok and you haven’t given up.
    Don’t let the enemy win.

    • Julie says:

      that was my question too – no midweek update? HOpe all is well. julie

    • Elaine says:

      Larry said someplace that he and Stewart had recorded a couple hours recently. It is all in Stewart’s hands to decide when and where to post them and sometimes he only puts them in the subscriber/paid section.
      I know it is always great to hear Larry’s voice and gentle humor interspersed with the necessary hard things….but he always makes sure we know what is going on either here or his yahoo group!

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Elaine ~~~~ Thanks guys, but remember Best Global Mid-Week Update has the name
        Larry Taylor no where on it. The Best-Taylor Update was cancelled by Stewart months
        ago and exists no more…! Changes! I am guest ONLY when Stewart asks me and I
        never know when that happens until he calls. That’s how it works ~ all recordings that
        are produced belong to Best Video Productions. Hope that’s clear..? I can’t explain it
        any clearer than that! sincerely,
        Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        I just visited Stewart’s website and was able to download the most recent Best Global Mid-Week Update. Looking forward to listening to it. Am praying for both Stewart and Larry.

      • Elaine says:

        Yea!!! It is up and I listened once….a lot in there so I am going to listen again. Syewart mentioned having a great sale on one of his Iron Mountain things but groused that he’d only had one taker…..I think that may be because he does not describe or have a thumbnail pic of the product in the one liner offer…….I just ordered it and will let everyone know just what it is when I get it….a book, a CD, a DVD….it’s a mystery yet but I am sure it will be good (in a bad kind of way? LOL) It was time to order something from him anyway since I got the feeling that he prefers to sell his stuff over just getting donations….a proud man with integrity! Getting a little off to Larry too….he works so hard and deserves some bit of help from us who benefit from his research and teaching!

        They also talked about the seasons being screwy…..I was just about to place a big painting that I did of my house last year in mid June in the window of my shop…..the bridal wreath bushes were in full bloom and really are the focus of the painting because though I love my victorian bay window, the bushes were just so lush! This year the
        blooms were only half white and the rest spindly and the flowers have been gone for 2 weeks….it looks like mid July-early August and my veggies all seem to be looking peaked!

  5. ChapDave says:

    Hey, hope you are well. i have noticed on a retro type cable station that they keep showing an old 1970’s ventage movie called “Future World” which starred Peter Fonda. I rewatched some of it last night. Plot follows “Westworld” which starred Yule Brenner. A corporation builds robots who act like humans, and allow persons to vacation to their fantasy land. In the Westworld, something goes awry with the robots and they try to kill people. In Future World, the coporation has moved to robots running the vacation resort, where they secretly abduct the vacationers in the night, do tests, etc. to make more robots like them with the goal of eventually replacing world leaders with robotic like persons. While they seem corney, knowing what we see today..might have told us something about this then….Blessings….Just more food for hollywood thought…lol….Chap Dave

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