Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 7, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  JUNE  7,  2012

 [Ynetnews Israel]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL  ~ “Latest FLAME VIRUS Could Mean End of the World Internet, as We Know It” by Russian Expert Eugene Kaspersky. So says the man who discovered the Flame Malware Virus injected into Iran’s computer system. And Kaspersky says the movie “Die Hard 4” would be a perfect example! Kaspersky is now in Tel Aviv speaking on FLAME. And Eugene Kaspersky relates that since finding FLAME already in Iran’s computer, that he has nightmares about it………………

 [Fox News]

FOX NEWS ALERT  ~ “Facebook Warns Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Internet in July”  [see above image]  Says your computer or network might be infected with {DNS CHANGER} Malware, which may knock computers off the internet this summer: JULY ??? FBI website reportedly can detect the malware and give instructions to remove? FBI site  Read the full article on Fox News at  …………….

 [DEBKAfile Breaking]

DEBKAfile Breaking Report ~ “Annan: UN-Arab Proposal Puts the Syrian Crisis in Iranian and Russian Hands” New Obama/Annan Proposal [see image above] Iran & Russia…..

 [Acceleration Radio]

L.A. MARZULLI  presents this Thursday night ACCELERATION RADIO [see above image] with guest: Ron Morehead. Using new Acceleration Radio  at 7:30 Pacific.

  [Immortal Movie]

New Movie titled: “IMMORTAL” from Europe [2004] coming in USA markets in 2012 and now available from Amazon  {out of EU} 2004. Here now with the TRAILER:  ………………….DISCERN !

 [Hagmann & Hagmann Radio]

HAGMANN & HAGMANN RADIO  ~ June 3, 2012 program: “Steve Quayle & Zombie Apocalypse” re: Zombies, Demons & Fallen Angels …. AND during the show Quayle requests people check out Sue Bradley archives for more Zombie data: http://suebradleyarchives/za-parts-1-2-and-3 …………..

  [Serenity, the movie]

CLUE: During the latest Best Global Mid-Week Audio Update for June 6, 2012 which is available for free at  Larry Taylor talks about the movie called SERENITY fron the Firefox series…? [see above image] and how River reveals the “hidden” planet Miranda connected to the “Reivers” {cannibals} and what they find is the secret seeding of Miranda’s atmosphere with chemical that causes everyone on the entire planet to go 1 of 2 ways? Either sit and die OR turn into “Reivers” who are unrestrained wild and cannibalistic….!!!!  Trailer: .. AND who dreamed that up…?  LARRY TAYLOR

 [Times of Israel]

TIMES OF ISRAEL NEWS  ~ “Israel’s IDF Says It is Taking Battle into Cyber-Space” Days after FLAME virus discovered, IDF unveils plans to engage enemies over the internet [see image above] Israel’s cyber-units exist! Read the report at:  ………………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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15 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 7, 2012

  1. Vaughn West says:

    Larry, this radiation is making its way into our life’s on a big scale .here is a reading from England

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Vaughn ~~~~ Thanks for your response/work at letting us know of dangers! Saw this
      Thursday AM about report of 100X normal radiation over Indiana..??? again, Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

    • Dolores says:

      Trunews had an expert on last night who said research supports taking 25,000 mg of vitamin C a day reverses radiation damage in humans. At this point, we should all be taking 5,000 mg a day of vitamin C, broken down in several doses. There is NO adverse side effect of high dose vitamin C. I recommend everyone download and take notes of last night’s trunews show. (6/06/12) The life you csave could be your own…………..

      • Elaine says:

        it was a very good and informative show! I quadrupled my C intake after listening….he said 4000mg is good for day to day preventative. I wish he had discussed boron and baking soda!

  2. Vaughn West says:

    Larry , watched a great movie ,a must see ,CYPHER,it shows some great mind control ,same director of, SPICE,thank you for your blog and time you spend my friend .stay safe .stay out of the rain .the old marine

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Vaughn ~~~~ Haven’t seen Cypher, have to check that one! Splice=creepy! I’ve got
      vertigo right now and it’s hard to type, write or post ~ dizzy! But I did some today, and
      Thank you Jesus!
      Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        I’m praying for your recovery, Larry. Listened to your recent “Taylor/Best” update. Can relate to naysayers who say if one gets sick they have no faith. A friend of that persuasion ( who has more faith than most of us) has refused to see a dentist for many years, even in the face of gum disease. Her teeth have now started to fall out. Still, she is “waiting for the Lord to grow new teeth”. Not to say he can’t/won’t, but come on………….
        Looks like we had better do any last minute internet shopping, and such, before July. If the internet goes down, think of how many businesses will take large financial hits (jobs lost, etc.), in addition to a lack of REAL news…………………Get well soon, Larry!

  3. Neal says:

    Hi Larry, The whole FireFly serise was pretty telling its one of my favorites. Serenity, the movie did have some deep moments like how the bad guy could “trigger” River with a something hidden in a commercial she saw on a vid screen, gotta wonder if that type of thing is happening right now with all the zombie attacks suddenly.

  4. Vaughn West says:

    Larry ,i have had a head cold and run down far too long the olny time i feel better when i take peniciling .sad as that sounds ,Dolores i am going to take the C vitamin today ,thank you ..i am praying you get better my friend Larry .Radiation will take many out ,a Judgement on Humanity ,,the old marine

  5. Vaughn West says:

    Larry here is Dutch’s Video

  6. Mariel Strauss says:

    The Tom Horn talk on C to C the other night was scholarly. He had a long time to talk on all the details of present Vatican uproars, and problems of long standing. I had thought he was a Catholic basher, but no, he gave us real insights as to the dirty tricks in the Vatican, which have little to do with the average Catholic. Leadership corrupts….

    Get well, Larry! Here, we have at last a day with less smoke from forest fires. Hoping for God’s mercy on our weather, where you are, where I am, everywhere.

  7. Annette says:

    Hey Larry….. “Serenity” is a very interesting movie and the chemical they put into the air processors on Miranda was called “Pax”….. as in Paxil the anti-depressant (I assume they used that name to bring attention to what anti-depressants are doing to our populations today). The Pax caused most of the people to lose their ‘will to live’…… in a fractional percentage the Pax had the opposite effect which brought on the Reavers.
    So, I find it interesting how many of the crazed shootings/killings we have around the nation… the perpetrators are usually found to be on some kind of anti-depressants. Are they our modern day Reavers?
    Thanks for all your hard work and information. I appreciate you and Stewart so much! May God bless you and protect you.
    Thank you, Annette

  8. Shirley says:

    Really appreciate your news Larry. Maybe u could ask Elaine to give us a small version of advice and uses of boron and Baking soda. I bet she could write a book, but even a small list will help all of us. Thanks Elaine. Thanks Larry

    • Elaine says:

      hahahaha……nope, not nearly a book but thank you for the compliment!
      I just remembered, when Fukishima happened that I had learned what I thought was just a trivia fact many years ago…..that they found after Hiroshima that the people had a much lower rate of thyroid cancers because they ate miso soup. Miso is seaweed, especially kelp which fills the thyroid with good iodine so the bad radioactive can’t get in. So the very day Tepco blew I went to the healthfood store and got a bunch because my gentleman friend it a weather/meteorology fan and somewhere along the way he had expounded on how far and fast “stuff” can traverse the globe via the air.
      Those two odd facts that I would have thought were random wastes of brain cells were actually gifts from God!
      I did write a comment here a few months ago on using boron and baking soda and I tried to find it but we are just too prolific here with our comments so I will briefly recap.
      I take kelp capsules, was taking 500mg of vitamin C but now upping it to at least 1000 (after that I get the tummy/lower tract ickies so I guess that is what I need…..check out that Trunews interview to decide what you should try) and on the rare occasions this old lady buys a whole gallon of milk…..I dump in capsules of boron since I can’t get it in bulk powder in my little town until I have about a tablespoon. Shake the jug and put it in the frig for a day then pour off all but the bottom inch into two clean 1/2 gallon jugs, freeze one and discard that bottom inch. The boron is supposed to bind with the radioactive stuff and sink to the bottom. Hawaiian dairies began doing that a year ago.
      Finally,I mix a good shake (couple tablespoons?) of baking soda into a huge salad bowl of cold water then I rinse my fruits and veggies under the tap and drop ’em in the bowl for a few minutes. I rinse them again but not sure why…..taste? I dunno. Last random factoid…..somebody used baking soda to clean the soil in Nevada after all those tests back in the 50s.
      That is my “book” LOL!
      I don’t know why I am so diligent about this because no body else in my life seems to be concerned but I figure that if the good Lord went to the trouble of planting all these seemingly random facts in my head that He wants me to pay attention….maybe none of this will help at all but then again….can’t hurt! God bless all here!

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