Larry Taylor Notice ~ June 12, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  NOTICE  ~  June  12,  2012  {tuesday}

  [Stand By]


This Tuesday morning, June 12, 2012, I tried to write a BLOG and publish, however; as I was trying to upload photos & write today’s blog ~ came under internet resistance and so mysteriously was prevented from that activity! My computer even tried to lock up! I shut her down and will post on GROUP this morning & attempt blog later this evening…..!

Thank you for understanding,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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15 Responses to Larry Taylor Notice ~ June 12, 2012

  1. Randall says:

    I wiil lift you up in prayer brother, and ask all who come here for news and fellowship to do likewise.Our Lord shall prevail,the powers of darkness can not stand against us in unity!

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Randall ~~~~ This notice is a miracle..! I was not able to write BLOG this AM and when
      I tried to write and send out even this NOTICE ~ my report shows it never published..?
      But now here I am with a REPLY to notice that never published? What a world! Thanks!
      Larry Taylor

  2. Kim L says:

    I too continue lifting you and all the other faithful “Watchmen” in constant prayer as you stay faithful to your calling. Is there any way to be included in your “group” Larry? God bless – looks like your area of the country is getting pounded weather wise. Central New York’s turn today (where I live), but God protects His people just as He did His people in Goshen.

  3. linda says:

    Larry guess you are in the special group, like Hawk and River Pirate……….prayer alert today for
    them also…….they tried to kill them, Quayle’s alerts today. praying for you for sure!
    Also Greg Evenson on tonight the Hagman and Hagman report. 8pm eastern

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Linda ~~~~ Yes, talked on phone with Greg Evensen, after his ‘hot-job’ and told him I
      knew personally what that was like! Just heard about Hawk & R.P.s situation today..!
      Going to get worse…..psalm91
      Larry Taylor

  4. Brian Kunze says:

    Larry, we really appreciate what you are doing and always look forward to your postings. I think we all continue to feel the frustration of the hour but don’t get discouraged there are many of
    us out there praying for Jesus’ soon return and praying for you and Best and several others. We would like to get an invite as well if possible into your group. Blessings of patience and rest.

  5. Lynn Williams says:

    Wow what can I say….very serious times we are in. The battle is truly raging. Lifting all you watchmen up in prayer. I am so thankful for you all who have warned and told us the truth for so long so we can understand what is really going on and not be deceived. Thanks so much for your continued efforts, Larry.
    Blessings as always
    Lynn in New Zealand

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Lynn in New Zealand ~~~~~ Ha! interestingly, re-viewing ED Dames last report on the
      Kill Shot, said two groups in N.Z. appeared to survive the series of flares, called the
      KILL SHOT..! Thanks so much for your prayers!
      Larry Taylor

  6. Deb P says:

    Larry, No matter what I try, yahoo keeps telling me you do not have an account! Frustrating, as I would really like to join group!

    Prayers are going up for you guys! Deb P

  7. This is how I now see the countdown of events leading up to the Messiah’s return in 2016

    WW3 before USA elections this year.
    elections will be canceled due to the war and economic collapse.
    obamanation will be drafted by the UN to become the world leader MR 666 from Jerusalem due to economic and war time events.
    There will be a new and last pope this year that will become the false prophet promoting obamanation as world leader
    the abomination of desolation will be set up early next year.
    the presidential oath in 209 was the covenant made with many
    Now 3.5 years later it is being broken.
    obamanation will rule ruthlessly as world leader – Mr. 666 for 3.5 years
    the Messiah will return between Pentecost and the feast of Tabernacles in 2016

  8. Gaby says:

    Evil forces are at work attacking God’s people on all sides. Prayers needed. Please include Augusto Perez, he may be in Satan’s cross hairs. May the Lord keep us all under His wings of protection. Things are getting worse every day.

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