Larry Taylor Notice ~ June 24, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  NOTICE  ~  June 24, 2012  {sunday}


Well, this Sunday morning, June 24, 2012, I’m having problems posting on YAHOO GROUP and had 3 shutdowns on computer already; so posting this notice to BLOG that will try to work later this evening….????

Recorded 2+ hours with Stewart Best Saturday night and he told me that maybe an update would be up on web Sunday sometime. Just have to check ..

As you can see [image above] the Larry Taylor Blog Group is working on the problems with the internet to post & blog as soon as possible…?????? There is so much NEWS around the world right now …………….

It is very hot here in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway with UV INDEX 11+ every day which is extreme & gauge temps at 104 to 106F +…………!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Notice ~ June 24, 2012

  1. Pam UK says:

    Thanks Larry, seems yahoo are adding cookies whenever you sign into the account – or so it says on our version (according to EU rules?) go figure! Watching the weather updates over there via dutch and a few sites. We are still very windy (gusting up to 50mph or more in places) and very wet. Apparently, we have had our summer? Did I miss it? Hmmm, must have blinked that day? Take care ya’ll.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Pam in UK ~~~~ Good to hear from you Pam……I recorded finally with Stewart Best
      last night 2+ hours so maybe it’ll be up today, Sunday later in the afternoon here at and I’m scheduled for Randy Yarbrough Show on June
      27th, Wednesday…..Weather is really an issue lately! Bless you,
      Larry Taylor

    • Dolores says:

      We just came through several days where the “feels like temperature” was 110! Terrible storms with hail, high winds, trees down, came through to cool us off. We took a three hour drive to the ocean last week. The Atlantic Ocean is WARM!!! This is NOT normal, and may not bode well for hurricane season. As I’ve said before: “thanks, BP Oil”!
      Looking forward to the latest Taylor/Best update. Hope all will go well with it.
      Shalom, Dolores

      • mumsiesmoments says:

        The reality of weather manipulation is now out in the open added to that the ‘earth changes’, solar involvement etc and, without wishing to start down a bumpy road regarding BP, well, we have a saying here, ‘Just because it says Mars Bars on the sides of buses, don’t mean they actually sell them’. Cut short it means, don’t accept things at face value as it is not what it appears on the surface!
        Blessings keep safe out there ya’ll
        Pam UK

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~ Past 6pm central and checked for web update but was not up…! I am
        sorry this was not done by late this Sunday evening, my apology!
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Pam in UK ~~~~~ I see a notice on top of my yahoo group of something with apps that’s
      coming July 4, 2012 and says data may be lost…? Certainly gives July 4th date, so am
      reminding everyone if something happens anytime soon & nothing from GROUP, well,
      always check an update, notice or alert on BLOG…..!
      Larry Taylor

  2. mumsiesmoments says:

    Will definately make a note of Randy’s show lol. Listened to the Hagman and Hagman shows..great link! Also caught Rozz too, great she is back! Fortunately I am able to record so I don’t miss any and my son gets to hear them.
    Keep safe, blessings

  3. VJM says:
    Larry, check out this project for the London Olympics. some say it suggests an archetype of a pseudo 2nd coming or rapture.” Commercial says, “the Cloud will appear..” hmm?

    • Pam UK says:

      Sooo, that’s why we have all that miltary presence and are getting taxed out of existence!! ‘The grass roots people’ had no idea about this monstrosity! No, we were not consulted either!

  4. SCRIBE says:

    Larry, as of Monday 7pm et, there is still no update. I know you have no control over this, just thought I’d chime in. Was looking forward to it though, you almost always have me laughing at some point throughout the update! Hopefully it will be up before the update will need an update! Thanks

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Scribe ~~~~ Yes, I too note that…! And I am so sorry this is not like it was one time.
      Everything’s changed! I’m not in the loop anymore & no control over any audios! I will
      see what other avenues are available, if any? ~ For the last year I’ve yelled CHANGES,
      but not many took heed! shalom,
      Larry Taylor

      • SCRIBE says:

        Larry, not your fault! I feel bad for you, as you give of your time, and for what? But do not grieve, for better things await us in the end! Steve

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Guys ~~~~ I am left with great sadness! The Spirit grieves, sorrow………! God Knows!
      Larry Taylor

    • Gaby says:

      Seems like for some time now Stewart has been having a hard time getting his site updated. He hasn’t done anything with his blog since January. Not sure how old he is, but I know he is no “spring chicken” and he does seem to have had quite a lot of health issues of late. He could probably use out prayers.

      Larry, I saw you posted the link to Doug Hagman’s email to Steve Quayle about his website hosting service shutting him down. Looks like we won’t have the luxury of communicating truth too much longer. Keep praying for all the watchmen.

      Romans 12:12
      Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

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