Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 26, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  June  26,  2012  {tuesday}

  [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ Not Geoeffective, but a long filament of magnetism over the sun’s northwest limb erupted [see above image] June 23, hurling a huge CME into space. The ‘Bright CME’ billowed away from the sun’s blast site on the northwest edge of the solar disk, not Earth directed…………….

  [Douglas Hagmann]

DOUGLAS HAGMANN  ~ Quayle Alerts posted urgent report from Doug Hagmann “Internet Censorship in Full Swing!” with ALERT FROM DOUG HAGMANN ……………………..


FOX NEWS ALERT  ~ “Syria Fires on Second Turkish Plane” Deputy Turkish Prime Minister says Syrian forces opened fire on a CASA Search & Rescue Turkish plane over the Mediterranean in international airspace, as it was searching for pilots from downed Turk fighter jet. Turkey to go before NATO today, Tuesday, on issue.

 [Davis Bunn]

Received my advance copy of Davis Bunn’s RARE EARTH today, sequel to the incredible novel from Bunn entitled: LION OF BABYLON. I have been asked to review the new book “Rare Earth”…! You can obtain both novels from Amazon and follow Davis Bunn on his website  …………

 [Davis Bunn]

DAVIS BUNN  ~ author of “Lion of Babylon” working on new film/book [Davis Bunn right in above image] was interviewed by Gary Howell at Christian Fiction . And Bunn’s new book RARE EARTH release date is July 1, 2012…………


FLASHFORWARD  ~ 2010 DVD release of ABC Television Series related to CERN & EVENT. I have been reviewing Flashforward, while author Dan Holdings  has been watching it for clues? And at the same time Code Researcher Barry Roffman has been looking into some very startling data on a new research code ……

  [Steve Quayle]

HAGMANN & HAGMANN RADIO  ~ June 21, 2012 radio program with Steve Quayle where he remarks about secret CERN project called “Operation Falling Star” and speaks of entities seen by CERN personnel [in 3rd hour] on the show ……………………

  [Watchers 4 DVD]

L.A. Marzulli in Oklahoma City today reporting to Prophecy in the News program “LIVE” on the new WATCHERS 4 DVD about to be released [see above image] and you can read L.A. BLOG daily at ……………..

  [Giant Footprint in Syria]

KLAUS DONA of Austria has verified the [above] image of giant footprint taken in Syria by team of researchers with Prof. Ernst Muldashev of Russia. And there is a new report out of ancient structures being found about 50 km from Damascus {report & photo next blog}….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 26, 2012

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks as always!
    I was listening at the time Doug Hagmann got his notice and I think it is a strong witness that he did not swear LOL. I also think maybe the dark ones figured that he would have to shut down at least until Joe got back from his honeymoon because Doug often mentions on air that Joe is doing the “techie” stuff…..score one for the good guys that Doug handled the problem with speed and skill!
    The problems Larry has had on a continuous basis are spreading to every watchman site. Let’s all be thankful for all the watchmen while we still have benefit of their diligence and bravery!

  2. Norm says:

    Larry thanks so much for your blog. Interesting and informative as always. Always enjoy listening to you and Stewart on The Lightgate site especially your last audio on June 8, 2012. God Bless

  3. Kim L. says:

    I agree with you Elaine! THANK GOD FOR OUR FAITHFUL WATCHMEN! I rejoice everytime I get a new notice on your blogs Larry because I never know if this is the “last one” we will ever receive. This I trust…when that day comes I know we’ll meet in the air! Stay strong brothers and sisters…thanks for another great series of messages Larry!

  4. Dolores says:

    Elaine and Kim,
    You are soooooo right – couldn’t agree with you more concerning the wonderful watchmen, braving the front lines to keep us informed. The enemy is working overtime to put an end to their vigilence. Let’s ramp up the prayers on their behalf. I cherish every update, as one day it will be the “last one”
    Great blog, as always, Larry!. I’m going to order the Davis Bunn books you mentioned. Thanks so much for everything.

  5. Regarding Doug Hagmann’s stunning ‘eviction’-
    The other day the Spirit prompted me to write down Isaiah 59:14, as it was of increasing application: And Judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
    The pace of destruction is now so swift that one scarcely has time to digest one alarming action before the next one is on its heels. How can these decisive horrors not be recognized by even the most sluggish of mind? Can anyone claim ignorance? Further, how can any thinking person believe that such a flood of evil can be stopped by mere human action? Our hope rests in the Lord for His mighty hand, not for reprieve, but for revelation to all that man has exceeded His patience and mercy in his wickedness, leaving God no choice but to act in fury.

  6. Patricia says:

    Looks like the footprint in the photo has six toes.

  7. Carole says:

    Thanks again Larry for all you do

  8. Lyn Pooler says:

    As “all these things” are being seen, I’m glad you’re on the wall!
    Thanks Larry.

  9. Linda L. Gray says:

    Very interesting series (Flash Forward). I was ready to cancel Netflix as I couldn’t call up some other older series (i.e. AmeriKa) that I wanted to revisit. They did have Flash Forward and it’s really a good “who did it” mystery. It has a lot of symbolism to consider. Keep us informed as to what your and Mr. Holdings’ findings are. Don’t you just love a good mystery? Maybe it’s our law enforcement backgrounds that make us more inquisitive and a good, thorough investigation feeds that “need to know” part of our psyche.

    It would be a shame if the ongoing civil and/or regional war in Syria destroys the ancient structures that Klaus Dona and Prof. Muldashev refer to. I’m still amazed at the pyramid in Klaus’ book that is inscribed “the son of the creator comes”! It’s unfortunate that Klaus’ American author/translator, Laurel Steinhice, passed away in May, 2011. Has Klaus found someone else to translate and publish his manuscripts into English?

    Thanks for the update Larry.

  10. SCRIBE says:

    It looks as though the middle east is about to explode. British forces cross into Syria from Turkey, Assad Presidential compound under seige… Iran to close off Persian Gulf July 1st… there is so much more!

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