Larry Taylor Alert ~ July 7, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ALERT  ~  July  7,  2012   {saturday}

Wrote a blog for July 7 reporting an X1.1-Class Solar Flare with immediate solar proton storm around Earth hitting satellites. Lost internet & lost blog, never published!

Warning of Kp=5 STORM within 24 hours. Satellites being hit right now by proton storm from sun. A number of M-Class CME’s and the X1.1 Flare enroute but possible X Flare is only glancing blow…?

Space Weather

Larry W. Taylor

Larry’s Blog


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6 Responses to Larry Taylor Alert ~ July 7, 2012

  1. windsofchamge says:

    Great work as always Larry!So sorry to hear about your posting and computer “challenges”…I also enjoyed your 3 updates w/Stewart.Man you men are awesome!Truth w/ courage and a sense of humor~Many blessings to you and your family for what you do!!!
    Does anyone know of a simple explanation or way to inform others about these dangers from the sun in regards to our health and esp.for children?You know, something basic yet that w/ smack us w/ truth?I have friends w/ young children/ grand children and I know they don’t believe me when I tell them it’s dangerous and the UV index has sky rocketed.
    My arms have been itching/burning bad for several days(esp.@night and usually in summertime) and this started around 2000.Calamine really helps! I now stay out of the sun when it’s high UV, but just going out to hang up 4 items on the clothesline which took maybe 2 minutes if that today and I could feel my back burning…and it’s not like the old days…no, this “burning” feels so different!l. I grew up in the beach and now I am in desert…this is nothing like then.Our skies are ruined by chems as well…. sigh,big sigh~
    Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered ~
    Love to All~

    • Dolores says:

      My family doesn’t believe me either. Every Friday on GNC network Dr. Bill Deagle’s 3rd hour has experts John JR Moore and Ann Morrison. They discuss earth changes. Dr. Morrison has been saying that someone in their twenties who sunbathes these days will be facing skin cancer and blindness within five years due to the high UV ratings…………. She urges everyone to stay indoors as much as possible – and includes pets. Perhaps if you could encourage your friends and family to listen to Dr. Deagle’s Friday show they would wake up. If you manage to do this, let me know how – my family loves to be clueless and won’t listen to any shows…………..Blessings,

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you Larry for all your updates. I too appreciate all the hard work you do here. Your talks with Stewart are outstanding and make a wonderful witnessing voice.
      Wind of Change, What you described with the itching/burning of your arms sounds like the same thing I went through. I would wrap wet face clothes around my arms so I was able to fall asleep at night. I started to get stomach aches and went through a multitude of medical tests. They could not find anything wrong. To make a long story short.
      I found out about GMO foods on youtube. I gave myself 6 weeks of eating totally organic food to see if this would help. Within 5 days the itching and burning that I had for over ten years, stopped. Within 5 weeks the stomach aches which I had for over 3 years, stopped.
      I believe God made food and herbs to nourish and heal our bodies. I hope this helps you. I personally praise God for my healing.

  2. Dolores says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Larry! So far, it seems we may have dodged a bullet, but one day this will not be the case. Perhaps the relentless heat, dirty air, drought, scorched plants may be partly due to the solar activity? Any plants we have that are in all day full sun end up sunburned. Never seen anything like it…………..Even a short trip out to the mailbox can be painful, as the sun seems to burn instantly. I hope everyone is keeping this in mind when it comes to their pets.
    Blessings to all,

  3. Elaine says:

    Yeah, I worried a bit about some of my garden not getting enough sun due to my yard configuration and the height of my old 2 story house casting shadow after 3p.m. but it seems the plants that are getting less sun are doing the best! And oddly, the front of the house faces west and the plants getting primarily late afternoon to evening sun are frying the worst! I can also feel that prickly itch when I am out there after 5p.m. more than I do earlier in the day. Odd. God bless and thanks as always!

  4. windsofchange says:

    If you manage to do this, let me know how – my family loves to be clueless and won’t listen to any shows………rotfl D!!!! Yes I know they like to be clueless SOOO until God says it’s time for them and opens their eyes and ears guess we will feel like this~ gah!!!!

    Kathy~ Thanks for the reply!I have been into health foods and herbs etc. since my twenties.These days seems like I have to take so much and I am not even “normal”health wise.I am waiting for my healing miracle(s) as so many are!!! It IS coming guys!!! I get several great newsletters but honestly I can’t afford at this time what I would like to take and eat.Heck, I am happy if I can eat these days as still unfinished dental work has taken my savings and been very challenging to say the least.Who wants to hear my complaining cause we all are going through “stuff” ….but thanks all for the replies and encouragement !
    Yes K,Praise God for your healing! I too am so thankful for Him getting me this far.He will finish the good work He started in me and all His children b/c He loves us!
    It’s just uplifting to get someone to talk back these days!Thanks again~
    In Christ and Many Blessings~
    Yes D and E the trees and plants are being very effected here as well.I have gardened for yrs. and the weather has changed dramatically the past 3 yrs. here… all seasons, but this summer is bad.I can tell it’s not just the heat b/c they are behaving different.Like they are being sucked dry.Probably is the UVs and maybe even the changes in the magnetophere is effecting them coupled w/ many other weird things! I even think I feel that stuff effecting me physically.
    Like I said before…Let God Arise… and that means IN and Through His people!See Larry there are still warriors out here ( : ….we may be bruised and somewhat battered BUT GOD will have the last say in regards to His people.We ain’t going out scared or defeated or whimpering like little dogs… but in A Blaze of GLORY !!! Augusto saw it and so have many others.I am one of them!

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