Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 28, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  July  28,  2012   {saturday}

  [Fox News]

FOX NEWS REPORT  ~ “Let The Games Begin” as the 2012 London Olympic Games Start……………

  [Tribulation Now]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~ The 9th of AV or July 27th: “The Beginning of the Perfect Storm & Rise of the NWO Beast Government?” – from Tribulation Now Blog site  …………….

  [Stewart Best]

BEST VIDEO PRODUCTIONS  ~ There is a new Best Global Report Audio Web Update with guest Larry Taylor, July 27, 2012 available at Stewart’s website  and a NEW “Prophetic Insider Special Report of 40 pages [e-book or printed] e-book for only $5……………………………………………

  [Klaus Dona]

Klaus Dona, researcher in Vienna, Austria  ~ sent Larry Taylor [above] copy of Newspaper article in German related to the CERN (LHC) Large Hadron Collider emergency shut-down when image of an entity appeared on all computers in CERN during research run and everything went down….! I related this information recently to Daniel Holdings in ROZZ Radio Show on July 25, 2012 heard at this link   ……………….Daniel Holdings  ..

  [Oklahoma Mountain Gateway]

Well, Thursday night here at the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway were had a night of violent storms + some great rainfall. Lots of rain fell & we needed it……!

  [Klaus Dona]

Klaus Dona Report  ~ KLAUS DONA CONFIRMS ECUADOR GIANT BONES! Dona: ‘all these bones from Ecuador belonged to a 7.6 meter human giant’…..!! ……….

  [Klaus Dona Giant Bones]


  [Daniel Holdings Beast Matrix]

BARRY ROFFMAN TORAH CODES  ~ Barry Roffman researched the “Daniel Holdings Beast Matrix” [above image] and the torah code matrix is located at …………………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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14 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 28, 2012

  1. Mariel Strauss says:

    Richard Coombes posted on A and O Report for July 26, 2012. He had not posted for a while because he had to leave his residence due to lack of funds, and was in a motel, last time he posted on 7/5/12. But he managed to get a computer long enough for a brief update on the 26th.
    Stewart Best commented on Richard’s pioneering writing as a watchman.

    Concerning dates of Tisha B’Av, on Stewart Best with Larry yesterday it was stated that Tisha’b’Av is, on the Jewish calendar, July 29/30. Would not this make Tu’B Av August 4/5 instead of 2/3? I think so.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Mariel ~~~~ Yes, Richard A. Coombes first lost his wife to death, then had computer
      problems & financial problems as I heard. Then now has lost home & staying in motel
      and trying to post on borrowed computer as can…? Last address I had was a PO Box.
      Richard A. Coombes, P.O. Box 932, Liberty, MO. 64069……….I tried to help Richard
      but my SOC doesn’t stretch much. Thanks……..Larry Taylor

      • lulie says:

        if he doesnt mind North Georgia on a working 1800’s style farm for believers, contact me…a free place to live and work.

  2. Larry,
    Awesome blog!!!!!!!! I like it great information.
    Thank you for this and posts ……

  3. Mariel Strauss says:

    Larry, by SOC I suppose you mean funds. It seems that those of us in the Lord’s camp are usually short of that. I can’t blame those selling books to make a living, as some people do—very few of them must be rolling in dough from selling books, even the very popular ones. I can’t even criticize millionaire Benny Hinn too much, as he has promoted the gospel in spite of being rich, rich, rich. I don’t believe in “name it and claim it” however. An awesome Youtube showing Benny’s crusade choir with Judy Jacobs singing “Days of Elijah”–google Judy Jacobs, Days of Elijah. Irv and I sang seven times in Benny’s crusade choir when we both were walkin’.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Mariel ~~~~ Elijah is my cup of tea! I studied quite a bit about his work & hiding…!
      He knew how to ride the Godly transport sent him & couldn’t be found…! And I think
      bears eat those who mock him! interesting guy indeed……….shalom,
      Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Mariel ~~~~ You’re right SOC means social security..! Gives my age away huh..?
      Thanks, Larry Taylor

  4. Dolores says:

    Great blog, as always, Larry!
    I assume the card pictured next to the 11:11 above is part of the “illuminati” card game? Seems as though the card game always goes “live” at one point or another. Let the GAMES begin – so they say. (Card GAME, hunger GAME and olympic GAME). The “powers that be” are playing GAMES with humans, satanic entities, and God. They will soon find out that, as scripture says, “all is vanity and vexation of spirit under the sun…….it’s a FEARFUL thing to fall into the hands of the living God”. They have crossed the line, gone too far – will soon find out playing GAMES with God and his people is NOT a good idea!!!!!! Am waiting, and hoping nothing bad will happen at the games. If something does, it will negatively effect everyone on the planet.

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    I just wanted to say thanks to you and Stewart for the latest BGR update. Great info. Definitely a must listen.

  6. Tony says:

    Larry just wanted to say what a great inteview on Prepare For Battle with Daniel Holdings, Bought the book on kindel and only got 2 hrs sleep. A page turner it most certainly is. God Bless, Tony

  7. Logan says:

    Larry, the Karaite Jews are the only Jews who follow God’s actual way of keeping track of the months/years, by the moon. Their first of Av was last Saturday at sundown which means that the real 9th of Av per God’s time keeping should begin at sundown Sunday the 7/29. This of course means we aren’t out of the woods yet. And keep in mind also this JEWISH new year that happens in September is a JEWISH invention, kinda like Christmas and Easter are Christian inventions. The fact is that none of these holidays are of God. God’s new year is clearly seen in the Bible to begin around the Spring feasts of the Jews, and the counting of the years is per that new year day ONLY, in terms of God’s ways and teachings, so don’t get confused by things Jewish since it is often a far cry from following the Mosaic revelation.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Logan ~~~~ Did you write this because I mentioned Glazerson & Haralick books on
      the Codes..? Not sure where you’re coming from on ‘confusion warning’ to ME..? And
      I am aware of July 29th date….! Larry Taylor

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