Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 2, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  August  2,  2012   {thursday}

  [America Heat Wave]

This year 2012 has seen an incredible spring-summer of HEAT across the U.S. and many other countries. An example is the recent power grid failure of India. Someone sent me an article from the UK reporting the possible connection with a recent CME and the catastrophic India & Pakistan power grid going down…? Anyway the sun continues it’s activity with new warnings and the HEAT & drought continues in the U.S. ~ keep up with the HEAT by checking the DEYO website daily  …………………….

  [TruNews Radio]

TRUNEWS RADIO  ~ Recently Rick Wiles has interviewed numerous guests about Obama and his ‘missing’ history, including birth certificate which has shared shocking reports, but main-stream media simply refuses to go there…? However, the Obama administration has now threatened America’s security and it’s military, according to Jerry Boykin [retired Lt. Gen of the Army] on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 TruNews program ……………………….

  [Jerry Boykin]

Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin WARNS on TruNews Radio program Tuesday, July 31, 2012 scroll down to show, listen or download. Jerry Boykin website   “BOYKIN: Ameria Can Not Wait”…

  [1,000 Words]

  [Pat Caddell]

Pat Cadell on Hannity [Fox] recently pointed out we [America] are in dangerous territory and the Democrats & Republicans of Congress are both “Missing & Guilty”…………..!



  [America in Distress]

LARRY TAYLOR  will guest on today’s, Thursday show, August 2, 2012 of the RANDY YARBROUGH SHOW [KHNC 1360AM – Johnstown, Colorado] that begins at 5:00pm to 7:00pm central time. One can listen from the 1360AM dial on radio in the Johnstown/Denver area or by internet at  ……….

  [Saudi Prince Bandar]

Saudi Prince & Intelligence Chief, Bandar is still reported as assassinated by Syria press but no information is forth-coming from Saudi Arabia…………..

  [Fox Movie Series 24]

Maybe we need Jack Bauer & the 24 team on the new missing report: FOX NEWS story just released that FOX MOVIE executive Gavin Smith is missing or disappeared in Los Angeles area. Smith is a 57 year-old Hollywood executive of FOX……….? The story is reported in low-key mode

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14 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 2, 2012

  1. Dolores says:

    Saudi Crown Prince Nayef has reportedly died. If true, this will be the second Prince in a few weeks to pass away. Something fishy in Saudi Arabia going on? It would seem that the Saud family is not willing to play ball with the NWO. Movie executives gone missing? The mother of baseball legend Cal Ripkin was abducted from her front yard and missing for several days. Also missing will be a bountiful harvest this year, and the money needed to buy groceries, as the relentless heat, high UV ratings, and drought continue. Another thing missing in our area this season are produce stands. Farmers barely have enough produce to feed their own families. Gone missing a LONG time ago is a Holy FEAR of the Lord. Could this be a reason for the predicament we are in? No one cares……………………………………………………………………………

    Glad to see a General speaking up about our nation’s dire straits. Some would say: “better late than never”, sadly: ” too little, too late” is more like it.

  2. Mariel Strauss says:

    Rasmussen poll says 46% will vote for “lesser of two evils.” Some people who “don’t care” just don’t have a choice they like. We don’t get to vote about some serious threats anyway. Easy to become a seeming “I don’t care” person, but underneath more may care than Breitbart thinks.
    Not everyone, but more.

    • Logan says:

      Mariel, you have to realize that there are some who are, “what’s the point” types, who realize that the choosing between one demon or the other is no choice at all!

  3. Gaby says:

    What an info packed blog. Thanks. Since Syria reported the assassination of Prince Bandar, could Saudi Arabia’s silence be due to them coordinating behind the scenes with US and/or Israel regarding retaliation? Just a thought. Iran warning war is only weeks away. So much going on, on so many different fronts. Keep safe.

    Romans 12:12

  4. Logan says:

    Larry, are you aware of Red Elks interviews last week?

    Part one -:Review of his 1973 visions:

    Part two – End Time Preparations

    • Gaby says:

      Thank you so much for providing these links to Red Elks interview. I just downloaded the files and can’t wait to listen to them. Bless you,


    • Elaine says:

      Thanks for the links, Logan! I am listening to part 2 right now and the host just asked Red Elk about reincarnation and when Red Elk began to explain the biblical answer that we live/die once the host pretty much cut him off and said they’d have to do another show on that……but good ol’ Red Elk is stickin’ to his Christian guns! He is so honest and blunt…..makes me smile when he won’t play the new agey game!
      And thanks as always Larry! And please tell Darnette that her interview on the Apache prophecy was excellent on the Byte!

  5. Larry,
    Great blog thank you for keeping us informed.
    I believe the traitor to America lies in the White House ……….hmm where ever that maybe….?????? The sun is telling peoe that they are being scorched but no one has ears to hear or eyes to see. Where are the spiritual people…????? Too many questions and not enough answers. The writing is in the heavens and no one discerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dolores says:

      Amen to everything you said!
      The traitor in the White House is aided and abetted by traitors in the Senate, Congress, etc. Few pay attention to the scorching sun, as they have a “normalcy bias”. Nevermind that it’s so hot and dry that even the weeds are wilting. My heart breaks for all of the animals who are now suffering. They didn’t sin – we did! We will never see “normal” as we once knew it again. Maybe “scoffers” is a better term for those who don’t care? Spiritual people have gone “underground”, as they have been unwelcome wherever they go. Could say more, but don’t want to open a hornet’s nest………..
      Thanks for sharing Larry with us. As you know, he’s a mighty blessing, and a tireless warrior for Lord Jesus.

  6. Mariel Strauss says:

    Darnette, people think the scorching sun is temporary. They don’t read the internet as much as we do, and discern that the scorch may last a long time, even a very long time according to article on Extinction Protocol today. I get frustrated Thursdays when Larry gives a talk I can’t hear because Thursdays I usually babysit, but this will change when kids are back in school in two weeks. I got my Air Conditioning repaired–oh, what a relief.

  7. Judy says:

    Right on Dolores!! Also, regarding the scorching sun…I just went to “patronize” Chic Fil A (I’m not a meat eater!!) and there was a looooonnnnng line of cars….in the hot sun…of course, with air conditioning on on they’re cell phones!! The reason people don’t care about the scorching heat is because they come from they’re air conditioned houses, to air conditioned cars, to an air conditioned job!! Why would they care….let the Lord turn off the elec and see how many “mind” the heat!! Woohoo good blog Larry!!

  8. Lynn Williams says:

    Great blog Larry,thanks for all the info. Just a little bit of news from New Zealand. Another volcano, White Island, has got a bit more active and is Level 1 and orange due to risk to aviation. It is 45km off the coast of the North Island.
    Lynn in NZ

  9. windsofchange says:
    It’s a great the stand they have taken, however I was saddened to hear about their quality of their products.
    Thanks for the Red Elk links Logan!
    I can’t seem to figure out how to access the radio show you are going to be on in Larry.I w/ try again right at 4 pm my time.Anyone know if there are archives?You always give such good info and your sense of humor is always appreciated!You are a fighter brother and boy the Body needs that!!!
    Also I see your state of Oklahoma made Extinction Protocol regarding your temps yesterday~Our UV must be soaring here in the Ca. High Desert b/c I had to go put in 4 solar path lights and my head was pricking and even my son said how hot it felt.In like only 5 minutes of being outside.It’s you know, hotter than the actual temp.says and the sun feels so…well you all know and understand. I checked 3 sites the other day and got 3 very different UV ratings! Crazy! Also last night the full moon was so bright I had to shield my eyes .No kidding!
    Thank you for allowing us a place to vent!!!!
    God Bless and Keep us all~

  10. windsofchange says:

    Also I forgot I wanted to comment that we know fluoride is in the water and what it does to a persons brain and body.So we’re talking years of accumulation on that one. Plus what chemtrails have and are doing to ppl.And of course GMO’s and all the crazy poisons in everything and everywhere, but my point is I think this is contributing not only to many physical aliments but a mental and even spiritual apathy as well.I have watched as spiritually strong men and women who have done great things for God and know the power of the Holy Spirit of God have become impotent,casual,lacking idk …the very things they once taught me! At first I though it was the Laodicean Church and in some cases that may be true,but I truly am beginning to feel in my spirit it is an all out attack and why some are this way.Now I have suffered physical assaults but not so much this apathy.But others seem physically well but are, doh… mush brains when it comes to what is happening all around us…In your face and they are blind…why?I know this is a very complex subject, but I just think there is more going on than appears.
    satan is cruel and doesn’t play fair….just something I wonder about and pray about.Take out the leaders and what will the beautiful sheep do?Just like in a family….take out the Daddy and poor mom and babies struggle so.And isn’t the analogy funny b/c single parent families are ostracized and usually mom and kids are blamed and shunned by the world and so called church.Kind of like this attitude of calling God’s children (and we all are except any Neph half breeds) stupid and sheeple and all that.I have too so I am not coming down on anyone.I have had loads of frustration and anger at God’s people in the past few years!!! Maybe I am just feeling the Shepherd’s heart today.
    Anyone ever think about this from this angle?
    Maybe you and Darnette could do a show about this since you probably have studied about the pineal gland and all the health issues?
    Thanks for reading my thoughts~

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