Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 8, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  August  8,  2012   {wednesday}

  [Jack Bauer ’24’]

Listened to a recent TruNews Radio interview with Rick Wiles and Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and thought of Jack Bauer and how CTU is needed in America now ~ Go ’24’………..BUT even the Fox Movie 24 is pushed back until after the elections or later into 2013….????

I have received a few emails from folks who listened to me mention ’24’ on blogs and watched the Fox Series to write me the astonishing over-flowing Washington D.C. corruption in the series, over the top, and how really the culture of corruption in D.C. as Michelle Malkin says, is there today……….!!

  [Mary Lynn Rajskub]

Even actor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, plays Jack Bauer’s friend/assistant in ’24’ is waiting on the new Fox movie/series to kick-off and playing comedy for now…………….

  [Drudge Report]

DRUDGE REPORT BREAKING  ~ France Plans 75% Tax Rate on Rich…………………..

  [Egypt Sinai]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL  ~ Egypt hunting down 2,000 terrorists in the Egyptian Siani [above Egypt troops] after border battles on the Egyptian-Israeli border region……….

  [Augusto Perez]

AUGUSTO PEREZ  will have a conversation with Larry Taylor on a radio program hosted by Dorothy Crothers Thursday, August 9, 2012 that begins at 6pm Eastern, 7pm Central  and the permanent link  ………………

  [Brad Thor]

BRAD THOR’s new novel BLACK LIST  is a ride thru America 2012 and into the nightmare. AND as Brad Thor says,” There’s only 1 way off the LIST…!” So get it & read it now! Brad’s previous novel FULL BLACK has embedded action in the U.S. by paid terror cells that read from today’s headlines…………..!

  [Michelle Malkin]

Michelle Malkin  ~ with her intense yellow guitar, but has written & cried out on Fox & other media about the culture of corruption in Washington D.C.

 [Luca Scantamburlo]

LUCA SCANTAMBURLO of Italy just published a very interesting book entitled: THE AMERICAN ARMAGEDDON only in Italian. Mentioned in this book is L’avvento Di Nibiru E Dei Vigilanti. This book just hit Amazon  and one other book by Luca is [in English] APOLLO 20, THE DISCLOSURE………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 8, 2012

  1. Dolores says:

    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming Dorothy Caruthers show with Augusto. I know the two of you have a LOT to share. Am hoping one of you will comment on the rumor of evacuations, supposedly now in progress, of Norfolk, and other coastal military bases, in anticipation of something “incoming”…………..
    Another great blog, as always. Hope you are able to stay cool. Our area has cooled down some, but still high humidity. A town 10 miles away had no power for 5 hours one day last week. No reason given. This seems to be happening here and there throughout the country. No reason given.
    Am tempted to get that Brad Thor book. Looked for it at our local Wal-Mart (“Mart-law?) to no avail. Guess I’ll have to try amazon.
    Blessings and shalom to all,

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~ Yes, get Brad Thor’s BLACK LIST and read ~ worth the read…! I was at
      the Mena,AR. Wal-Mart Tuesday and the Black List novel was on the shelf there in a
      hard-back copy….! Thanks,
      Larry Taylor

  2. mumsiesmoments says:

    Looking forward to the show Larry. Hope Rozz feels better. Couldn’t find an email address to encourage her.
    Pam UK

  3. Elaine says:

    Yep, prayers and sympathy, nay, empathy for Rozz. Joy cometh in the morning…..hope it is a morning not too far off. And hope we can all hear her sweet voice when she feels better.
    Also looking forward to hearing the show with our dear old friends, Augusto and Larry!
    With the odd power outages all over the world and all the crap that Jack Bauer just doesn’t seem to be fixing (LOL) I am truly blessed for every scrap of communications that we have!

  4. mumsiesmoments says:

    Amen Elaine. It really does!! I have been in that position and now, I am grateful I went through it! Sounds odd, but it can only be said when looking back at all the good it did for many people in the end! God is good! He holds our hand as we pass through the dark times and His presence is all the sweeter for it! I fully understand the struggles and questions!
    Pam UK

  5. Mariel Strauss says:

    Yesterday we must have had the best weather in the nation, in the Jemez of northern New Mexico. Hot but good cloud cover, then a gentle breeze arose, just enough to ruffle the bunny’s fur as she sat in my yard. A few minutes of Monsoon. I went for a walk to enjoy the wind.

    Best recently heard video on Deyo site is “Dire future”. 3 hours on Coast to Coast with James Howard Kunstler. Entirely different take on post-industrial America….big brain there, no Christian utterances, but still the world he describes is sort of like Biblical Israel with a few modern improvements, no internet, almost no cars, crops raised close to home, other countries far away, poof to Los Angeles and Phoenix (unsustainable) mayhem in the Southeastern states with riots.
    His book “Too Much Magic” about people thinking they can get stuff by wishing on a star, no payment. Previous book “World Made by Hand”.

  6. Tony says:

    Interview on TruNews last week with author of The Last Messiah, claimed he didn’t write it it was dropped off to him. Don’t blame him after reading it I wouldn’t claim to have written it either. Pass on this one. Tony

  7. The Sarge says:

    Check out the latest conversation between Dr. Bill Deagle and John Morre on 3 Aug 2012 hour 3, very intresting!

  8. windsofchange says:

    Glad to hear you are still there Larry as I was beginning to wonder what w/ all the fires and extreme temps.and not knowing what exactly was happening in your area.So glad you and yours are safe!Guess some are nervous about the small quakes So.Cal. has had in the last 24 hrs. ~it’s so hot here in high desert (104 in shade last check) lower deserts like Palm Springs area are usually 10 degrees and up higher summertime than us so they must be roasting.So you see I empathize …all I know regardless of myself,the weather or any current event is “God Is In Control” and is with us!!!
    I am looking forward to listening to you and Augusto!!!
    I have a question in regards to Bill Deagle.I heard him say at least twice that he is one of the 2 witness’ and that’s part of why I quit listening to him.Anyone else ever hear him say that ?This was at least a year or more ago.Very serious credibility issue for me~Thanks~

    • Dolores says:

      I’ve heard him say that too. I don’t believe for a moment that he is…………I listen to his show every Friday – hour 3 – to hear the weekly “earth changes NWO” update from John JR. Moore and Ann Morrison. Otherwise, I steer clear of him. I think the two witnesses’s are probably Enoch and Elijah, as neither of them ever “died”. Only time will tell………..

      • larrywtaylor says:

        Dolores ~~~~ Heard a report that Deagle was a dentist…? Won’t remark on the 2 witness
        issue except to say I don’t believe the 2 witnesses will announce themselves and if one
        does announce himself, probably not true…? Just my take……….
        Larry Taylor

    • larrywtaylor says:

      windsofchange ~~~ I don’t know Deagle, but John Moore appears very credible with
      mostly “intel” data reports from whistleblower & govt sources…
      Larry Taylor

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