Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 12, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  August  12,  2012   {sunday}

 [Behold A Pale Horse]

Just finished watching the new DVD with Charlie Daniels entitled: BEHOLD A PALE HORSE ‘America’s Last Chance’ containing WARNINGS from incredible people..! Got my copy from Amazon  but you can also find the website listed as  or check Jerry Boykin  AND this DVD is powerful in scope and 102 minutes of warning that will over-flow the concept that Democrat or Republican will save you…????? As Charlie Daniels says, “Let’s Ride Boys!”…………………………………………

  [Brad Thor’s Black List]

AND again I would like to mention Brad Thor’s new 2012 adventure thriller BLACK LIST which is a ‘dire’ warning of where America finds itself today. Remember, Thor says there’s only 1 way off the LIST….! Brad Thor  and you can find this book almost anywhere – at Amazon  or even Wal-Mart Stores….

  [Jerry Boykin]

Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin remarks in Behold A Pale Horse DVD that he’s on the LIST because he fits a profile of troublemakers: Christian, Veteran, Preacher, Patriot & especially one who questions current policy in Washington D.C. ~ but Boykin shouts to “NEVER SURRENDER”………. ………………..

  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. MARZULLI  ~ On Sunday evening, August 12, 2012 L.A. Marzulli posted MIDDLE EAST WARNING ~ {DEBKA} Egyptian M60 Tanks Suddenly on Israeli Border after Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo……..this is a Middle East Warning Report from L.A. & questions was Israel caught sleeping and suddenly waken with Egyptian tanks on it’s border………?    STAY-TUNED…


DEBKAfile Breaking Report ~ Chemical Warfare Planned, Syrian Rebels Obtain Anti-Air Stinger Missiles ……………..

  [Israeli Flag]

Derek Gilbert interviews Avi Lipkin at recent Prophecy Summit and this show raises some ‘eye brows’ for sure ..And you can visit the Derek & Sharon Gilbert site ……………..

  [Israeli Gen. Benny Gant]

YNETNEWS ISRAEL BREAKING  ~ IDF redeploys wartime munitions, rations, supply reserves across Israel, preparing for enemy strikes on Israel’s military bases………………………

Watch news headlines on Monday morning updates if they cover such news as this………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 12, 2012

  1. Larry
    An awesome Blog report. Thank you for the up to date information emails and Blog. There is a lot happening and changes galore…….yep!!!!!!
    Its rolling in just like the storm clouds and is now upon us…………keep up the great work….D.

  2. Mariel Strauss says:

    Avi Lipkin interview worth hearing. Some may disagree with the future he portrays, but of course we wish it could be true that Israel will become larger and become the friend of the world (which God does indeed predict for the Millennium). It’s that pesky Trib coming first….

  3. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks Larry as always for another great Blog report. I do appreciate all the time and effort you put in. Looks like a lot of reading and listening to do.
    Lynn in NZ

  4. Gaby says:

    Incredible blog. So much information. Strange how there is so much going on and yet, at home, for now everything just continues as normal. There are a lot of people who are going to be completely caught off guard, one day (sudden destruction, maybe). Keep hearing mention of an Israeli attack on Iran in October. Keep thinking of your missiles of October. This sure could be the year. Thank you so much for digging up and bringing us all this important information. God bless you.


    • Dolores says:

      You are so right, Gaby! Never have warnings of impending trouble been louder. Never have so many remained clueless in the face of overwhelming evidence that something is gravely wrong! We have entered unchartered territory. Don’t know what it will take for the masses to wake up. This October could be it. Looks like a perfect storm is headed for the world scene. I wish more people would read this blog. Thanks, Larry!

  5. Gaile Willis says:


    As always, you knock it out of the park, Brother! Thanks for keeping us up to speed on all that’s going on. It’s difficult to wear so many hats as a “watchman,” I’m sure. Know that we love you for what you do and for the message that you bring!

    Talked to a friend who lives outside San Antonio…they’re burning up and she can’t find enough shade for the few livestock she has….her garden is drying up, too, way before harvest. Spoke with my daughter who lives in the foothills west of Sacramento today….ghastly hot there, too, 109 degrees. She can’t let my grandsons outside due to the heat and poor air quality! Her garden has failed this year, too.

    Interestingly, no one in the evangelical community seems to be getting it….no mention of praying for repentance, for Israel, the weather, the economy, etc. (I attend Shabbat services on Saturday and go with my husband to his services on Sunday….no mention of current issues, etc. ever mentioned at his services….) But they are doing another series on giving….???

    Keep looking up!!!

    Gaile in CO

  6. Marksman says:

    Excellent information and links, Larry. Much appreciated. God bless you and Darnette as you serve him and inform those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Keep up the great work as a watchman for our times.

  7. Thanks for your great blog, Larry.. don’t know how I’d keep up with the escalations in these Times without your timely news, insights and implications. Blessings!! Dee Rohe

  8. Vaughn West says:


    • windsofchange says:

      I had to stop the vid I got so excited.YES! Finally someone has taped the clouds going behind the moon!!The first time I saw it here late one night I thought I was loosing it.No one to ask or tell either.I have seen it quite a few times since, but honestly ,I see so many strange things here it’s hard to keep up.Some days I don’t handle any of it very well.
      Vaughn is there any way to email you on your YT site?I so appreciate your vids and encouragement on there…I am not to computer savvy….thanks.
      Larry~ you’re a peach.Thank You~
      Augusto is going to be on Hagmann&Hagmann on blogtalk at 5 today .They archive if anyone wants to hear it later.
      God Bless Everyone!!!
      Father, give us your Courage,Hope, and renew us spirit,soul and body I pray! Amen~
      Now I can finish the vid ( :

  9. Vaughn West says:

    windsofchange, yes at –
    my e-mail you can contact me there ,Vaughn

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